Thursday, May 13, 2010

America's HisPanic Attack

We are conflicted about illegal immigration

Two-thirds of Americans want the government to do a better job of securing the borders, but they are sympathetic to illegal immigrants who have been working hard and staying out of trouble, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds.
Eight in 10 Americans are concerned that illegal immigrants burden schools, hospitals and other government services, and 77% worry that they drive down wages, the poll finds.
Yet 77% are concerned that stricter laws would mean illegal immigrants and their families who have lived productively in the USA for years would be forced to leave.
I cite these recent articles because I am just as conflicted as everyone else.  I hate the lawlessness of illegal immigration, but I also sympathize with people who come here to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Latinos are Like Us

Some may feel threatened by the Latino invasion, but I'm telling you that we have nothing to fear.  I have spent years living in Latin America, as well as down on the border.  Latinos are wonderful people, and the 10-20 million illegal ones that are here are not an existential threat to this nation or even our culture.

Our differences are slight (we share Christianity, democracy and entrepreneurial capitalism), especially when compared to the Islamic nightmare Europe is going through.  God has thankfully saved us from that.

Texans know it.  The entire state, and San Antonio in particular, is a testament to how Hispanics not living in the shadows contribute greatly to our nation and our culture.  That great state has produced many of our nation's heroes, Medal of Honor recipient Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez being one of the most decorated   

Criminal Cooks and Carpenters
Yes, they broke in, but the burglary analogy is inapt.  How may burglars cook your food, do your laundry and take care of your kids?  We must not overlook the lawbreaking aspect of all of this, but also need to keep it all in context.  Official US policy and our collective greed are also contributing factors. provides a characteristically balanced view of May Day demonstrations in LA.  Note that the most reasoned and nuanced comments are from Latinos...

We're going to have to solve this problem, and it's too important to be left to the bullhorn shouters and the politicians who got us here in the first place.


tha malcontent said...

You would never know it from reading the Leftist IDIOT'S that are blogging these days. And the people that are commenting there.

Silverfiddle said...

Oh yea. We're all haters, right?

This is a complex issue, and like good liberals they have dumbed it down and scrawled all over it with their crayon thought.

Leticia said...

I see your point. But if they are so desperate to come into our nation to work andlive then they should do it the legal way.

It bothers me that four of my friends from South Africa, took many years to get their green cards and are wonderful Physical Therapists right now. It was hard for them. But they kept on until they were able to live here in peace and legally.

I find it unfair that the illegals are getting a free ride.

I am not only speaking about the Mexicans but Muslims, anyone of any race entering our nation illegally. It must not be tolerated.

And I still applaud and give a standing ovation to Arizona for doing what they can to keep Americans safe. It is not HATE as some people in the video have pointed out, it is about safety.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Leticia, that's the rub. They may be good people, but the broke the law and jumped the line.

I just don't see how we deport 10-20 million people, and I am certainly not criticizing Arizona.

I wrote this more as an exercise in seeing the other side but not as the lefty screamers see it.

Endo_2011 said...

I guess the real question is why do people choose to enter illegally when their is a process that they could do in a legal manner. What is the ulterior motive?

Silverfiddle said...

If you're sitting in Mexico and you can see the promised land, wouldn't you go for it?

Canadian Pragmatist said...

It's because there is poverty where they come from and no job prospects. They come to America for...

Actually, you make a good point.

They should put some scratch together and come to Canada. Our immigration processes are much easier. I have no idea why anyone wants to live in the US. It used to be b/c the US was this giant rich country, but nowadays... I just don't think these people do their research.

From Mexico, it's understandable. They can't afford a plane to Canada, but from other parts of the world, it must just be ignorance.

Leticia said...

You are right about the deportation, I just get angry thinking how they have lived here tax free, sending money to Mexico, living off our government, etc.. and they are going to be rewarded.

So absolutely unfair to those who came legally and went through all the red tape.

Endo_2011 said...

SF...don't get me wrong, I would want to come here too, I just questioning why they insist on putting their lives at stake by entering illegally. Is there something to hide...

Prag....Your immigration policies are much easier because no one wants to live there....If you had everybody beating down your door to enter, you would make the process challenging enough to ensure the people entering really want to become true citizens.

maybe someday...

Silverfiddle said...

WMUR: I don't think there's anything to hide, I just think life stinks where they're at, and America's arms are wide open.

Love your point about Canada...

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