Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's the Statism, Stupid!

The whole barracks was in the state of filth and chaos to which the militia reduced every building they occupied and which seems to be one of the by-products of revolution.  (George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia)

Everybody to the right of national embarrassment Jimmy Carter has been smeared and declared out of bounds by propagandists in the media and the craven clot of liberals who eagerly await their daily marching orders.

The left must trash everything in order to advance their twisted progressive agenda

All conservative thinking is a thought crime.

All conservative and libertarian speech emanating from the tea parties is hate speech.

Recent gun rallies produced no violence, but the fevered left insists against all evidence that we are irresponsible and murderous.

Liberal Agitprop:  Have you heard the one about the powerful woman, the homosexual and the black man?

Pelosi and a diverse gang of liberal democrats marched through a tea party crowd in DC, trying their damnedest to provoke a hateful outburst.  A powerful woman, a gay chairman and a black man, oh my!  All they were missing was a Muslim Mufti and and a she-male in a leather thong.

"The banjo playing morons can't resist this bait!" they imagined.

Despite the plethora of cameras trained on this left-wing agitprop, no evidence of hate or racism was produced.  A skittles bowl of patriotic Americans show up at tea parties, but we're still called racist.  The conservative bastion known as the US Military continues to be the nation's preeminent showpiece of racial, gender and cultural egalitarianism, but it is scorned by much of the left.

Meanwhile, angry diaper rash ranters like Randi Rhodes, Keith Olbermann, and Ed Schultz are held up as heroes by the left... 

This is not left versus right.  It is Liberty versus Tyranny
Their aim is to protect and defend a collapsing statist model.  It has steamrollered our liberties for over 100 years and now has us on the brink of bankruptcy.  The collapse is not just financial.  The State suffers an  intellectual and moral rot as well.

Watchdogs or Horndogs? Where's the real greed? A race to the bottom...

Progressives say more government is the remedy.  Oh really?  You mean like the SEC watchdogs who were really porn-surfing horndogs?  How about the government unions angrily demanding more money when 10% of the country is unemployed?  A teacher's union that has driven our kids' academic performance to third-world toilet status?  That kind of government? 
Danger!  People are waking up and talking about the constitution!

Have you noticed something?  We talk about the constitution, the founders, first principles.

The statists and their patsies on the left talk about racism, hate, and what morons we are.

See the difference?  We want a debate.  They smear us to avoid the debate because they cannot win.  They don't have the intellectual firepower.  They have deconstructionism, angry grievances, Plouffian propaganda, and Sunstein's buggerish nudgery. 

We have The Founding Fathers, natural law, free market capitalism and the US Constitution on our side.  It's no contest.  No wonder they smear and scream.  They cannot win the debate, so they try to shut it down.  Like all bullies who hijack the state to impose their will on the masses, at their core they are cowards.

They have reduced themselves and everything they've touched to a state of filth and chaos.  It's a natural by-product of the progressive revolution.


Endo_2011 said...

A lot of great points, but I wanted to comment on "A teacher's union that has driven our kids' academic performance to third-world toilet status?".

Because we had such a shortage in teachers, due to a variety of reasons, (one being illegal immigration), we allow these "educators" to teach our children without really qualifying as anything more than overpaid baby sitters. Many of those that do try to teach, try to push their political and social views on the kids (ie the obama song and the socialist teacher in LA getting his 15 minutes). We need to get back to teaching the things that matter (US history, Mathamatics, ENGLISH, Science, and Literature). Standardized test for both teachers and students to meat acceptable guidelines. Then and only then, will I support raises for these people!

Endo_2011 said...

sorry typo "meet" not "meat"

Mark Adams said...

"The conservative bastion known as the US Military continues to be the nation's preeminent showpiece of racial, gender and cultural egalitarianism, but it is scorned by much of the left."
Here an example of the scorn from the left.
From my niece, a 2LT in the US Army,
"I thought you all would like to know what some woman said to my friend, a soldier, the other day with his two young children and his wife.

He went to Bisbee, AZ, a town not too far from Fort Huachuca and this lady that lives there and sells pottery asked them where they were from and he said "we live in Sierra Vista," and she said "oh so your military?" He says yes, she looks at his two kids and says 'it's amazing how you guys can kill children and then make them, too'

Oh his wife had a field day with that woman"

Seems like the left are reliving their 1960's past, today. No respect!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

As to the teacher issue and those pushing their political agendas.
This has been going on for years.

In my Junior high school year (Class of '82) I verbally challenged the teacher in my 'Government' class for her anti-American/pro-communist personal agenda and was joined by another classmate and applause by others as it was done in the classroom with class in session.

This was also very pleasing to parents as news of it roamed the halls of the school for days.

The difference now is that such challenges can get one in deep trouble if not expelled.

Parents must stay engaged in the schools where they send their children and must challenge what 'knowledge' their children obtain while not in their presence.

Silverfiddle said...

Mark: That is an amazing story. Fortunately, I never ran into any of that when I was in.

As for the schools, I believe the only solution is to completely privatize the whole thing. The good teachers will run good schools and the bum teachers will end up having to find other work.

William said...

Regarding schools: Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have written accurately about government schools ad infinitum, as did John Stossel in his book "Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity." Stossel also had a segment on his ABC show 20/20 about the failing government school institutions. Commentary can be easily found on Google, and YouTube has the 20/20 broadcast as well as other Stossel episodes.

Let's face it folks, the left is NEVER going to agree with us, and they will continue to vilify us with infantile ad hominem attacks. The left is what American philosopher Eric Hoffer called true believers. In fact, he wrote a book published n 1951 by the same name. It is chilling to read his book, because his words could easily be about the Obama administration today.

Silverfiddle said...

Daniel J. Flynn cites than book often in his book, "Intellectual Morons."

I'm going to have to find it and read it.

William said...

If you have read "Intellectual Morons," Silverfiddle, you have more common sense knowledge than about 99% of the public. I have read that book three times, and will read it again. Flynn nails everyone from Leo Strauss, to Ayn Rand to Noam Chomsky. This is required reading! And I highly recommend anything by Eric Hoffer as well.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks for the compliment, thought I doubt I'm really that smart. I do have a pretty good BS filter, and I rely on truly smart people like Dennis Prager, Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams and John Stossel to point me in the right direction.

I share Hoffer and Flynn's skepticism of blind ideology.

Have you checked out the "Books" tab at the top of my blog? It is my own list of great books.

LSP said...

Great Orwell quote - even if he was an Etonian socialist...


Silverfiddle said...

...Sandhurst snobbery comes to Western Hero...

But he was a sincere, intellectually honest Socialist. I submit "Homage to Catalonia" as evidence.

All in good fun Parson! I hope you don't take offense.

Finntann said...

Nice post.

Schools have gone downhill since the abandonment of a classical education and the introduction of new math, particularly in grading... don't want to hurt their little feeling now, do we?

Not to put on my tinfoil hat, but has it occured to you that the reduction in education equals a reduction in resistance to the statist model?

Not saying it was planned, simply convenient...why mess with a model that makes life easier for you? As a big fan of enumerated powers, it would be the Department of Education that would be the first to go. There, and all this time you thought Jimmy Carter was a fool.



LSP said...

Homage to Catalonia is greatness...

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