Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today is Draw Muhammad Day

I never really wondered or cared what Muhammad looked like.  I always thought his story was pretty cool but that was the extent of it...

Now, with all the fleckspittle fatwas flying, embassy's burning, Danish pastries boycotted, etc., and all because someone insulted The Religion of Peace, his countenance has become an issue.  The forces of liberty and secular liberalism are fighting back by sponsoring Draw Mohammad Day.

Kandahar Airfield
OK, I guess I always thought he looked like the guy on the right in this picture (the guy on my left).  

Created Controversy
Anyway, Reason Magazine has a great article on the whole global hubub.  The most egregious and insulting of the original cartoons were not created by Islam-hating westerners, but by Islamists themselves.  A kind of self-created "Protocols of Zion" to whip the sweaty hordes into a white hot frenzy.  It worked.
These images were included in a dossier that aggrieved imams livingin Denmark took with them to the Middle East specifically to stokeoutrage at a dozen cartoons published in September 2005 in theDanish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. 

The images include an amateurishdoodle identifying Mohammed as a pedophile, a dog humping aprostrate praying Muslim (with the caption, "This is why Muslimpray five times a day"), and a photocopy of a French comedian in apig-squealing contest (with the phony caption, "Here is the realimage of Mohammed"). 

It is nothing less than amazing that holy mendecrying the desecration of their religion would create such foulimages, but there you have it. It is as if the pope created "PissChrist" and then passed it off as the work of critics ofCatholicism.
We are patsies for allowing 7th century woman-hating troglodytes to drag their petty third-world bigotry and grievances into our lands.  Shame on Europe!  Shame on the United states!  Shame on us all for not having the balls to ship these angry goblins back to the stinking toilets they crawled out of.

Whose Side is God On?  You Decide...


Anonymous said...

God is not on anyone's "side." Stupidity and false bravado are the hallmarks of the American conservatives

Ray said...

Great work and we finally see the Silver behind the "Fiddle" ! I'll add yours to my tribute K....

Ray said...

Oh and by the way anonymity is the hallmark of the pussified left who hide like Muslims behind their gay lovers and children throwing bombs.

You know where to find me everyday.

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