Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beheading Western Civilization

Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politician

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A well-known Australian Muslim cleric has called for the beheading of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, a newspaper said on Friday.

Islam has decapitated itself, outlawing all rational thought, and now it seeks to do the same to the west.  Particularly sickening about this news clip is that this wasn't a Saudi cleric or a Pakistani, but an Australian.

Liberal atheist Susan Jacoby wonders where all her fellow liberals have gone on this issue...

I am an atheist with an affinity for non-fundamentalist religious believers whose faith has made room for secular knowledge. I am also a political liberal. 

I am not, however, a multiculturalist who believes that all cultures and religions are equally worthy of respect. And I find myself in a lonely place in relation to many liberals, political and religious, because I cannot accept a multiculturalism that tends to excuse, under the rubric of “tolerance,” religious and cultural practices that violate universal human rights.

I am sure she is no fan of intolerant Christians, either.  But notice the words she chooses:  Religious and cultural "practices."  Not beliefs, but practices.  It's an important distinction.  You are free to believe space aliens walk among us in disguise, but if you start shooting people in a quest to hunt them down, we will lock you up.

Anyone who's argued with misguided liberals on this subject know the routine.  They will drag out every instance of intolerance in this country going back to slave trading before the founding of the nation.

Yes, I reply, but we've mended out ways.  We don't tolerate such intolerant acts anymore, thank God.  We prosecute crimes against women and gays; Muslim states sanction and celebrate it.  And the fact that libs have to invoke Tim McVeigh (an atheist) and horrible incidents from a distant past to make their vapid point that America is no better than a Muslim country, shows just how intellectually bereft they are.  It also displays a disturbing streak of self-loathing.

So all you liberal women out there!  Put on a pair of shorts and a halter top and stand in downtown Riyadh or Karachi and shout your support for their Muslim culture.  Bring a transgendered friend to keep you company!


Endo_2011 said...

"So all you liberal women out there! Put on a pair of shorts and a halter top and stand in downtown Riyadh or Karachi and shout your support for their Muslim culture. Bring a transgendered friend to keep you company!

Great line! I couldn't agree more with you. Every time I engage in debate with a liberal, they continue to live in the past and cite things that others have done wrong many many years ago. And like the McVeigh example, it is usually inaccurate!

WomanHonorThyself said...

can they be more hypocritical! thanks Silver and God bless:)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Good post Silver,

I too liked that line that WMUR pointed to.

Jersey McJones said...

As a liberal atheist, I find Islam the most insipid of all religions. There. I said it. So has Sam Harris. So has Richard Dawkins. So have many, many atheists.

Do we get a medal? ;)

But if you read the Koran, the Bible, the Torah, you'll note that they're pretty much all the same. It's problems with the culture, with the societies, that are at play here. Back when Christian Europe was mired in the Dark Ages, the Muslim world was enjoying a great rennaisance. In other words - all religion is stupid, it just depends on the broader culture at any given time in history whether that religion is used for violence and hate or peace and love.


Silverfiddle said...

I don't agree with your views on religion, Jersey, but you nailed it on the culture.

Your life would be in danger in much of the Muslim world for saying what you just said. Here, we protect your right to say it.

God bless the USA!

Fredd said...

These Muslim nutbags take the cake: they scream 'death to America' at the top of their lungs, but if I answer 'well, death to you guys, too!', see what happens.

These nutbags then scream 'see what he said!! Outrageous! Death to anyone who doesn't like us screaming 'death to America!'

Lisa said...

Liberals always defending the things they hate the most. I wonder if they even know it or are they so entrenched in their ideology they can't get the blinders off.

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