Tuesday, June 29, 2010

American Messiah

America Needs a Political Messiah

Barack Obama may command the oceans to recede and inspire unquestioning fanaticism in his disciples, but he is no messiah.

We need a real political messiah, whose zeal for the founding fathers' house consumes him.

We need a messiah who will make a whip of cords and drive the moneychangers from the US Capitol, which they have turned into a "den of robbers."

We need a messiah who will call the politicians what they are: A brood of vipers, hypocrites! who bind up laws to burden good citizens, while they exempt themselves.

These political pharisees strain out a gnat when circumscribing citizens' rights, but swallow the camel for personal and partisan political gain and the millions that it brings them.

Their cup is clean on the outside, but on the inside it is full of greed and self-indulgence.

Our government institutions are "beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men's bones and everything unclean." This leads We The People to view those in power with suspicion: "In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness."

Yes, we need a messiah, but President Obama ain't it.

Matthew 23
John 2


Kody's, "The Bull Stops Here" said...

This President and his administration will sell us out for a vote. Our corrupt, Marxist government is destroying America and turning it over to unions and Mexicans. Our taxes will skyrocket and our health care is being destroyed. We can't even live out our lives in peace. The democrats don't care and will do anything to succeed, including setting up lame duck dems with offshore accounts. It's enough to make you cry
All the selling points on "immigration reform" is a stack of lies. Nobody is buying it.. Except the DieHard Libs. We don't have the bureaucracy to chase people down for fines,back taxes or make them speak English. Even if we did the liberal bureaucracy wouldn't enforce it. healthcare is reversible, amnesty isn't. 3 million by Reagan with the same sort of promises and we got 25 million more of them.They're multiplying like rabbits and overwhelming the social service sector.Coming here for a better life shouldn't mean a career of welfare.

I Ain't Got No Blog said...

America Needs a Political Messiah!

American Jews voting for Obambi are like Turkeys longing for Thanksgiving.

TKZ said...

The comparison of the moneychangers in the temple to the moneychangers in Washington is a great one. Someone needs to cast them out.

The moneychangers in the temple were able to be shamed into leaving, but do our politicians have any shame when they're called out for whoring politically? They know they've corrupted the temple, but I guess they figure that precedence is a good enough reason to keep doing it.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I appreciate the parallel but find it dangerous to call for someone in messianic terms as evidenced in the last election.

So no, we do not need yet another professed messiah but rather an American.

An American that cares about America and her people, believes in American exceptionalism, believes in and abides by the Constitution and acts within and only within the powers enumerated in that precious document.

Bastiatarian said...

Very good analogy. Liberty is sacred, and the United States was intended to be temple of liberty and an ensign of those principles to the world. The opponents of liberty continue to desecrate what should be sacred space, and need to be driven out.

As a Christian, I of course believe that the only way to establish liberty in our country is for us to embrace the Messiah of the passages you quote, but I think you're right that we need a messiah (lower-case "m") in the sense of someone who will walk in the footsteps of the Messiah (upper-case "M"), be a true example of Him, and exhibit the type of powerful leadership, in word and deed, that was shown by people such as George Washington that have filled that role so effectively in the past.

Such individuals would never, under any circumstances, view themselves as a messiah (whether upper or lower case), but rather as servants of the Messiah and their fellow men. Like John the Baptist, they would point their followers to the True Messiah.

That is just one of many ways that we can be sure that Chairman BaO is merely a false Messiah.

Grung_e_Gene said...

We don't need a messiah, America needs no kings, especially mythological ones who 'we' have been waiting for 1977 years and counting. He ain't coming because he never was...

And who are the American People btw? Since anyone can potentially become an American isn't that everyone?

Ray said...

I see your point and Chris's too, but the moneychangers have stolen the day indeed. TKZ too, u right. they have no conscience nor humility. Scum.

We need a serious purge of government from top to bottom and left to right in the next 3 elections. Nothing less will do. Otherwise it'll be s.o.d.d. or as Yogi said 'deja vu all over again'.

WomanHonorThyself said...

he is as far from a Messiah as someone can get..maybe a SATAN wanna be?

Bastiatarian said...

>.maybe a SATAN wanna be?

Except that Satan is more intelligent and has more class than the Fop in Chief.

Silverfiddle said...

For the record, my friends, Jesus Christ is my messiah, and I am not looking for another one. I just took some poetic license for the obvious parallels.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

And what are We the People going to do about it?

If we vote this scum out and it turns out that the people we vote in are just as big scum as those we just got rid of, what will we do?

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