Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dhimming the Lights in Olde Europe

Who cares if a Muslim scrawls on the side of a Catholic cathedral?  Europeans sure as hell aren't using it.  Europe's Churches are hollow tombs waiting for the continent's death rattle.  

The Astute Bloggers have a post about a Muslim stone mason carving “Allahu Akbar” on the side of a French Cathedral he is helping restore. God-fearing conservatives posted their outrage at Europe's increasing submission to Islam, but I take a different view.  He should tack on some minarets while he's up there.

Europeans have done it to themselves
They hate God, they hate children, they rail against the United States about how we’re destroying the world and wrecking their European culture by our global dominance and our crappy fast food. Yet that same culture collapses like a soggy house of cards in the face of angry Muslim bigotry.

They won’t f**k and they won’t fight. They are done as a society, and they deserve to be.  Europeans are a bigger insult to the Catholic Church than that Muslim man who calls the Cathedral he is restoring a “sacred place.”

Europe will be a Muslim continent in 50 years

Europeans refuse to breed; Muslims are cranking them out like crazy.

It saddens me to say this, I lived there for three years, but Europe is done, strangled by its tolerance of intolerance, child hatred, and liberal immigration policy.

Charles Martel and Jan Sobieski are crying in their graves. What Islam failed to do by the sword they will surely do by demographics.

And who cares? A flabby, flacid people unwilling to propagate their race and advance their culture deserve to die out. The gene pool will be improved at Europe’s passing.  America, Canada and Australia will continue to carry the torch.

Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, Ta Ta.


Lisa said...

And if the lefties get their way they will let it happen here too.
Amazing how the left wants government to intrude on everything expect the sovereignty of a nation.
I am so tired of hearing about Islam with their primitive views and their radicalness. Why should we have to accept their weirdness unconditionally?
Political correctness gone amok.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Russia's fall, demographically speaking, will not be far behind Europes

Fredd said...

When Europe goes Muslim, what ever are we do to adjust to the new Europe:

1. French fries are now Fatah Fries?
2. French toast will become Fatwa Toast?
3. Irish Stew turns into Irate Stew?
4. Belgian Waffles? I've got nothing here, but maybe you do...

Silverfiddle said...

Good ones, Fred!

I guess Black Forest ham will be gone as well...

Leticia said...

It really is a sad situation how so many nations are submitting to Muslims. People are terrified of them and with good reason. You insult them and they want to slice your head off.

Glad I saw Europe before the Muslim invasion.

WomanHonorThyself said...

and we are following their demise with this evil terror funded mosque in NY!! Thank u for fighting the fight and God bless you this Sept 11 and always my fellow patriot!! :)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hey Fredd, You asked;

Belgian Waffles = Bedouin Wahhabis

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