Thursday, June 3, 2010

Islam for Dhimmis: Flotilla of Fools

Jihad Jackassery is a virulent strain of the same brain disease that spawned Latte Leftism.  Self-loathing liberals who hate the culture that nurtured them are the most susceptible.

Latte Leftists

Starting from the 60's we have had a phenomenon I call Latte Leftism.  Sanctimonious lefties who got their Latin America experience from Taco Bell U belligerently defend all manner of socialist terror going on south of our border.  Murderers Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Hugo Chavez are their heroes.

Now, a new strain has broken out: Jihad Jackassery

Ignorant liberals loudly defend Islam and make serial excuses for its bloody predations on the civilized world. 

They have never experienced the displeasure of living day to day in a shit-smeared Muslim hell-hole.  A place where goats and dancing boys are the main attraction for men.  A very illiberal place, where speaking your mind or doing what you want can get you killed.

We should sponsor an international field trip for these ignorant dingbats.  Dump them off where sharia reigns supreme and women are draped head to toe and chained to the kitchen.

Let that stupid little mental midget Jew-hating girl who confronted David Horowitz go live in Saudia Arabia or the Pashtun Belt for awhile.  I'd love to hear her stories when she returned.  If she returned.  She's pretty mouthy, and 7th century misogynists don't tolerate strong women.  Just ask Hirsi Ali.

Beyond Entertainment and into the Danger Zone

With the Palestinian "Freedom Flotilla" incident, these self-loathing western patsies have gone from entertaining to dangerous. 

It was a deliberate, premeditated provocation. 
Israel allows aid ships to dock at its ports.  They inspect the cargo, then allow it to go overland to Hamas-istan.  The only reason for violating this legal Israeli and Egyptian blockade was to give Israel a black eye.

This convoy was nothing but leftwing international agitprop mixed with Muslim passive-aggressive provocation.  Violently force a confrontation, then cry and scream when responsible people step in and smack you.

A New, New World Order
This is about Turkey rejecting the west and becoming the Hero of the Muslim World.  Worse, European dhimmis played a key role, doing the bidding of their Muslim overlords.

Europe is dying, demographically, financially and culturally.  America is vulnerable, with a naive and callow cosmopolitan at the helm.  Enemies are drawing long knives...

Here are the very best articles explaining what the Flotilla of Fools was really all about:
TNR - Marty Peretz
Daily Beast - Leslie H. Gelb
Liberal Zionists - Time to Choose


Fredd said...

Our nation's experiment with the first black president, albeit a radical liberal one, has opened the eyes of most Americans.

I need not go into Obama's failures (too many to account for here), but they are on open display for anyone with even half a brain to see.

We are not going down the path that Europe has. We have seen the tipping point of oblivion, and this November, we will see the America that you and I recognize rear its righteous head and toss this liberal bunch out of power.

It will be an electoral bloodbath and a referendum on liberal politics the likes which we have never before seen in our history. It may well kill the Democrat Party as we know it.

You can take that to the bank, Silver.

Silverfiddle said...

I pray you are right, Fredd

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I agree with Fredd but must add that we must not lie on our lorels and become complaceent in such thinking.

This will be the election of a lifetime, that of ours and the Nation as a whole.

WomanHonorThyself said...

fabulous post ...what is the rational explanation for this insanity my friend!!!!

Silverfiddle said...

These things cannot be explained logically. A hatred of self and ones culture is all I can come up with...

Muslims are the most intolerant, illiberal people in the world, and liberals love them to death.

Leticia said...

I also would LOVE to see that young woman live in Saudi Arabia for a month, she wouldn't survive. Or worse, raped and beaten for speaking her mind and not dressing appropiately to the religion she so vehemently supports.

Will these ignorant Americans ever remove the blinders of tolerance? What a sad lot.

Will said...

Not only is Fred on to something about the demise of the Democrat Party, but according to J. R. Dunn from The American Thinker, modern liberalism as a whole is declining not only in America, but also throughout the world.

Regarding the retard who confronted David Horowitz: The tireless defender of liberty and individualism, and NEVER FOR A LOSS OF WORDS, Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs, tells us EVERYTHING we need to know about the so-called "religion of peace," and its effete elite sycophants from the left.

Never one for wishing my life away... but November can't get here fast enough for me.

Lisa said...

I am praying Fred is correct too SF. This admin of thugs and master manipulators is so profound.
Did you hear about they are now talking about "reinventing" journalism. Another play on words that they are so deceiving with.
I hope this election seals the deal for us and that the American people will never forget what kind of people these truly are.
By the way did you hear that Fool on The Hill today?

Silverfiddle said...

We have a whole gang of fools on the hill...

Ray said...

"Jihad Jackassery " I laughed through the first paragraph cause of that man! lol

This was great. It's frightening as I can't really think of any country right now that isn't run over with Muzzies, we're outnumbered all of a sudden.

What if Hussein Obama wakes up on the Muslim side of his bed one morning soon not that he hasn't tripped a couple times already.

Furthermore, I think he wants the Gulf destroyed. The enemy's inside the wire not that this is news to us but it's as real as a heart attack.

Silverfiddle said...

@Ray: "The enemy's inside the wire."

Sadly, you are correct. And they didn't sneak in. We threw the gate wide open and threw our pearls before swine, who are now trampling the very classical liberal freedoms that allowed them in in the first place.

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