Monday, June 7, 2010

California: Greece on the Pacific

Liberal love to blame Republican-backed Prop 13 for destroying California's tax base.  It's the number one talking point used to defend the failed liberal experiment known as California.

Only New York collects more taxes per capita than California
William Voegeli explains just how wrong these liberals are in his excellent article, Don't Blame Prop 13
Property-tax revenues in the state have increased from $4.9 billion to $47 billion in the 30 years since Proposition 13. Adjust those figures for inflation and population growth, and property-tax revenues in California were 87 percent higher in 2009 than they were in 1979, chiefly because of rising property values.

Census Bureau data show that California ranked tenth in the nation in 2007 in terms of per-capita receipts from all state and local taxes (property, income, sales, and excise taxes) paid by individuals and corporations.

Per-capita receipts from individual and corporate income taxes were 64 percent higher in California than they were in the rest of the country: $1,764 in California, $1,077 elsewhere. All told, California’s governments received $4,731 per resident from all taxes, 14 percent more than the $4,160 average outside California.
The problem isn't too little taxes, it's too much spending.  If taxation were the answer, New York and California would be booming right now and Texas would be bust.  Liberalism kills economies.


jadedfellow said...

They will surely fry in their pork grease.

LSP said...

"Liberalism kills economies" -- for sure but when will they wise up to the fact? Doubtless when the fault opens up and they sink into the sea...

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