Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Markets: Dispatches from Left Blogistan

As you all know, I frequently travel the twisted and slippery trails of Left Blogistan, trying my damnedest to bring enlightenment to the ignorant. Fredd sez I'm wasting my time, and he's probably right.

There's an overabundance of economic ignorance on the left, and that is where I end up fighting most of my battles (the "blame Bush for everything" blather is so incoherent it's not even worthy of arguing).

The left seems particularly enraged over free markets and the fact that Uncle Sam can't hold down greedy employers and force them to pay exorbitant wages and benefits that totally ignore market forces.

Here's the crown jewel of progressive ignorance quote:

As for sleazy, scumbag, anti-American "Right to Work" states stealing work from northern states, well, I say there shouldn't be sleazy, scumbag, anti-American "Right to Work" laws in the first place, so for me it's a moot point.
This kind of thinking is what led to fascism in Europe

Ein volk! Ein Reich! Ein Union!

In a free market, businesses and people are free to go where they want. Progressives would put them under the boot heel of the state and their crony crapitalist-syndicalist lackeys.

The unions priced themselves out of the market while the business owners got fat and lazy. They blew it and now they are seeing the consequences.

Progressivism is Anti-American
My liberal interlocutor went on to declare “Right to Work” laws unconstitutional, and that goes to the heart of modern-day progressivism:

Dragooning free people into labor unions “for their own good,” is perfectly legitimate. But declaring we all have a right to work without joining The Peoples’ Auxiliary of the Democratic Party is unconstitutional.

They are nuts, folks. They’ve come unhinged...

Michael Savage is right. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I see we are on somewhat a similar page today only my take is on government attacking business.

Unions deplore the frr-market and right to work being they know it will bring them down faster than their eventual demise.

Fredd said...

Yeah, Silvie, I keep trying to tell you that arguing with liberals is like having a debate with the Wolfman:

Silverfiddle: "Wolfie, you speak from an emotional level rather than from a logical perspective."

Wolfman: "Growwwwwlll!"

Silverfiddle: "Excuse me?"

Wolfman: "I said 'growwwwlll.'"

But I see that you have finally come to the only reasonable conclusion regarding liberals: they are completely unhinged, and have been for decades. It's only recently that they have gained total power that we are seeing the wreckage they have caused, up close and personal.

AND FYI: when the pinkos you squabble with blame Bush, they are not entirely incorrect: his No Child Left Behind garbage, and his Drug Entitlements for Old People crap have significantly added to the wreckage.

Ray said...

Reagan doh....

Ray said...

"Yeah, Silvie, I keep trying to tell you that arguing with liberals is like having a debate with the Wolfman:"

Yea they're unhinged alright Fred.

I used to say that to Silver Man all the time, as I always deleted all my lib comments, took some heat from some, hurts traffic, but they finally took me off the radar screen. Happiness again.

I just think that you can't change their minds. It'll take a tragedy sadly. It did for me.

Meanwhile, they're all in hiding now, embarrassed they got smoked by the 'Kenyan Wheat Bread' last time around. They've been living down the Carter experience for most of my 30 years since, now this!

They'll remember Obama 100 years from now alright....for all the wrong reasons. All the 'good years' of my life have been thus: NIXON-REGAN - BUSH1 - BUSH 3(term2)

Leticia said...

Mental disorder or mentally insane they all fall under this category. Scary that most of them are running our country.

Silverfiddle said...

Most disturbing is that there is no bedrock principle or overarching philosophy for most of them. They're just repeating media matters crap or whatever Rachel Madcow said last night.

And Fredd, you are right about Bush. This is why I avoid arguments over people (whether a personality is "good" or "bad"). These are time-wasting arguments.

Lisa said...

I have a hard time staying away too but they are like that car wreck that's difficult to look away from.

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