Sunday, May 2, 2010

DoD: Deparment of Diversity

I hate all that "Diversity is our strength" crap.  It is a forced diversity that has office managers telling people to pull down their American flags because one angry Muslim (who is living safely and getting a paycheck in this country) is offended.

It is a forced diversity that puts a great premium on getting just the right mix of lesbian Catholics, one-armed Haitians, transgendered, and of course the whole M&M bag of colors.

Real Diversity
Blogger Hack Wilson just got back from a month of Army National Guard training, and he blogged about his experience, with emphasis on the diversity of his unit.  It is a wonderful post that testifies to what a great, egalitarian organization our US military is.  
The Army is full of people of all races and backgrounds. I have made friends with blacks, hispanics, asians, arabs, native Americans, and just about every mix in between. When you wake up, eat, train, and sleep together you develop a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that makes skin color a total non issue. Seeing as most leftists have never served in the military and hate it all together, it is no wonder they cannot understand this.

Army Accomplishes what College Campuses Cannot
Why is it that liberal academe is rife with social, cultural and racial unrest, while that most conservative American bastions known as the US Military is the most diverse and harmonious collection of Americans on the face of the earth?

Military men and women are the most tolerant, least bigoted people you will ever know.  We've seen great women leaders and we know from experience that skin color and national origin mean nothing.  Military people are the the least sensitive and least prejudiced people in the world.

Why? Because the military is a meritocracy. You can either do the job or you can't. Nobody cares what color, gender or religion you are as long as you can fix my truck or make the radio work when we need a dust off.

If you can't do the job, being white (or black, or female or Latino) won't keep you from getting bounced.  Wouldn't it be great if all of America were like that?

Welcome back, Hack!


Journalizer said...

I've noticed liberal intolerance and close minded thinking (you had a great illustration on ur blog of my experience trying to discuss politics with "liberal" minded people: "shout racist" image) and I think this frame of mind stems from our society's PC mentality.
My opinion for why this exists: the liberal "ideals" that invaded our culture early to mid 20 century highlighted and called out DIFFERENCES as bad or nonexistent and that we are all the SAME and therefore, forces everyone to fit into the same false, cookie-cutter existence. This mentality makes discussing differences bad, racist, wrong...
When, in common-sense reality, the attitude should be: we are all DIFFERENT but EQUAL. We need to ACKNOWLEDGE AND EMBRACE differences.
If America could acknowledge and embrace differences we would all benefit. This way (like the military does) we could view each other honestly and then assess where our DIFFERENCES best benefit the community.
IF we ignore our differences for the cookie-cutter ideals, then people are not put to their best use (for their skill sets) and the community suffers. Also, this cookie-cutter mentality breed shame and unhappiness in people because they do not feel they can "be themselves."
... just my opinion.

Oh yeah, and worse yet, the "liberal" mindset wants to make LAWS to FORCE people by gun and threat of jail to fit cookie-cutter ideals that the "majority" (mob rule) deems the correct way.

Silverfiddle said...

I love the picture. Thanks for sharing! I'm filing it away for future use.

I think there is too much money to be made and too much power to be grabbed by dividing us up and pitting us against one another.

I also thing liberal busybodies (some with nefarious motives) love having this cultural crisis constantly simmering, and occasionally boiling over. It provides a reason for being for many and is a great way to manipulate the masses.

Redneck Ron said...

The Quota! I am glad the military doesn't have quota they and beleive in equal opportunity for all-the enlisted for sure ranks.

A company can look good on paper by employing diversity over capability. There is one agency in particular that employees select group of people over others-Department of Indian Affiars. I am not going saying this is right or wrong. Choice of back ground should be considered wrong and since this is happening you make the call. This employment profiling!!

Board Patrol check point and they don't discriminate-'Are you an American Citizen'? Yes!! Thank you.

Arizona Police man, " You were speeding and you are going to get a ticket". You a US citizen? Yes!! The only I have to kick myself ass for $$ for the ticket!!

There is a gap in the enforcement by the federal goverment to which the local communitees have to absorb and pay for not all illegals are bad people. I hate this stuff profling stuff and it is wrong.

If goverment won't help you then it comes down to you, local communities and the state.


Snarky Basterd said...

Amen, Silverfiddle (and Hack). The three of us know that when you serve your country in the military you are among brothers (brothers in arms, not brothers from the hood, though you could say you are all brothers from another mother). You can't have issues with someone's skin color when you're depending on them to fight (and die, if necessary) for you. Libtards wouldn't know anything about this because they don't give a crap about defending this country, or their fellow "brother."

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