Friday, May 7, 2010

Friends Don't Let Friends Be Kooks


Left Coast Rebel reported on an unverified story that Obama has ordered the US Army to prepare for TEA Party terrorists.  To his credit, he reported it as an unverified (and weird) rumor, and included comments from active duty soldiers saying it was BS since nobody in the Army likes Obama anyway.

Finntann sent me an e-mail on the same subject, asking in a WTF tone if I'd seen anything about it.  We quickly concluded it was bogus.  Because of their skepticism, Left Coast Rebel and Finntann are not kooks. 

It at least sounded somewhat plausible in light of Obama sending in the riot troops after grannies gathered outside one of his demagogic shoutfests.

Or maybe he didn't.

After reviewing the video footage at big government and correlating it with what WaPo says, looks more like an overzealous small town police force having fun with their Darth Vader costumes.

This is the small town America version of a Monty Python skit
That was a town where the mayor could have came out and personally asked people to stay on the sidewalk and they would have done it out of politeness.  I was waiting for Aunt Mabel to come out of the crowd and jerk the helmet off of her nephew:  "Now Delbert!  You stop scaring these good folks!" As she drags one of the cops off the street by his ear.

Damn, if this crap is leaching into the sane sectors of Blogistan, things are getting out of hand!

Please ignore this crap.  If you want to search around, e-mail buddies and do some research, by all means press on.  But please don't post this crap, and I keep calling it crap because that's what it is:  Crap.

By posting crap like this you are polluting Right Blogistan and causing us to be a laughing stock of the hooting baboons who inhabit Left Blogistan.

* - With all apologies to blogger buddy Kook, who is not really a kook, but the Keeper Of Odd Knowledge.


Sue said...

you're right about one thing, the right blogistan are a laughing stock. Check out Malcontent today...the guy is a moron....and anyone who comments in agreement with him is a moron too

Silverfiddle said...

What part did you consider moronic? I mean, if you're going to sling that charge you need to give us an example.

His criticism of President Obama was polite and tame compared to the vulgar vitriol heaped upon President Bush by the left for eight year (actually 10. They're still slinging crap at him.)

Bush earned much of the criticism he got. The difference now is that No One Shall Criticize The President!

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

See what Sue it talking about and judge for yourselves.

The Malcontent goes after the left with a rhetorical naily board on a daily basis. He really whacks them good, but he doesn't make stuff up. He backs up what he says.

Silverfiddle said...

I'm actually poking the fringe righties on this one...

Some of us are content to preach to the choir, and some of us can't resist the thrill of trying to convert the natives...

KOOK said...

I was beginning to be hurt...then I saw excellent linky love and all is good.

seriously, I dont feel all that wacky anymore. I used to feel very alone in my "Constitutional libertarianism" now I have all my homeys in Right Blogistan ( I love that btw) and so I think I need to create a new identity...what do you think?

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, Kook, a lot of us have drifted to your side. I think Kook is distinctive. You shouldn't drop it.

TKZ said...

Yeah- I saw people posting about the whole Obama's forces against the tea parties thing on Facebook and didn't bother to read it. I figured it was kookdom.

Joe said...

Sue (with a big "S") is my favorite liberal blogger. Just check out her last statement. Talk about narrow minded! She is so "open minded" that she has "banned" me from her blog. Mild mannered, little ole me!

BTW, tha malcontent is ten time smarter than the afore mentioned liberal.

I simply can't figure out whether that video is a joke or not. Surely no intelligent government would send the likes of those out to "protect" the citizenry.

"Right Blogistan"...good stuff!

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks Joe!

I like Sue, too. You can't argue with her sincerity. I'm still waiting for her to answer my question...

Lefty lurkers must be disappointed at how we conservatives, unlike liberals, point out the kookery in our midst and discredit and mock it.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not quite sure why Right Blogistan is tipping over at times into weirdness.

Outside of Blogistan, a friend of mine just about drove me nuts right after BHO took office. She wanted me to quit my job and sell my house -- at a big loss, of course -- and head for the hills because "the takeover is coming, and we're going to starve in October when the famine riots start."

This friend phoned me over and over again, to the point that I stopped taking her calls. I had to! She was phoning me at all hours!

Then, she laid off for a while, only to start up again this week, albeit in a much milder form.

Well, thankfully, I didn't cut and run. If I had, I'd be in a world of hurt now, out in the middle of nowhere, where care for Mr. AOW post-stroke wouldn't be nearly as good as that care is now.

I try not to post unverified material, though I'm sure that I have at times. **sigh**

Silverfiddle said...

It's an easy trap to fall in to, AOW. But I'm proud that it's kept to a minimum in out neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Behind that baby-loving grandmother's face could be a real monster - ever bump across an angry Russian Babushka?

Seriously now, if we were in a police state, we would see much worse than this. Not that I would put it past the O to do so in the coming years...

The police department was probably offered federal $$ to assist in security for the O. Got to pay the bills somehow.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

The little reservists called in on the Tea Party people hardly constituits the Military.I mean did you see the video? There were like maybe 10 and looked like high schoolers poorly dressed as Darth Vader for petes sake.

The larger question here since it has been raised is what the military would do if called upon to a much larger group.

Anonymous said...

Is this Quincy Ohio or Illinois? I saw this elsewhere. And my thought was I hope the riot police realize that some of these protestors are old enough to have hearing loss. So they should be sure their orders are being heard and not just being disregarded.

Silverfiddle said...

Anon: I don't know, but I can't believe Breitbart posted this as serious proof of Obama calling out the riot squad on protesters.

Always question your sources...

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