Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank You, President Obama!

Thanks to President Obama and The Pelosicrats, Americans are waking up and abandoning liberalism in droves.

The latest Gallup poll shows that there are now twice as many self-identified conservatives as liberals here in America:   

Since 2008, the percentage of Americans identifying themselves as conservative has risen 5 percentage points to 42 percent, while the number of liberals has dropped 2 points to 20 percent, Gallup reports this morning.

Those who consider themselves independents increasingly view themselves as conservative. In 2008, 30 percent of independents called themselves conservative; so far in 2010, that number is 36 percent. (RCP - Gallup Poll)
Americans know "Cap and Trade" and "Green Energy" are job killing scams.  Despite what T Boone Pickpocket says, this is self-evident.  If they were economically viable, the private sector would be doing it already.

Americans see that the federal government has failed miserably at regulating Wall Street and the petroleum industry.  We don't want them doing the same job on our health care.

Carter created the Department of Education, and our kids' test scores have been heading south ever since.

Liberals scream for ever more government, when government has failed to control the borders or its own reckless and dangerous spending.

ENOUGH!  America is tired of crack-brained progressive ideas, their pseudo-intellectual social theories, and the Big Brother regulations spreading, blob-like into every last corner of our lives.  Get lost!  Go home and nudge yourselves! 

Time to kick out the crony capitalists and their Utopian Progressive partners in crime.  The Federal Government exists for The People, not the other way around!

Thank you, President Obama!
You ushered in unvarnished, unapologetic liberalism, and Americans are recoiling in horror and disgust.  President Obama may actually be better than President Reagan...  at bringing people to conservatism.


Sue said...

You are so wrong about green jobs and the private sector. Why does the right say such lies? Hundreds of thousands of men and women are employed in green jobs. America is getting back to work, yes slowly but what do you expect when we were in a depression because of GOP policies. There are plenty of charts and graphs out there proving Obamas policies are taking hold, educate yourselves....

Silverfiddle said...

Sue: We'd appreciate some links to the charts and data you reference.

The Green Jobs example dems pointed to was Spain. It nearly bankrupted them at something like half a million dollars per job. They have abandoned the program.

If it were that easy, the government could just hire everybody and the problem would be solved.

I am not for GOP or Dem policies. I am for free-market capitalist policies. It works every time it is tried.

Reagan and Clinton restored them, but W took his eye off the ball and joined the big government progressive crowd, bringing us to where we are now.

Silverfiddle said...

You need to stop ingesting leftist propaganda and regurgitating it. Please, stop, read opposing points of view, and think.

For my readers. Here is a collection of articles on the money wasting BS known as "Green Jobs." Read them and you will see that each job funded with your tax dollars cost anywhere from $150K to $500K per year, using the government's own figures. That is why those who have studied it call it a scam:

In Europe, where there is more data on "green jobs," they have found out that each green job destroyed 4-6 ordinary jobs:

Here in America, 'green energy" actually destroys jobs and sends work overseas:

Here's the real scoop on "Green Jobs."
Millions in political payoffs to SEIU:

Here is perhaps the best and most concise summary:

The saddest part of this progressive travesty is the opportunity costs. Billions spent chasing windmills, could have been better used by real businesses to hire real people for real jobs.

Welcome to Obama's America.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


To find the charts and graphs Sue speaks of just go to or MSLSD (same difference) and you to can be spoon-fed the KoolAid.

Bastiatarian said...

>we were in a depression

Clearly you need to learn what a depression is.

And take a beginning economics course.

>because of GOP policies

Considering that the Dimwitcrats have held Congress for the most part of the past few decades, that's a thoroughly bizarre statement.

Also, I'm pretty sure that most of us here that are against Chairman BaO don't care whether the thugs have an R or a D after their names. Totalitarian collectivist policies are bad no matter who implements them.

Since you support Chairman BaO, you obviously support the policy of the Dimwitcrats to plunder the people to finance their schemes. That means that you support theft. Therefore, by definition, you are a bad and immoral person. Congratulations on that.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

It is kind of instructive to note the flag in Sue's picture, it is flying or at least pictured incorrectly - the stars always are to be in the upper left.

Sue said...

I'll be back with charts but I must answer Christophers insane accusation of the flag picture. Lets just say this was a picture of a flag on a pole hanging from my porch pillar and the pillar is to the left of the picture, and I stood in front of it and snapped the picture, this is exactly how it would and should be hanging. Goog grief you people are wacko!! I'm sorry to embarrass you Christopher but really....

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

You only embaress yourself as you did not comprehend what I wrote but that is expected froma liberal.

Will said...

Sue, here is a link that talks about your beloved "green" power in my state of Oregon. Wind is simply is not an efficient means of power.
If you think subsidizing so-called "green" jobs, or subsidizing ANYTHING, works, then you simply do not grasp elementary economics.

How about letting the free market provide us with the cleanest of energy; nuclear power. Hell, even 60 minutes gave us a glimpse into how efficient and safe nuclear power is. In fact, France sells power to Germany. Where does the power come from? Nuclear plants, of course! Did I mention safe? Take a look at the video. France has found a way of recycling nuclear waste.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Americans are waking up and abandoning liberalism in droves.
,,sure hope youre right my friend!

Leticia said...

I sincerely hope that more and more people will realize that liberalism means death to America and her freedoms.

Anonymous said...

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

A good point was made on the radio today - imagine a liberal, lame duck Congress cashing in some last-minute favors for liberal special interests!

Yes, if current events have turned millions over to Reaganism, imagine what a flat-lined Congress will do after November!

In 2008 I shocked my conservative buddies by saying Hillary or Obama would be the best thing for our country.

Obama is stirring up the masses. Real Hope and Change is coming! History will write that Obama was a national scale community organizer (tea parties).

Jolly good show, Obama. You are fulfilling your destiny. Making the people rise up against "The Man" - YOU! Fists Up!

- Hugh

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Just goes to show, Liberals are their own worst enemy.

Endo_2011 said...

It is now 10:48 p.m. In Sue's last comment at 11:27 she mentioned she would be back with charts to prove her point. So far, the only links or data I have seen have come from those she opposes.

Maybe she actually did some research and realized what nonsense she was speaking!

Silverfiddle said...

Maybe all those charts and links and stuff are too heavy to carry across the internet...

Kody's, "The Bull Stops Here" said...

It's an election year, keep calling and emailing.

TKZ said...

I love it!

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