Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Superstition of Progress

Ants in a heap, carrying food to the queen and biting the heads off of genetic nonconformists, believe in the superstition of progress.
-- Kurt Silverfiddle


Oso said...

That's a great quote man.

Oso said...

Sorry, got distracted.We both oppose this bill, we may disagree on why.IMO it's a bailout of the health ins industry.As the economy nosedived companies dropped plans and also young healthy people (lower loss ratio to insurers) began to do without it.
So Obama bailed them out.Not really a compromise like some say, that would infer getting something in return. Obama/Pelosi IMO got some cosmetic changes to offer super-high premium/deductible insurance to unfortunate people with preexisting conditions.Nothing about those people getting health CARE-just INSURANCE. So a bailout of the health ins industry with nothing tangible in return. TARP for the insurers.

You probably have your own misgivings about govt but IMO it's crony capitalism,with the govt playing the role of Goodboy. finance/ins/real estate lobbyists pat Obama/Pelosi on the head and say whatta Goodboy.

Republicans smart.They sound insane actually, but the American people are basically not rocket scientists and won't remember issues. All they'll remember is the Dems were for this POS and the Reps against. Smart.

Sorry for the rant man-what can I say I'm a Raider fan and we're obnoxious at times!

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, I think this will hurt dems politically in November, which is why the Obamamedia is hyping "rightwing violence." Fear and loathing are all they have left...

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