Saturday, March 20, 2010

Liberalism is a Bankrupt Monster

Conservatism is a shining city on the hill. Liberalism is the cold, clanking monster that threatens to destroy it.

Who's out of touch? Liberals or Conservatives? I think the Democrats' shameless bribery, vote buying and outright legislative fraud answers the question.  Christopher Chantrill gave us his take last year in his brilliant piece, Who's Out of Touch.

Here is an excerpt that neatly summarizes his thesis:
The awful truth about liberalism is its central delusion, the notion that life can be neatly organized into rational bureaucratic programs. It turns everything it touches into a soulless clanking monster.

The glorious truth about conservatism is its love of life. Before princes, principalities and powers comes life and love, mothers and babies, children and families, struggle and sacrifice, a city on a hill.

Proof? Look at the Democratic Approach to Health Care "Reform"

Democrats are stuck in the past, spending like it's 1939 and churning out turgid tons of bureaucratic sludge. Diversity is suddenly out the window. One size fits all because they say so!

Here are two gimmicks they shamelessly employ to enact their ponzi scheme into law

Gimmick # 1: "This plan is deficit neutral" intones the Professor in Chief. Yeah, because it collects 10 years of taxes to pay for only 6-8 year of coverage.

Gimmick # 2: Put a huge reduction in medicare reimbursements in the bill and get the CBO to score it. Then, pass a separate bill to cancel the cuts in the first bill.  From CNN:
Ryan correctly stated that the bill projects that Medicare will lower reimbursements to doctors by $371 billion over the next 10 years, yet Congress would cancel those cuts in a separate bill, all part of an attempt to mask the true size of future deficits through "gimmicks and smoke and mirrors."

Obama steered the discussion away from Ryan's numbers, and the White House hasn't challenged his analysis. (CNN-Money)

Bernie Madoff went to jail for less than this. His only crime was that he was unelected...


Oso said...

Madoff took $ FROM the rich. Obama is funneling $ TO the rich via bailouts and health insurance mandates.

Silverfiddle said...

... and Democrats get mad when people compare Obama to Bush.

Lets's see... More troops to Afghanistan, increased bombing of Pakistan, taxpayer money fueling crony crapitalist orgies...

Looks like a continuation and a doubling down of Bush policies to me!

Tune in tomorrow for a rant against Demican and Republicrat Crony Crapitalism!

Oso said...


Unfair comparison. Although their foreign and domestic policy are essentially the same, Obama is several inches taller. In addition, their musical tastes are very dissimilar.
Get your facts straight man :)

Silverfiddle said...

Dammit Oso!

This is what happens when a blogger like me is too poor to pay for a fact checker!

Endo_2011 said...

Didn't Enron run a similar scheme!

Oso said...

I don't know much about the Enron mess, except that they hid their debts and losses and the Arthur Anderson acct firm covered them up, and it's very much like the Lehman Bros deal where they made repos (temp loans)look like sales to fool investors and rating agencies.

Lo and behold, Obama's bitch Timmy Geithner (or maybe it's the other way around?)as Prez of the NY Fed had his guys onsite scanning the books when this was going on and to hear Timmy tell it-they couldn't find up to 50 BILLION a quarter loans booked as sales!

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