Monday, September 13, 2010

Conspiracy Nation

I spent part of 9/11 arguing with some 9/11 conspiracy kooks.  I didn't waste a whole lot of time because it is a descent into madness. 

It's the fault of the Jews
Antisemitism is an indelible stain upon all of Christendom, and "The Jews were behind 911" is just another sour note on the scale of a millennia-old theme.

The "Mossad did it" theory has Jewish men filming before the attack and then dancing in jubilation when the destruction occurred.  It's not even worth wasting space on the supposed details.  Various disconnected events are hodge-podged together to make it all fit.
Plausibility and Motive are Not Proof
Could Israel have been behind the attacks? Sure, anything is possible.  The supposed motive is that Israelis would benefit from us feeling the sting of terrorism that they know all too well, causing us to sympathize with them and subsequently go on a global jihadi safari, killing all their enemies for them.

Sounds nutty, but plausible.  The problem for the wackadoos is that plausibility and motive are not proof.  If you're interested in a reasoned analysis of this nutball conspiracy, this Wiki at does a good job breaking it down and exposing its holes and internal inconsistencies. 

Let's Try Out Some Liberal Logic
Washington bureaucrats, especially Democrats, profit from this recession. It increased their power and allowed them to worm government into more corners of society.  Millions depend to democrats to ladle out benefits and special monetary favors as "Stimulus."  Ergo, the Democrats purposely crashed our economy to increase their power.

George Bush Did It
Could there have been a US government conspiracy? Sure. But once again, there's no credible evidence, and that's strange in a country where nothing is kept secret anymore.

"Oh yeah, how do you explain Building 7?!  Huh?  Huh?"

My simple answer is "I don't have to explain jack!  You're the one with the nutball theories, you tell me!" 

If you do decide to engage the barking tards, is another excellent resource.  I highly recommend it.

As a bonus, here are a couple of past Western Hero articles concerning conspiracy theories:

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TKZ said...

I was always told that the simplest explanation is most often the right one. I say, blame the people that took credit.

A blog I generally agree with went off the deep end with this one. I disagreed with the post because I think he entirely missed the point, and then the commenters took it to an all new tin-foil hat level blaming it on the NWO conspiracy. ERG. I couldn't stand to keep reading it when the argument went from bad to stupid.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I don't know why you even ventured into the koolaid conspiricy crowd except maybe to inject critical thinking I suppose, they give me a headache with their utter nonsence.

Sam Huntington said...

TKZ nailed it. If we want to understand what happened, we only need to review unabridged, unrevised history. There is no need to make up conspiracy theories. There was a conspiracy, and it resulted in the murder of 3,000 innocent people and devastation to our economy and large sections of downtown NY. The novella continues today with an Imam clamoring to erect a victory symbol above the destruction. Please stop over and read our take on Islam. It is an affront to all humanity.

Jersey McJones said...

Bin Laden explained quite explicitly why 9/11 happened.After all, he was the crazy mastermind behind it. The plan had been in the waiting for some time. He saw, with the election of George W Bush and a militaristic/reactionary government in the US, the perfect opportunity to drag us into his international fundamentalist-Muslim revolution, by making us the grand unifying enemy of the Muslim world.

That's why 9/11 happened. Bin Laden's plan, in large part worked, and his judgement of our government and attitiude of the people was actually correct. We reacted exactly as he projected. The failure of his plan was in the reaction of the Islamic world. They did not all rise up against us. Most of them still view Americans rather favorably. In Iraq, the Sunni's and Shi-a rose up and booted Al Qaeda, who came in after us, right out of the country. Lybia, more interested in economics than Islamic revolution, played nice-nice with the West. Indonesian radicals calmed down, not wanted to be associated with Al Qaeda-type movements. Indian Muslims remained mostly friendly with the West. The Arabian penninsula clamped down harder on the terrorists and only strengthened their regimes. Iran, a serious enemy of Al Qaeda, became even stronger and bolder. Only in Pakistan was the movement strengthened, a victory for the radicals, yes, but not nearly the global uprising they'd hoped for.

So, it just goes to show, Islam is not the problem. Crazy demagogues like Osama Bin Laden are.


Leticia said...

I have never believed any of the conspiracy theories about Israel or President Bush.

It was Islamic extremists who decided to commit mass murder. Nuff said.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I heard it was the "Grays" from Roswell, New Mexico who did it. At least that is what the voices in my head told me.

Lisa said...

Personally I find it easier to believe that Obama and Soros are purposely destroying the economy.

Mustang said...

Moslems are always testing us. They attacked in 1993 as a test. Explosives in the parking garage wasn’t sufficient. They came back to see us on 9/11 … but they learned from that, too. They learned that after an initial period when America came together, as a family should, the political left made it an instrument of self-hatred. Now our society is divided once more. Now the Moslems know that all of their attacks must be covert and in small steps. And they know we are a nation of whores. They will use their vast wealth, and our financial institution’s unquenchable need for more money against us. We have their demands for Shar’ia compliant financial practices, and we rolled over. Then the demand for Shar’ia compliant family courts, and we rolled over. And now we have a Moslem in the White House, Moslem ambassadors at large, and a Moslem cleric in NYC dictating to us how the Victory Mosque controversy is going go … with not so vague threats should we resist. The deal is, Moslems demand our submission. They won’t get it from me, but they’re getting it from the communist left in this country, and most of the stupid people hooked on reality TV.

Lisa said...

Love that Mustang!

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