Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget

I got home at around 10:30 pm on 11 September, 2001.  I stayed behind in a command post as they evacuated non-essential personnel from the base.  My wife and kids (Kindergarten and pre-schooler at the time) were still up.

"Did you see what happened, Daddy?"


"Are you sad?"

"No.  I'm just angry."

Nine years later, I'm Still Angry...

Andrew McCarthy, God Bless him, speaks for tens of millions of Americans when he explains why he's tired of being lectured by sanctimonious passive-aggressive Muslims and the liberal elites who enable them.
For the better part of two decades, Americans have been murdered by Islamists and then lectured that they are to blame for what has befallen them. We have been instructed in the need for special sensitivity to the unceasing demands of Islamic culture and falsely accused of intolerance by the people who wrote the book on intolerance.

Americans have sacrificed blood and bottomless treasure for Islamic peoples who despise Americans -- and despise us even more as our sacrifices and gestures of self-loathing intensify. Americans have watched as apologists for terrorists and sha ria were made the face of an American Muslim community that we were simultaneously assured was the very picture of pro-American moderation.

Americans have had our fill. We are willing to live many lies. This one, though, strikes too close to home, arousing our heretofore dormant sense of decency. Americans have now heard President Obama's shtick enough times to know that when he talks about "our values," he's really talking about his values, which most of us don't share. And after 10 years of the Council on American-Islamic Relations's tired tirades, we're immune to Feisal Rauf, too.

We look around us and we see our country unrivaled by anything in the history of human tolerance. We see thousands of thriving mosques... (Andrew McCarthy - NY Post)


USA_Admiral said...

Still very angry.

Silverfiddle said...

Millions of us are, but notice we are not burning down mosques.

It's a righteous, culturally-superior anger.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Good post Silver,

Anger, you bet I am angry to this day. A declared state of war is one thing and even in that civilians are to be avoided when and if possible.

This reprehensible mass murder by islamofacists is the work of pure evil and must never be forgotten.

Leticia said...

I am still angry and I will NEVER forget what happened on 9/11.

God bless you and thank you for serving and protecting our nation.

Jersey McJones said...

Did it ever occur to you that if we didn't meddle in that part of the world, 9/11 would never had happened?


Ray said...

That was a good excerpt Silver, and I'm darn tired of it too. "IT" being the 'kow towing'.

It's the 'Good Muslim -Bad Muslim' game and ray don't play dat.

Islam Period.Anyone who practices it:BAD.

".... tired of being lectured by sanctimonious passive-aggressive Muslims and the liberal elites who enable them." Yup..I agree.

'We' were attacked and often the other side either forgets or believes we deserved it and the Muzzies act as if we attacked them!!!

When it comes to 911 I say 'Never forgive because then you'll NEVER forget.' ;(

Red said...

Bullshit on that JMJ. Might as well say we deserved it. We didn't. We don't. Good post Silverfiddle

Ron Russell said...

I will never, never forget 9/11 or that cult that spawned it!!

First time visitor. Following!

Finntann said...

Anyone else find this juxtaposition of paragraphs from the NY Daily News entertainingly ironic?

"It's very hurtful that a couple of nuts ruined how people see us. We have nothing to do with 9/11," he said.

In Kabul, more than 10,000 Afghans set fire to tires in the streets and shouted "Death to America" for a second day in a row, also prompted by Jones' calls to burn the Islamic holy book.

Yeah...a couple of nuts!

Read more:

Maggie Thornton said...

Excellent message from Andrew McCarthy. Still angry, and I'm certain it is a righteous anger. I will never forget or allow anyone in my family to do so.

On look around the Intertubes at the most popular Liberal blogs and the 50 most powerful Liberal blogs, etc. and you see only a very few have anything up about 9/11.

Mustang said...

Anyone who has ever read an objective history of Islam from the 7th Century forward will learn that most societies did nothing to warrant invasion —but they got one anyway. A hands-off policy in the Middle East did not prevent Moslem pirates from attacking American ships. Pretending the Middle East was none of our business did nothing to protect American pilots and airline passengers from being the subject of deadly hijacking. There is no excuse to run and hide from Islamacists. Real Americans will not allow Moslem scum to intimidate us.

Andrew McCarthy is spot on, Silver; I enjoy reading your posts.

Semper Fi

Endo_2011 said...

I am still very very angry at those that think it is OK to attack innocent citizens in such a cowardly manner! I think I am even more angry at those in this country who make excuses for these cowards!

Jersey McJones said...

Red, there's a huge difference between deserving something and putting yourself in a position to suffer it. Does the girl in the short dress deserved to be raped? Of course not! Was she stupid to go walking through the rough neighborhood late at night in a short dress? Of course.

Get it?

I'm not condoning what happened on 9/11. I'm just saying that it was avoidable.


Randy said...

JMJ, have you ever considered that Muslims could just as easily have chosen not to murder innocent people? And have you considered that Muslims may just make up any excuse for murder just so someone stands back and justifies the act while not condoning it?

Lisa said...

they just want Islam to dominate the world,it's no secret.

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