Friday, June 18, 2010

Magna Cum Lousy

What Obama thinks of us, America
President Obama has revealed himself to be an abject failure

If he tried to lead an army of Larry Flynts to a pornography convention in Vegas they would end up at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City (God forbid).

And what did any reasonable person expect?  The average Army corporal has more leadership experience than Obama.  The man had accomplished nothing...  zero, zip, naaaadaaa before getting elected.

Worshipful liberals keep pointing to his academic record, and that's a great thing to point to...  if you're a new grad looking for your first job.  If you're 47 years old and you're still pointing to your college record, it's actually a kinda sad commentary on your adult life.

An Obama Career Recap
He did nothing of note during his short tenure on Wall Street.  He supposedly forsook a lucrative career there to instead help the needy as a community organizer.  Yeah, and I forsook a career as a doctor to enlist in the Air Force.

I'm being sarcastic, but what evidence do we have that he was some kind of wiz kid there?  Maybe he stunk at his first job and community organizing was all that was left for him.  He never argued any court cases...  He was a lecturer, not a professor...  The Chicago Democrap Machine cleared the way to The Senate for him...  All he's really done is write two self-absorbed books.

There is no substitute for real-world experience, especially when you're leader of The United States of America in a very dangerous world.  I hope the voters see that now.

How bad is it?  
It's so bad even lefty Obama-lama-ding-dongs David Corn, The New York Times, and Eugene Robinson can no longer avert their eyes.

It's so bad, even the MSNBC Obamatards trashed his oil spill performance

Breitbart has the best summary, Is the Thrill Gone?

The tingle up Chris Matthews' leg has left the building.  Maybe it was just the termites escaping Olbermann's head...


Always On Watch said...

No doubt about it: BHO is an epic failure.

Of course, he sees himself as the total opposite! Damned egomaniac.

Ray said...

This man will go down as the premier epic fail as you've noted and we will be vindicated when all is said and done. The steps you've highlighted are a big deal for those ObaMorons. They haven't EVER done this. But...beck pointed out yesterday the rub to that, I kinda agree with him on it ..vid@my new blog

Trestin said...

They say a poisonous spider bite can do that to your leg.

KOOK said...

Highly debatable how much of either of "his" books he wrote.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks for that reminder, Kook. I forgot that the egotistical hagiographies were more than likely ghostwritten.

Lisa said...

Great points SF. I do believe your points cannot be debunked even by the most extreme leftists although they do have a way of twisting things to make it make it sound logical to them.

Ray said...

BTW awesome headline.

Finntann said...

Far as I see it, if we had a King instead of a President he'd be:

James Earl II


Endo_2011 said...

he does do a good job of selling snake oil...

hmmmm what is it with BO and oil..

Most Rev. Gregori said...

It is believed that Bill Ayers was the actual author of "Dreams from My Father."

And as far as his academic record, how could any one go by that, when no one is allowed to see it. It is sealed along with all his other records.

Good God! this moron and his administration are destroying our nation and all we do is post blogs and dance the Lambada!!!

Canadian Pragmatist said...

He was also a senator.

Also, what would being a big shot on Wall Street have to do with leading a country?

tha malcontent said...

How about we send the president back to Kenya, that would be a great start.

Bastiatarian said...

>He was also a senator.

An absentee senator who didn't even serve a full term and was involved in no meaningful legislation.

>what would being a big shot on Wall Street have to do with leading a country?

Nothing, other than leadership skills, organizational skills, an understanding of economic principles, the development of decision-making skills, training in short, medium, and long-term planning, and experience getting things done promptly, efficiently, and effectively in adverse situations.

You know, things that Chairman BaO lacks entirely.

Bastiatarian said...

>Maybe he stunk at his first job and community organizing was all that was left for him.

I think we can extend the extended version of a saying.

Those who can, do.
Those who can't, teach.
Those who can't teach, teach PE.
Those who can't do, teach, or throw a baseball, become community organizers.

Anonymous said...

We as conservatives are barking up the wrong tree.

When we see the failure to manage the oil eruption we expect our "leaders" to actually be public servants and do the right thing. Instead they are opportunists looking only for more power; any theory outside that lens doesn't square with reality and who they really are.

We expect Obama to do the right thing for America; but in reality he's in it for those who control him, and therefore his own power base. I believe Obama was selected well before he was elected. Same for Clinton, by individuals who are trillionaires. A hint: you won't find their names in Forbes.

When you stop arguing about them not doing the right thing and begin to look at how these elite are consolidating power, actions by world leaders begin to make sense.

For intellectual dinner tonight I would suggest an appetizer of "Report from Iron Mountain" followed by a main course of "Tragedy and Hope" and a sweet desert of intel from the latest Bilderberg confab.

A midnight snack could include a reading of the "Georga Guide Stones".

Then you will get an idea what motovates the sick cabal that is destroying our Republic.

What can you do? Vote. Attend Tea Party marches. Pray for the destruction of these elites in our generation.

Silverfiddle said...

Anon: I wish people would simply wake up and realize that their are vampiric elites at the neck of our government.

They are not "The Jews" or some evil cabal; rather they are an international class of "cognoscenti" progressives who want to order everything to their benefit.

Pushing most government functions back down to the states as originally intended would protect against much of this. Staying out of foreign controversies would get us most of the rest of the way there.

If the liberal tools would wake up and see that this curse knows no ideology and afflicts us all, common cause could be made.

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