Friday, September 10, 2010

Bonfire of the Sanities

Terry Jones and imam Ralph are two sides of the same coin

Screecher Terry Jones of the Church of "Jeehad Ain't just for Muzzlims" is an ass-tard.  And his followers are brainless tardlets.  They are giving Asshat Church leader Fred Phelps a serious challenge in the competition to drive sane people away from the cause of Christ.

It ain't just about the troops
General Petraeus says it is, and I believe him.  I hate to find myself on the same side as President Obama and his administration, but this is a needless provocation, and now it looks like the pyro freakshow may be cancelled.  That's a good thing, but I don't want it called off for the wrong reason.  A great nation should not allow its actions to be dictated by bug-eyed nutbags screaming rage from the vermin-infested toilets they call home. And anyway, hasn't the Muslim Rage-ometer already been pegged for years now?

It's about our democratic experiment
We enjoy a variety of beliefs and cultures in this country and they are not all compatible.  We don't go around flagrantly denigrating the beliefs of others, unless we're Hollywood or the Democratic party.  It's part of the social contract.  Unless some big issue bubbles to the surface, we pretty much leave each other alone and try not to offend.

This act violates that tacit contract.  It is meant to incite hatred and raise money.  Like the Ground Zero mosque, it is legal but irresponsible, and sure to burn bridges not build them.  Actions such as these, and the enraged reactions they engender, only hasten our slide into third-world bedlam.  This is America, not Pakistan or Paris.

Our Culture is Superior
Think about it.  We peacefully state our opposition to that mosque, while Muslims worldwide threaten to riot, kill and burn and bomb all over a book burning.  This is why we can say with certainty that our culture is superior, despite small infestations of zealous firebugs.  

Want More Proof?
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf told CNN that the discourse surrounding the center has become so politicized that moving it could strengthen the ability of extremists abroad to recruit and wage attacks against Americans, including troops fighting in the Middle East.
Somebody has to be the adult and do the right thing, and of course that's us. 

Nevermind that maybe some in this country think our American values are under attack.  We can't expect the diaper rash ranting children with knives and guns and torches violently defending the "religion of peace," to grow up...

We don't scream like a pack of human hemorrhoids every time someone has the temerity to disagree with us.  We believe in God but we know we are not His Flaming Sword of Vengeance.  He said "Vengeance is Mine," and we believe Him.  We have a constitution and we hold ourselves to it.  We will also use that constitution to snuff any European-style Sharia when it dares rear its misogynist head here in the civilized world.

So a miniscule assembly of dingbats will burn some Korans, and cash will flow into Imam Ralph's Victory Mosque as a result. 
I'm beginning to understand atheists...


Finntann said...

What we all seem to forget is that with freedom comes responsibility.

Does the Mullah Jones have the right to burn the Quran? Yes

Does he have the civic responsibility not to? Yes

But our modern culture abhors responsibility. Being uneducated isn't because you cut class, goofed off, got drunk, smoked dope, and dropped out of high's because of the teachers,parents, (insert favorite scapegoat here) keeping the man down.

Being unable to afford healthcare is the governments fault... after all, you really needed that IROC Z, flat screen TV, bass boat, and camper. Hey...look at that, my neighbor has money...he can pay for my health care.

Failure to take responsibility for our ourselves and our actions will be the downfall of our culture and society...

but screw it...we've got the vote! Bread and Circuses for everyone!


Sam Huntington said...

We have a similar view.

Leticia said...

There are other ways of fighting back other than burning Qurans. I found it very distasteful.

You cannot lead people to Christ by wreaking havoc and instigating anger and violence.

That is not how we get things done. Good grief!!

Shaw Kenawe said...

"He said 'Vengeance is Mine...'"

Then why does capital punishment exist--Texas, for example, has lots of Jesus loving Christians, and one of the highest rates of capital punishments in the US.

Silverfiddle said...

Because in the United States we have a system of laws, Shaw. The Law: Murder is against it and gets you fried. Blasphemy isn't, and doesn't.

Shaw Kenawe said...

SF: I responded to your quote: "Vengence is Mine." Why wouldn't it apply to capital punishment?

When someone murders, revenge killing by the state isn't the only way to punish the murderer is it.

I've heard more times than I can remember that Christian conservatives want this country to turn back to God--actually, a Mormon just recently said that in a "Restore Honor" rally in Washington DC.

Wouldn't heeding that admonishment from God be considered turning back to Him?

Mustang said...

I honestly believe Shaw is one of those Pharisees we read about in Sunday school: always mocking, incapable of honest dialogue. Nevertheless, I must confess I have mixed emotions about the death penalty. William Blackstone left us with thought-provoking quotations. In the first, he admonishes, “No enactment of man can be considered law unless it conforms to the law of God,” and in the second, he tells us, “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” I suspect the latter sentiment is easier for the accused to accept than the family of the victim of capital murder.

Before we get into the boring debate that disproportionate numbers of blacks are on death row, we should consider whether disproportionate numbers of blacks commit (and are convicted of) capital crimes. It isn’t racism —social liberalism condemns these people to a horrible life. Frequently, the argument tendered in court has nothing to do with the facts of the case, but rather ad nauseam arguments about social justice. It is bullshit, pure and simple. We should wonder why we do not exert as much attention to prevention, as we do punishment. Neither is an easy task. The state may not prescribe rules for procreation among idiots, nor may the state compel a father to stay with his wife and children. These are the most exasperating challenges of a democracy. Prevention, however, is worth more than a pound of cure.

As I reflect on the tragic story of 12-year old Polly Klaas —a young person who would still be alive today had California put her rapist murderer to death the first time he raped and murdered a young woman, it reminds me that the death penalty does have some merit: it would have prevented the death of Polly Klaas.

Mr Beardlsey said...

Capital punishment is not about vengeance or revenge, it is about limiting the spread of evil in society. When individuals no longer have any respect for their fellow human beings to the point that they commit crimes like those mentioned by Mustang, they should no longer be part of society. Terminating these individuals prevents them from further spreading pain, suffering and evil into their communities, and it also prevents them from adding more evil onto themselves.

Silverfiddle said...

Like Mustang, I am not hell bent on the death penalty either. If you lock that person away for the rest of his life, it also removes a danger from society.

This is what liberals do: They take one thing, ignore context, and try to be provocative.

Little naive questions such as Shaw's would swing more weight if there were a coherent belief system or philosophy behind them.

In this post I mentioned vengeance in reference to how an average muslim society handles blasphemous acts versus how an average Christians one does.

Context is everything, Shaw. Please stay on topic.

And here's another point to ponder for you Shaw, since you so hate the "vengeance" of our justice system:

Wouldn't merely locking up a murderer also be vengeance?

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Wouldn't merely locking up a murderer also be vengeance?"

No. That would be called punishment.

Locking someone away for life without possibility for parole is righteous punishnment and removes the murderer from the public and from doing further mayhem.

Locking a murderer, rapist, away for life still allows god to be the ultimate avenger, since he says in the Bible "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, vengence is mine."

And you make leaps of logic SF when you state I "hate" the vengence of our justice system. Where did you find that nugget?

You've got a sickness called group think and generalizing about ALL liberals.

I don't place all conservatives in a one-size fits all category. I never have. I tend to think of conservatives the way John Stuart Mill, the 19th century political philosopher, did:

"Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative." --John Stuart Mill

Mustang, how is bringing up a point for discussion mocking? You yourself admit you have problems with the death penalty. I thought SF's quote was a good opportunity to discuss how we justify state killing of prisoners, knowing that a certain percentage of those put to death have been innocent.

You and SF have your minds polluted about liberals and read into my remark what was not there.

The problem lies with both of you, not in my point for discussion.

Silverfiddle said...

Shaw, you are wrong. Go look up the word vengeance in a dictionary.

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