Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Richard Blumenthal: From Hero to Zero

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is a POS poseur*.  He falsely claimed to be a Vietnam vet for political gain, and now he's been called on it.

He rounded up some compliant VFW members as a backdrop for his non-apology.  The scene reminded me of the faithful wife standing by her man as he confessed his philandering:  
"On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service and I regret that. I take full responsibility," he said, surrounded by friendly veterans at a VFW hall in West Hartford. (NY Daily News)
Taking responsibility for his own BS...  How refreshing!

You don't "misspeak" about such topics.  You know if you were there or not.  Honorable veterans know that and are careful to characterize their service so there are no misunderstandings.  It's for this reason I don't harp on about my service in various places.  Yes, I was there, and there was a war on, but I was a comm troop, not a door kicker or out on patrol, and I don't want to give anyone the false idea that I did anything heroic.

The only saving grace for this serial exaggerator is that he has been a rock-solid advocate for veterans, which probably explains the VFW photo op. 

The Connecticut VFW Commander was not too happy about the whole thing:

The commander of Connecticut’s Veterans of Foreign Wars organization blasted Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal Tuesday, referring to his prior statements of service in Vietnam as “outrageous.” 

“Mr. Blumenthal was considered one of the best friends a veteran could have in Connecticut. It is a true shame that he let a false claim of Vietnam service change that,” said Richard DiFederico, in a statement. “Those who served in uniform during the Vietnam era also deserve our gratitude, which makes Mr. Blumenthal's claim to be something he is not so outrageous.” (Politico)


Ray said...

Great title and post Kurt on another sad commentary of the left yet again, pretending to be one of the finest America has to offer (hell, the world has to offer)who they love to hate so much.

How these impostors get this far in this day and age telling these lies shows how lazy the powers that be can be. Here our resume's our accurate and truthful yet the scum still floats to the top somehow.

Go figur...other than 'nice guys finish last" in this country today.

Bob Belvedere said...

Quoted from and Linked to at:
Stolen Valor: Richard Blumenthal, Part II

Leticia said...

Did he really think he was going to get away with this subterfuge? Unbelievable.

Just glad that he has acknowledged and apologized to all of our veterans.

Finntann said...

There is a difference between "Back when I served in Vietnam" and "Back when I served in the Vietnam War..."

Both are iffy statements from someone who did not serve in, but served during the Vietnam War. Still, one could possibly forgive the words as "mispoken".

However...when we say "When we returned" without having been there, we are lying.


Just a conservative girl said...

I grew up in CT. Don't be at all surprised if they elect him anyway. Many people in CT will lob off a body part before they vote for a Republican.

Endo_2011 said...

even if he said that he served during the Vietnam war versus having served in Vietnam during the war, he let people believe the latter which is just as bad. it is not what he said but the intent of what he was saying.. absolute disgust is all i have for this man.

Silverfiddle said...

Actually, he has not apologized,and like a good liberal, probably never will.

Conservative Girl: That's pretty sad...

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Before you know it, when our kids and grandchildren are caught in a lie, they will tell us that they didn't lie, they just "misspoke", that way they cannot be punished for telling a lie.

William said...

Somehow, the phrase "Vietnam Era Veteran," was officially changed to "Vietnam Veteran." Not sure who changed it, (maybe the Veterans Administration) but I NEVER felt comfortable calling myself a Vietnam Veteran. I still refer to myself as a Vietnam era veteran, or simply, veteran.

Lone Wolf said...

another lying jew

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