Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Immigrants are Not Equal

The Times Square Bomber Was a Naturalized Citizen
I have met many Muslims, and I've never had a bad experience with one.  In fact, one of my most favorite supervisors was a Pakistani-descent Lt Colonel in the US Air Force.  The man was very smart and just a great guy to work for. 

I really do believe the vast majority of America's Muslims are are glad to have escaped the horror show that is the Muslim world.  They are doctors and scientist and business owners, and they fight and die in the service of our country.

One example is our newest Miss USA is Rima Fakih, a beautiful young lady of Arabic descent.  She's not just an immigrant, she's an American.  She believes that health insurance coverage should include birth control, and she's in some hot water for some racy photos.  That's not typical for a jihad-loving Muslim, but it is a very American (and unfortunately liberal) phenomenon.
Unfortunately, some of the Muslims we've been allowing in lately would probably cut this young woman's head off if given the chance.

Since 9/11, Muslim hatred of the west has been whipped into a bloody, foamy, fleck-spittle froth.  Intelligence agencies have identified a conveyor belt from the west to Pakistan:  Young men heading east, and returning west as terrorists.   

My simple question is, "Why do continue to allow Muslims to immigrate to our country?"
'A Muslim has no nationality except his belief," the intellectual godfather of the Islamists, Egyptian Sayyid Qutb, wrote decades ago.
Qutb's "children" are everywhere now; they carry the nationalities of foreign lands and plot against them.

The Islamists are now within the gates. They fled the fires and the failures of the Islamic world but brought the ruin with them. They mock national borders and identities. (Fouad Ajami - Islam's Nowhere Men)
Diana West catalogs the stupidity of people like Contessa Brewer and Michael Bloomberg.  They represent the idiotic crowd that hoped against hope that the Times Square bomber was not a Muslim, but rather a disgruntled homeowner who had been forclosed upon, or even better, an angry rightwing tea bagger!  
Welcome to your world, where self-defense is bigotry, and thus worse than death by fireball, ax or vaporizing over the Atlantic.

This is as ridiculous as it is obscene. There is no "bigotry" in understanding jihad as the engine of Islamic supremacism driven by the imperative to spread Islamic law (Shariah).

If our leaders faced facts, you see, they might also have to act. They might have to consider such measures as halting Islamic immigration to stop the demographic spread of Shariah.

In Pakistan, after all, 79 percent of the people, according to a 2007 survey by, favor the "strict application of Shariah." (Diana West - American Interests First)
Simply put, there is an 80% chance that a newly-naturalized citizen from Pakistan wants to bring Sharia to America

And still we allow them to immigrate.  Our government is wishing death upon us.

Here is what a smart government would say: 

To all of you good Middle Easterners and South Asians wanting to come to America, sorry.  We can't sort you out from the bad ones.  Unlike Europe, we used to be able to, but not anymore.  So for the safety of our people and the good of our society, we're banning all of you.   Sort you problems out and maybe one day we can reestablish contact.

Think I'm out of line?   Watch this piece featuring David Horowitz facing down a Jew-hating girl in a headscarf.  She may be a citizen, but she's no American.


Mr Beardsley said...

Silver I think you have the wrong quote in your posting. The quote you have is from Miss Oklahoma who was asked whether she supported Arizona's new law. Miss Michigan was asked if she believe birth control should be covered under health insurance. Her reply was, "I believe that birth control is just like every other medication, even though it's a controlled substance."

Silverfiddle said...

I just caught that, Mr. Beardsley. I guess I shouldn't quit my day job...

I rewrote it. See what you think now.

Linda said...

SF ~ The concept of banning Muslim immigration to the US, even temporarily, will never fly...too racist. Racism, or rather the claim thereof, will be the death-blow to the United States. Because of the race business in America, people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan (those who have made a pretty comfortable or as some would say "wealthy" living from hawking racism) would exploit the curtailing of legal immigration as a racist policy. Also, since it a very LOGICAL solution to the current problem, it won't even be considered by this administration.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well shutting down ALL immigration, legal or otherwise for a period of say 10 years until we sort out our own internal problems would not be 'racist' as it would cover all.

This is called 'Nationalist' and based on policy aimed at National Security and survival.

Silverfiddle said...

Christopher: "Nationalist" is racist according to the international left. How dare you suggest such a racist thing?

You're just as big of a bigot as I am.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well I know you jest Silver, but I care not for the lefts definition of anything as it is not based in reality nor that of history but rather what they 'feel'.

When 'feelings' get in the way of logic it produces the now infamous 'unintended consequences'.

Finntann said...

I found particularly entertaining Mark Levine's claim that his speeches and writings available on the internet were not proof of his position.

A Suburban Voter said...

Islam isn't a race, so noting obvious truths about the religion isn't racist. Sometimes I wonder what the fight against terrorism is about as since 9/11, the west has steadily become islamised. America used to be spared this phenomenon but now it appears USA is going through what Europe has been for the past 10 years.
I just hope common sense prevails in the end.

Silverfiddle said...

Suburban: I agree it is not racism, but that is the left's shorthand for everything they don't like.

Cultural bigotry perhaps? Regardless, a sovereign state has the right to set its own immigration policy, but we obviously don't exercise it. We are committing suicide.

Do you think the character of England has been changed forever? Do you think it is for better or for worse?

From over here it looks terrible.

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