Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Visiting Pakistani Military Officers Mistaken for Terrorists
It’s not a joke. It really happened last week, and the Pakistanis left for home early in a huff over it.

My first thought was, well... How do you tell an ordinary Pakistani from the terrorist variety?

Seriously, incidents such as this should provide a wake up call to Middle Eastern and South Asian Muslims that something is seriously wrong with their culture.

Enviro-Leftist Kook Killed at the Discovery Channel
Another day, another violent, unhinged leftist driven to criminal insanity by overheated leftwing hatespeak. Al Gore and the Eurolefties should be taken to task for the killing and mayhem their irresponsible rhetoric has spawned.

Let's see... We had the liberal college professor who gunned down her colleagues after watching MSNBC; anti-capitalist Joe Stack crashed his plane into an IRS building, egged on no doubt by the writings of socialist economists Paul Krugman and Robert Reich. Going back a ways, enviro-lefist Ted Kaczinski sent bombs to people in the mail.

I won’t even go into the daily open sewer of vituperation that floods Left Blogistan. The hate spewers who inhabit that unhappy place take their inspiration from nutbag ranter Ed Schultz, who threatened to burn down MSNBC.

Mithridate Ombud at Newsbusters does the nation a public service by cataloging the liberal hate and violence that has infected the nation over the years. I highly recommend it.

The meltdown of the wackadoo left would be funny were it not so dangerous...

A Righteous Rant

Michael Berry of KTRH.COM goes on a righteous rant.  Not an incoherent fuddle-blubber Ed Schultz rant, but a coherent call to action.  Listen to the end.  It gets better as it goes...


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Great vid!

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Endo_2011 said...

"My first thought was, well... How do you tell an ordinary Pakistani from the terrorist variety?"

I was kind of thinking the same thing! lol

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