Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Decline and Fall of Nothing

It's always been fun sport for Schadenfreudistas to predict America's decline.  Tim Cavanaugh at Reason has a wry take on it all: 
"The problem isn’t that things are collapsing. It’s that not enough things are collapsing. General Motors, AIG, and the government of California have committed enough errors to merit immediate extinction, but there they still are."
We've destroyed our constitution and replaced it with a progressive bulwark against Schumpeter's creative destruction.  America's centerpiece is now a Bill of Rights for the venal and the stupid, constantly updated by an elected criminal class.

Like the energizer bunny, America's failures keep going and going, while the successful pick up the tab.  

We have the government we deserve.


TKZ said...

Agreed. Natural consequences are a creative force. Bailouts prolong the inevitable and make the fall harder once it comes.

Linda said...

We may likely trace our demise back to the time when personal responsibility was replaced by "victimhood". Liberals and some conservatives have created the "baby bird" class of citizens who sit in their nests with their beaks open waiting for the goodies to be dropped in. It doesn't occur to them to earn anything...they have been convinced that it is cruel for rich people to expect them to pull their own weight and to work for something to which they are obviously entitled (such as their home). And remember when there was such a thing as an "accident?" Now we have only the "injured" and the (soon to be sued) negligent.

The noble "poor" who have become accustomed to cell phones, high-def televisions, designer clothing, and wii, demand more and more from the evil wealthy taxpayers.

At least almost half of the country seems to "get it." The million dollar question has become, "Can we save ourselves and the fools who voted in the criminal class?"

Silverfiddle said...

I like that, "Baby Bird Class"

Most Rev. Gregori said...

At least, if nothing else, the liberal educators and the media have done their jobs well.

Isn't wonderful to know that only those on the left deserve everything just for having been born, while those of us who have worked our butts off and earned it are entitled to nothing?

Unless those on the right are willing to pull their heads out of their collective butts, America cannot and will not be saved.

Grung_e_Gene said...

It's always the Poor (Hello Cadillac Driving Welfare Moms...)who are the problem by the commentators here. More money has been physically lost in Iraq and stolen by Corporate Monstrosities via "DoD Funding" than has ever been given to every poor person.

Silverfiddle said...

We need to mind our own business militarily as well, so I kinda agree with you, Gene.

I don't know if more has actually been spent than on the Great Society stuff, but I can't lay my finger on a quantitative comparison, and it's Friday, so I won't argue.

Have a great weekend!

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