Thursday, May 6, 2010

Your Papers, Please!

The demagogic criticism that the Arizona law requires all Hispanics to produce their "papers" is ridiculous.  Of course, the Demagogocrats use the term "Papers" because it conjures visions of nazi Germany.  How clever.

Which looks more like fascism to you?
I also find it rich how this party accuses others of old world fascism while dictating everyone's health care by taking over one-sixth of the economy, appropriating automobile manufacturing firms, and forming a government-corporate mutual-benefit society with Wall Street investment bankers. 

Have any of these hysterical people ever tried to rent an XBox game at Blockbuster?
They demand papers!  Including drivers license and a credit card, which they immediately tag as a warning to you to remember to return the game.  Granted, it lacks the gravity of being stopped by the Gestapo at the Swiss border with fake identity, but this is the state of things in America today.

It starts when you are born

... and your parents submit your hospital birth papers to the county so they can generate your official birth papers called a birth certificate.

You then take that and go get your New World Order card and 666 stamp, also known as a Social Security Card with your unique Social Security Number printed on it.

If you want to travel outside of the country, you've got to use those previously mentioned papers to get "Travel Papers," also known as a passport...

When you get hired you must present a birth certificate or passport so they know who you are, and so Uncle Sam can immediately stick the withholding siphon in.

Johah Goldberg puts it all in perspective:

I agree that there's something ugly about the police, even local police, asking citizens for their "papers" (there's nothing particularly ugly about asking illegal immigrants for their papers, though).
There's also something ugly about American citizens being physically searched at airports. There's something ugly about IRS agents prying into nearly all of your personal financial transactions or, thanks to the passage of ObamaCare, serving as health insurance enforcers.
Worried about government collecting your personal data?  Ever heard of the IRS or the Social Security Administration?  And by the way, Google and corporate America make the federal government's efforts look amateurish in comparison.


WomanHonorThyself said...

I agree that there's something ugly about the police, even local police, asking citizens for their "papers" (there's nothing particularly ugly about asking illegal immigrants for their papers, though). ..oh yea!!!

Ray said...

I've got an entire "desk drawer" and folder on my comp dedicated to "those kinds of papers" as do all "WE LEGAL AMERICANS" in the roomski.

Can't help but think of Obama, who wouldn't even get into Little League with that COLB thing he passes around.

His color got him all the rest (as he started being black like his white half would do it, By cashing in on it) starting at Harvard. Even his Obamamomma knew; Kenyan born, no free college and other nice 'AA boo hoo' goodies.

Finntann said...

Aliens are already required by federal law to carry identification, the supreme court has already established that cops are allowed to ask for ID (Hiibel v. 6th District Court) in a Terry stop (A Terry stop is stop and frisk on reasonable suspicion without probable cause for arrest. Terry v. Ohio)...what's the problem?

An alien should only have access to either an immigration card (establishing legal presence) or home nation ID (without an immigration card establishing probable cause to detain to check immigration status). The problem is states providing identification without proof of citizenship. When I lived overseas, I never got a license from the nation I was residing in... one obtains an International License in order to drive overseas. Why not here?


Snarky Basterd said...

If anyone in this country, legal or otherwise, thinks they live in a pristine bubble and don't have to show their papers or, better yet, respect the rule of law, needs to pull their head out of their behinds, wipe the crap off their eyes, and take a look around at the real world. It's not racism, you douchebags ... it's a desperate state doing the federal friggin' government's job.

Canadian Pragmatist said...

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Canadian Pragmatist said...

Also, being asked for your passport at the border and having a birth certificate and SS# are completely dis-analogous to the police being allowed to stop you on the streets and asking you to prove that you're not in the country illegally.

It's more analogous to a law that would allow police officers to search your home for suspicion of jewi... I mean, illegal aliens.

The analogy between some of the less intrusive laws of the third reich and these new laws in Arizona hold, despite their being different in many ways.

That's what an analogy is; it's about finding similarities in different things. Well, there are similarities.

Silverfiddle said...

You and the straw man, CP. The law does not say that...

Finntann said...

Uh...CP, it's not just required at the border.

8 USC 1304(e):
(e) Personal possession of registration or receipt card; penalties.

Every alien, eighteen years of age and over, shall at all times carry with him and have in his personal possession any certificate of alien registration or alien registration receipt card issued to him pursuant to subsection (d) of this section. Any alien who fails to comply with the provisions of this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall upon conviction for each offense be fined not to exceed $100 or be imprisoned not more than thirty days, or both.

Always On Watch said...

Have any of these hysterical people ever tried to rent an XBox game at Blockbuster?
They demand papers!

So true.

Every time that I, a natural citizen, have to prove something to a bank or to a government authority, I have to jump through all kinds of papers' hoops.

Anonymous said...

Gee next time a police car pulls me over for speeding or running a red light or not stopping at a stop sign, I will tell him that there is something ugly about having to supply him with my papers (driver's license). Yeah right that would go over big wouldn't it? We need to register the illegals and set rules for and make limits on their visits instead of giving them full fledged citizenship. Just by coming here illegally they have forfeited a chance at citizenship. If they want to apply for legal resident or visitor fine. But don't reward them for breaking the rules by giving them the full benefits of citizenship which is the right to vote.

Silverfiddle said...

Anon: It's a crisis of our own making. We make it against the law to come here, and then not only do we not enforce it, we lure them here with jobs, free social services and birthright for their babies.

Who are the fools?

Ray said...

Anonymous I actually wrote a post about an encounter I had 10 feet from my front door getting a ticket and saying that very stuff to the cops ....raging the illegals run loose and they do nothing in this area. And then the law came a week later and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.

We should tatoo em on their foreheads since they love jail tat's so much

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