Monday, September 6, 2010

How Government Grows

Insanity:  Big government uses a failure of big government to justify more big government.  

Steve Chapman observes that the FDA is using the salmonella outbreak to plead for more power (and taxpayer money).
We should have seen that coming. In the private sector, entities that fall short of doing their jobs find themselves forced to shrink. In the public sector, the opposite is typically true. Failure is an option, and often a beneficial one.

The Federal Reserve Board and Treasury facilitated the 2008 financial crisis? Then obviously we have no choice but to give them even more responsibility. The Securities and Exchange Commission let Bernie Madoff rob investors? A bigger SEC will be a smarter SEC.

Poisoned Eggs in Left Blogistan

It's not so much the taxes we pay that irks us.  It's that we get incompetence, failure and malfeasance in return.  A rightwing insurrectionist from Denver named manapp99 sums it up nicely.  Enjoy!

No one minds paying taxes for services. What bugs the shit out of most sane people is paying for services and not getting them.

We paid for food inspections and still got poisoned eggs, beef, spinach etc.

We paid for oil rig inspections and still got a huge blow out in the gulf.

We paid for the SEC and still got Bernie Maddoff even though they were warned about him in the 90's.

We paid for border patrol and still got 20 million illegals.

We paid for public schools and still have an increasingly poor educational delivery system.

We paid for our congress men and women to regulate the investment houses and still got the global meltdown.

We pay for fair laws and adequate police protection and still get cops beating up citizens such as we had here in Denver recently.

We also get massive government failures that have no end in sight like the war on drugs.

We pay for thousands of overlapping intelligence agencies and still get failures on intel in Iraq and Iran.

We pay for a fair legal system and still massive unfairness such as the powder to crack cocaine laws.

We have paid millions of government workers to fail at their jobs and can't even fire them due to the public service unions.

With all the failures of government to do the jobs they were paid for it is reasonable to expect that if we paid for government health care we would get similar results.

Imagine paying government to have your tonsils out and getting your testes removed.

It is not that far fetched for a government worker to mistake the two. After all they both begin with T and there are generally two of them. A small mistake in filling out form 1524 instead of form 1542 and your a eunuch. And guess what? You can't sue because the government exempts itself from most law suits.

When a cop makes a mistake and storms the wrong home (as happened in Denver a few years back) and shoots an innocent man, the government just takes some more of our, their customers, money and pays off the grieving family. No one in the government gets charged with murder, no one goes to jail and the innocent taxpayer (customer) gets punished monetarily.


Linda said...

Perfect examples of the end result of the inmates running the asylum.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Excellent commentary and I did enjoy the reading but not the subject matter.

I especially liked the mention of sueing the government;

"And guess what? You can't sue because the government exempts itself from most law suits."

I was saying much the same before the BS was passed.

Sam Huntington said...

The issues that frost my hindquarters are two: (a) the assumption that we the people need government in order to make it through an average lifespan, and (b) Americans who enable politicians who are no more than Marxist light or Marxist dark to seize our God-given rights. We are only in this mess right now because Americans are stupid and may not even deserve the liberties guaranteed by our forefathers.

Hayden said...

It is often a conversation or debate ender when one asks: Name one thing the government runs well.

But then, if we do place any emphasis on personal responsibility any more in this country, we must ask how we have come this far in the destruction of our country.

Silverfiddle said...

Sam and Hayden: For the reasons you both cite, I am more and more for a radical downsizing and privatizing of government, starting with our education system.

Bloated bureaucracies simply have no incentive to succeed or to be more efficient.

TKZ said...

A week ago a father was shot by a lunatic. This is what happens when the people take it upon themselves to be charitable: each of his 6 sons now have trust funds and the coffers are overflowing:

The government taking over is a direct result of a lack of faith in charity and self-reliance. If we don't believe in ourselves and each other then we deserve the oopsy government testicular transplant we get and the forced redistribution of wealth it necessitates.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

If you reread your post, you will find that it sounds so much like communist countries.

If you think that everything manapp99 wrote has come about through either ignorance or incompetence, you are dead WRONG. It is being done ON PURPOSE with much forethought. Collapse the system by over loading it so that you can then transform the system. WAKE UP AMERICA, you are being used.

manapp99 said...

Hey Silver, thanks for the re-post. The only thing you got wrong is the location. I live in Eagle CO. Home of the Kobe Bryant trials.

Thanks again. I think we can bring people around to the idea that it is not that the GOP is right or the Dems wrong. It is that they are both out for themselves and growing their collective power base. The disagreeing with each other is just for show and to keep us occupied with fighting among ourselves. They are scared that 300 million Americans might unite and pull the curtain down.

Silverfiddle said...

Eagle... envy you...

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