Saturday, May 22, 2010

Racial Attacks

Violent racial attacks are occurring... in Alabama?  Arizona?  Whitebread Iowa?  Nope.  In that nut and fruit bowl of diversity, San Francisco.
What are the attacks about?  Angry tea partiers beating and shooting minorities?  Arizona cowboys rounding up Mexicans?  White klansmen and neo-nazi Republicans attacking African Americans?  Nope.

African Americans attacking Asians
Although both groups have suffered discrimination over the decades, the African-American community has been declining here faster than in any other major city, while the Asian-American community has been growing, partly due to immigration.
Now almost one in three San Franciscans is of Asian descent, and many have moved into affordable, historically black neighborhoods. (Breitbart-Attacks on Asians)
Oh, that explains it!
Maxwell emphasized race was not a factor in the attacks—the problem was the violence inflicted on a neighborhood.
Race is not a factor...  That's good.  If it were whites beating up Asians or blacks, I'm sure it would have been, but anyway...
When Asian-Americans moved into black neighborhoods like Mrs. Cheng's, it may have created tensions that were exacerbated by economic stresses and deep language and cultural barriers, experts say.
Imagine if the sentence read, "When Mexicans moved into white neighborhoods like Mrs. Whitebread's, it may have created tensions..."  If the victims had been Muslims, this would be a federal case, and Reverend Sharpton's bullhorn brigade would be inflamed with righteous indignation. 
But it's just a bunch of old Chinese women getting beaten and robbed by poor black kids...  Nothing to see here, move along...

Liberals making excuses for the behavior of minority criminals is a form of racism

Crime is crime, regardless of which government-approved category the perpetrator or victim belong to.  Every group has its superstars and bad apples.  It does no one any good to leave the bad apples in the barrel. 

Melik Kaylan points out that tiptoeing around dysfunctions within a culture does no one any good:
As we laud and empower minority cultures for their vibrancy, when do we (or they) get to point out their shortcomings? Here's what happens: the minority culturati blame their flaws entirely on the dominant culture and get a free pass on the flaws within their own tradition.
How insulting to assume that minorities must be coddled and infantilized with ethnic cheerleading as a substitute for knowledge.

Indeed.  And the way you stop crime is to chase down the criminals and lock them up. I guess that's too simple for the social meddlers on the left.


Endo_2011 said...

"Cowboys rounding up Mexicans"


the images going through my mind

Fiddle, it is only racism when it serves a purpose

TKZ said...

Reverse racism is racism.

Affirmative action is affirmative to some and condemning to others, and that's unAmerican and racist.

There should never have been special categories because categorizing people creates stereotypes, affirms them, necessitates the utilization of them, and then blame others for them.

American should always be an un-hyphenated title.

Why are the media and government only protecting 2 minority groups from justice, and not the whole of society from violence perpetrated against all by any and all categories of citizens?

Categorizing works against civil (equal) rights.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

If we can drive all of the left-tards out of office then we MUST demand the repealing of ALL of the HATE CRIME legislation which is unconstitutional anyway. What makes a mugged or killed Gay any better then a mugged or killed straight? What makes a discriminated against black any better then a discriminated white? Why is it that black goons can stand outside a voting station with clubs and intimidate white voters and get away with it? How come po' blacks can beat up Asians and that is not a hate crime, but if poor whites did it, it would be?

Well like I said in my blog yesterday, we are living in an insane asylum.

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