Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where's Molly?

America is sick.  We The People are not sick, but the body politic is, and our nation suffers from a Carteresque malaise.

We suffer from a few cancerous growths, and termites and rodents have eaten away much of our constitutional foundation.  A bipartisan gang of chiselers has turned our federal government into a criminal enterprise that hands out taxpayer money in exchange for votes, but we're wise to their depredations and we're fixin' to clean house.  Literally.

In Obama's America, Journalists hide from Muslim extremists
The story of journalist Molly Norris, now in hiding from Muslim murderers, saddens me.  It is disgusting that this should happen here in The United States of America.
The FBI told her she had to because otherwise it couldn't protect her against death threats from Muslims she'd angered. Earlier this year, Norris started "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" to protest radical Muslims' violently stifling freedom of speech and conscience. (Washington Examiner)
Meanwhile, our perfidious press, who tore at George Bush like a pack of ravenous wolves, is pissing down its collective leg in fear.  Not a peep from these supposedly brave defenders of free speech.  

New York Slimes, Washington Compost, San Fran Sicko Cornicle, El Lay Times, Atlanta Urinal and Constipation... You Suck!!!  You all suck!!!  and the quicker you all go bankrupt the better! 
The FBI should be tracking down and killing those threatening her, not telling her to go into hiding.

So we can't protect people in this country anymore?  OK.  Why then did we just grant asylum to Mexican journalist Jorge Luis Aguirre?  Nothing against Mexicans, and lord knows we need real journalists to pick up the slack for the media personalities who have given up real reporting. 

Thank God Mr Aguirre is safe from murderous drug lords, but this reveals a gross inconsistency.  The FBI cannot protect an American citizen from Muslim murderers, but it grants asylum to a foreigner threatened by drug gangs.

Welcome to Obama's America...


Mark Adams said...

And that is just one of MANY reasons we have the 2nd amendment. Sad this lazy a$$ government can't even protect our own very well, as they are required to do!

Lisa said...

I guess when Obma said he'll stand with the Muslims he meant no matter what side they are on.

Leticia said...

This may sound a bit ridiculous but Americans have become 2nd and 3rd class citizens.

Everyone else comes before us and our needs.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Mark Adams, you said, "Sad this lazy a$$ government can't even protect our own very well, as they are required to do!"

It isn't that they "can't", it is because they DON'T WANT TO.

Obama and his administration have their own agenda and it is NOT the agenda of the American people.

Always On Watch said...

Good post.


Silverfiddle said...

Thanks for the link, AOW!

I hope Molly's story keeps growing. It is an outrage.

Z said...

what a different America...that young woman's hiding from our enemies and there are signs in the American desert, miles from the MX border, facing NORTH telling people to keep out IN ENGLISH..get it?
When we stopped erring on OUR side (read "Political correctness"), we started the downward slide and I don't know what can pull us up again...We can't mess with muslims, that's one thing we know for sure.

Brooke said...

Where did our backbone go? That picture of JW on your sidebar... Sigh.

Every American living in America should be safe from Islamist threats! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Silverfiddle said...

Z and Brooke: The US government should be tracking the threatening pigs back to their fetid lairs and capping their asses. The more I know about this the angrier I get.

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