Thursday, September 16, 2010

Liberals are Afraid of Conservative Women

What is it with liberals and strong, beautiful women who bravely articulate their conservative Christianity?

Liberals tend more towards angry, man-hating hags who curse like sailors and have all the charm of a hungry badger.  Or women who look like men.  Gotta hand it to the liberals, they are not afraid of swapping gender roles.

So what are liberals afraid of?
Are they afraid of a sexy woman who doesn't leverage her God-given beauty for some sleazy purpose, but instead makes her sexuality the exclusive domain of her husband?  Do all liberals wish gang rape upon these women, as Sarah Bernhardt does?  There's a vulgar stream of liberal invective against conservative women, and it says much about the hatred that rots the soul of liberalism.

The Female Liberal Apotheosis
A different O'Donnell, Rosie, is the apotheosis of the liberal woman.  She's stubbornly ignorant (fire has never melted steel, Christians area bigger threat to America than muslims), angry, and her perpetual sour countenance does nothing for her looks.  She's the liberal female trifecta!

Liberals have brought us the dimmest dimbulbs to ever darken the Senate chamber in Patty Murray and Barbra (call me senator) Boxer.  Diane Feinstein is a smart, serious woman, but she's a war profiteer.

Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopie Goldberg, Margaret Cho and Sandra Burkhard were very funny comedians before galloping liberalism rotted their brains.

Me, I'm satisfied with my sexy, Christian wife, because I know she loves God more than me.  And I love how conservative women have been at the vanguard of the tea party movement.

As for liberalism, Michael Savage is right:  Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I would not use the adjective 'afraid', jealous would seem to fit better.

Sue said...

SF, the facts are liberals like their women smart and we put brains before beauty because without brains nothing gets done, problems don't get solved etc. etc. It really doesn't matter how pretty or how religious your wingnut women are, they really haven't a clue, besides their quotes from God and Glenn Beck, how to govern a nation. There has to be more in the brain catagory for this country to take these so-called pretty conservative women seriously! You surely must be smarter than that SF! Palin, Bachmann, O'Donnell, this type of woman...what can they do for America??? Liberals are afraid what our country will be turned into if this type of woman takes over. It surely has nothing to do with beauty, give me a friggin break! You guys are as shallow as you appear...

It's time to drop the phony veil of religion, the country wants more from their leaders, and that means true leaders with God Given Brains, like our President Obama! GO OBAMA!!!

Silverfiddle said...

Thank you, Sue. You've made my point.

Palin isn't smart? You haven't been paying attention. Staring down the oil companies was enough proof for me.

Lisa said...

too bad liberals brains are in the wrong place.
More people connect to these conservative women because they are more in tuned with American Values and the American people in general as opposed to the criminals we have now cheating on their taxes and forcing their liberalism down the throats of the people when they can't make it any more clear they do not want these policies.

All we have to do is see what liberal policies have done to our inner cities .
Take New Orleans for example.
That is pretty bad when you can't even get yourself to safety until soemone comes and "gets you" or the democrat leadership who was incapable of helping its own people.
I guess what would expect if people like Wrangel and Marion Barry get re-elected.

Sue said...

Point? are you somehow degrading me?

Palin Smart? That is laughable. If she was smart she would have fulfilled her obligation to her beloved state, instead she put money first. That really doesn't sound very smart or christian to me. She totally ruined her political career, well what she called a political career. But you won't catch me complaining, one less bimbo on the stage is a good thing for the country.

Lisa said...

Sue proves her point again.
She put her state above money because Sue's buddies in DC were going after her with frivolous law suits that was costing her state money just like they are doing to Arizona.
That' what happens when ideology trumps reality.
The best thing for the country will be when Obama is done and we get someone who can do the job instead of campaiging all the time, unless he finishes us off first.

Silverfiddle said...

I was not thrilled when Mac threw the hail mary pass and picked Palin.

I think she is a smart, accomplished woman who worked her way up by the sweat of her brow, but I just don't think she is experienced enough in the right areas to be president or VP. We are witnessin the grave damage that happens when we elect an inexperience person.

Having said that, I am amazed at the purple-faced rage and hateful venom that the left spews at Sarah Palin. And Michelle Bachmann, and now this lady.

It is way over the top.

Sam Huntington said...

How is it possible for a thoughtful person to be a liberal? Beyond that, why would they admit it? Liberalism is a contradiction between words and deeds. If liberals believe in liberty, why does the liberal agenda restrict it? If a liberal believes in equality, why do they advocate programs to enslave minorities to government dependency? I’ve noticed that when it comes time to stand up for America —against enemies, both foreign and domestic, liberals consign that task to “someone else.” Liberals don’t mind giving breaks to rapists and murderers, and they’re the first to call for a first responder when they need one. They don’t mind stealing money from working people, and “redistributing it” to other people. Yet, they profess to love liberty, as long as they never have to pay for it. In essence, then, liberals are at best dishonest. Now frankly, if I was that kind of person —lacking moral courage to love my country even to the extent of placing myself in harm’s way, I’d be too damned ashamed of myself to troll blogs and leave inane commentary about people who do have the courage of their convictions.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Oh yeah. Who's Afraid of Sarah "Let's Shoot A Wolf?"

"If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations then I don't know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media." --Sarah Palin, getting First Amendment rights backwards while suggesting that criticism of her is unconstitutional, radio interview with WMAL-AM, Oct. 31, 2008

"[T]hey're in charge of the U.S. Senate so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better for Brandon and his family and his classroom." --Sarah Palin, getting the vice president's constitutional role wrong after being asked by a third grader what the vice president does, interview with NBC affiliate KUSA in Colorado, Oct. 21, 2008

It is-- from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to-- to our state." --Sarah Palin, asked by Katie Couric how Alaska's proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience, CBS News interview, Sept. 24, 2008

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Liberalism is far more then a mental disorder, it is a fatal disease of the soul. Liberalism is a god-less bunch of emasculated males and dirty talking Amazonian women.

And Sue, all Americans should fear the direction that those of you on the left are pushing, dragging and shoving this nation. Those of you on the left claim to have so much love and concern for our children, yet you support slaughtering the unborn by the millions, and corrupting the morals and spirits of those that are lucky enough to be born, by indoctrinating them with leftist and homosexual filth in our schools.

Yes, we all need to be afraid, VERY AFRAID!

Sue said...

Sam I take offence to the troll comment. SF comments on my blog daily so I was paying him a visit. I have a blog, I even have a slot in his sidebar. So I think you should apologize. But I won't hold my breath.

As for your liberal descriptions, all rightie talking points. I don't pay one bit of attention to such drivel. Liberals are who makes the world go round, without us you would shrivel up and die from your own lack of common sense.

Sue said...

Rev. Gregori you made me laugh out loud!! Liberals believe in God, and we are honest in our beliefs, not the least bit hypocritical and fake like the conservatives who use God as a shield to cover their sins of child molestings, adultery, murder. Why is it all you care about is the murder of embryos and not the murder of doctors? Why do you not care about the children who are starving and homeless, but you care about the embryos? I'm liberal and I do not condone abortion, surprised??

Stop with the indoctrination of school children it's such a crock of SH*T coming from wingnuts it's laughable!

If God hated gays why did he make them that way? Every living thing on this earth is a gift from God. Love it or leave it!

Silverfiddle said...

I noticed no one could refute what Sam Huntington said...

Shaw: First of all congratulations, you made a complete post on Palin without dipping into ad hominem.

Each of those quotes are supporting evidence for why she was not at that time ready for the White House.

Having said that, they take nothing away from her prior accomplishments.

You've got to have some smarts to take on the good ol' boys in your own state party and he petroleum industry that your state relies on.

Before 2008, Sarah Palin had accomplished more that Barack Obama or Joe Biden. Keep calling her dumb since it seems to make you lefties all giddy inside, but the evidence of her accomplishments says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Madam: I did not address you in my comments, not once. I was addressing my remarks to the owner of this blog.

S. Huntington

TKZ said...

I know nothing about O'Donnell. I don't live in her state. But I know plenty about the anti-female ravaging feminists and liberals deal out to conservative women. It's hypocritical and shows their real agenda. They don't want to elevate all women, just women like themselves.

Sarah Palin is the prime example. I don't necessarily want to make her the next president and I thought that her being chosen to run with McCain was less about her accomplishments and more about her gender, but all the same, her experience and accomplishments far exceeded those of President Obama's at the time of the election. Her portrayal as dimwitted has been brutally dishonest and her treatment at the hands of other supposed feminists nothing less than barbaric. It's a shame that women treat other women with such ferocity. It really undermines their own argument for gender equality when they act like cornered feral cats with cramps.

But Palin's also a special case. She's a strong woman who could care less what the liberal establishment thinks of her, who has a hick accent but is still smart, and can kill a bear. She'd scare me too. *wink* She just happens to be everything that threatens the elitist liberal world-view. Of course they're scared.

Rational Nation USA said...

Why do liberals view smart and beautiful as mutually exclusive traits in women?

Just saying.

Silverfiddle said...

RN: Maybe because that's the case in their liberal world...

One more reason they constantly rage against us.

Arthurstone said...

Voices of the 'real America'...

'I dabbled into witchcraft but I never joined the coven...'

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