Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teach Your Children

I took the older kids skiing yesterday.  Driving through South Park listening to Neil Young, Bob Dylan and MCR, we had a good talk.  (Yes, there really is a South Park, but it's not a town; it's a big wide open space between the front range and the Collegiate Peaks.

We talked about our faith...

"Yes, I do have doubts sometime.  You should never be afraid to question."

"No, I don't agree with everything our church teaches 100%, but I believe the big things, and I understand why they teach some small things I may not like to hear."

Our Rights Come from God
We talked about our natural rights and how they are enshrined in the constitution.  My kids understand that their rights come from God, not men.  The founders said that, not me.

No trashing of President Obama or dumping on those who voted for him, just a conversation about first principles and how do-gooders have warped our government all out of shape so that the founders would not recognize it.  

A Revolution of the Mind
People are now talking about another civil war.  The Democrats have indeed started one with their unilateral, highly partisan shot at our basic individual rights.  But this is a war of ideas.  They have slogans and emotions, we have Locke, Jefferson and Madison.  And the ballot box.  And kids asking questions.

My kids will do fine as long as they continue to hold these American values sacred, maintain a healthy skepticism and insist on thinking for themselves.

An Intellectual Poverty
Meanwhile, those who look to a mere mortal for "hope" will continue to suffer an intellectual poverty, a miserable absence of imagination.  Waiting for a hero, a man, to give you free stuff is a sure recipe for more poverty and misery.  Is there any greater example of hopelessness?

When we got home, I slipped my arm around the beautiful Mrs. Silverfiddle's slender waist and grilled us up some pork chops.  She loves God more than me, and that's OK.  I downed a shot of Jack and picked up my fiddle and played.  This is America.  Kids still question everything and buffalo still roam.

Tomorrow is another day.


Journalizer said...

Great post, Silverfiddle.
Since many people do not agree that there is a "God" and especially since many of those people are the ones promoting big government, I like to make an argument that cannot be debated:

Men have egos and therefore it is dangerous to put too much power in the hands of "mere men."

I may continue with a mention of Adam Smith's Invisible Hand of the Market and how it is important to "leave alone" (laissez-faire) the economy to allow the natural progress of cause and effect.

However, I think mentioning "God", or "Invisible hand" shuts down arguments and especially in Today's "P.C." society that creates close-minded people who get offended at everything. Sadly, It seems that an argument with God in it builds an impenetrable wall that makes people stop listening. Or maybe that is just my experience from living in the center of an urban, concrete, indoctrination machine. Afterall, it is the idea I am trying to communicate-- everything else is just semantics.

...but one day, Silverfiddle, I will have kids and I will teach them about the true nature of reality and that there are powers greater than the material world of reverence to science and government. I will teach them to question everything and find the answers within themselves but I will guide them along the way. As Jesus said, "It is within you."

... oh, and also, I will teach them the difference between rights and goods/services.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks Journalizer!

You're right. Invoking The Almighty does often shut down debate. Notice that those who cannot accept something bigger than themselves also have a problem with reality?

The brilliance of the founders was that when they mentioned God, they made him as broad and inclusive as possible. The beauty of Locke is the invoking the Natural Law of Cicero.

So if someone doesn't want to acknowledge God, we can ground our discussion in natural law. And if someone can't grasp that then they are good only for standing in a crowd cheering the next Mussolini.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Good post Silver,

The only thing I might add to this conversation is that when you mention war in this country you use the term "civil". I myself would deem it as a Revolution brewing as many others are doing as well, or in this case a "Second Revolution".

I need not take up any more space differenciating between the terms as I am sure you and your readers are aware of the distinctions.

May God Bless us all in this undertaking no matter what name it is given.

Ray said...

What a nice post and you nail it Kurt, your children are lucky to have a smart and caring father. I didn't as a child.. he just had tons of money, bought our love and couldn't say I love you for the world, and still cant even though he does.

"They have slogans and emotions, we have Locke, Jefferson and Madison. And the ballot box. And kids asking questions."

Exactly, and seeing the children getting involved is the best thing about this all.

In fact I had my 6 yr old nephew put my census form in the eps they provided for my post on the stupidity that reigns in this country and he no problem with it unlike the people they put the explanation there for did.

Then I explained why and he helped my post it. his P's My bro allows no family pics on the blog which is fine otherwise I'd a put it there to mock all the morons.

Ranch Chimp said...

I just wanted to tell you the two photo's are excellent, especially the one at the top, sure as Hell wont see nothing like that around Dallas. In 2007 I crossed Colorado in late March early April. the scenery was absolutely mind blowing!

Thanx Guy .........

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks, RC! We get a lot of Texas folks up here...

Thanks for the compliment Ray. It takes good uncles too. I know I had a bunch keeping me straight and teaching me how to work on stuff when I was a kid...

Leticia said...

Beautiful post Silver. God is our freedom and no one can strip that from us.

Btw, I thought it was so sweet the way you described your wife. I hope she read that.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks Leticia. Being a regular reader of your blog, I know you teach your children well. Nobody in my family reads this blog, so I could actually say whatever I wanted...

But instead I'll say this:

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. -- Proverbs 31:10

Anonymous said...

I got home sunday evening from an ATV ride and dinner was on the table. She appreciated me being home safe and preceeded to tell about her day. I started drifting off about 30 seconds into the conversation thinking about quiteness of the mountains and the scenic views. I came back to reallity at the end of my wife's conversation-30 minutes later.

She ask me how was my day-I told her I had a fun day. It only proves a point-Say what you must in 30 seconds or less because after that nobody gives a shit!!! Politicians take heed-Keep it, short, sweet and to the point!!! Rather have 30 seconds of truth 30 minutes of BS that I wouldn't listen to anyway. Redneck Ron

Silverfiddle said...

You're such a tender, romantic guy, Ron!

Endo_2011 said...

Great pics, great post.

I am, however, still searching for part where our founders stated health care was a right.

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