Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vampires of New York & DC Prostitutes: A Love Story

DC Prostitution:  Politicians turn tricks for Big Money and the Taxpayer gets screwed...

Eliot Spitzer has his hookers; Mark Sanford had an Argentinian "soul mate."  Statist DC politicians are locked in a sleazy pornographic embrace with corporate vampires, and we're the ones getting screwed.

Jonah Goldberg explains why Wall Street gives twice the amount of filthy political lucre to Democrats as it does to Republicans:
Big business is not "right wing," it's vampiric. It will pursue any opportunity to make a big profit at little risk.
Getting in bed with politicians is increasingly the safest investment for these "crony capitalists." But only if the politicians can actually deliver.
But the tide is turning, Democrat fortunes are falling, and Wall Street now pays almost half of its political bribes to Republicans in anticipation of the new power they will wield come November.
The political failures of the Obama White House have translated into business failures for firms more eager to make money off taxpayers instead of consumers.

That's good news. The bad news will be if the Republicans once again opt to be the cheap dates of big business. For years, the GOP defended big business in the spirit of free enterprise while businesses never showed much interest in the principle themselves.
Now that their bet on the Democrats has crapped out, it'd be nice if they stopped trying to game the system and focused instead on satisfying the consumer.
That's what I'm talking about.  Can the Republicans stay on the straight and narrow?  The GOP has actually grown a pair since Obama and the Pelosicrats handed their asses to them in 2008, and they seem to have learned their lesson about flirting with big government.

If they regain some power, will they stay true to their new-found, small-government, free-market principles?  A noisy tea party that hounds them just as it hounds dirty dog democrats will help them keep their minds right.


Snarky Basterd said...

A noisy tea party that hounds them just as it hounds dirty dog democrats will help them keep their minds right.

That is the only reason they've been doing their jobs for the past year, and it's the only way they will continue to do their jobs. Unlike the Democrats, Republicans are scared shitless of our angry mobs. At least the Republicans have enough brains to get it. The Democrats? Not so much.

98ZJUSMC said...

I would like to think that the GOP has woken up, but I'm just not buying it yet. For me to re-identify, if ever, with the Republican party, they are going to have to show me government reversal. I'm not so sure that 50 percent of them are not, ideologically, identical to the progressives.

To me, they're still spineless. I definitely second Snarky's take. Without the Tea Party anger, they would have just rolled over and played, even more, dead. I want 90 percent of those clowns gone, also.

Leticia said...

One can only hope about GOP will stay true. We will have to wait and see.

jadedfellow said...

Screw the pooches!

The country is being run by the bigs bucks. Primarily because a large Fed Gov is easier to buy off than 50 individual Republics.

Either Americans, conservative or liberal, take it to the streets and claim back the powers granted 230 years ago or we will find ourselves in complete bondage for someone else's pleasure.

Kinky ain't my style, so let em try, I love throwing a haymaker now and then.

Silverfiddle said...

Only if we keep the pressure on them Leticia! I like the new look, btw!

Glad to see you back here in Blogaritaville, Jaded!

jadedfellow said...


I guess I can't bogart your joint after all.

Let's kick some butts!

Citizen68 said...

Silverfiddle - had to stop in and look around after running into in lefty-ville and over at Kook's. Great blog. I especially love the Intellectual Ammo portion, it motivates me. What a great idea. Ill stop through often. --68

Oso said...

Goldberg's first couple of paragraphs had me, then he seems to have slipped into some Bizarro universe.

Whatever ultimate political failures may hit the Democrats following their health insurance bailout bill, such a massive windfall could hardly be termed a business failure.

The failure is in what it is said to deliver to the American people. A massive gift to the insurance industry and an infringement on our freedom with little gained in exchange.

I would argue that if the Democrats fortunes are falling it would be BECAUSE they chose to put the lobbyists and financiers ahead of true reform.

I'd read an article detailing how quarterly contributions to Republicans began to outpace Democrats, it may have been a negotiating tactic along the lines of Obama using a public option as a tactic. They swung Democrat again once it became obvious he would enact industry-friendly legislation.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks Citizen!

Oso: That's the whole point. Wall street is vampiric and they'll swing which ever way the wind blows best for them. Our political prostitutes are more than happy to jump in bed with them.

And you put your finger on the dem problem. Coopting big business does not go over well with the base.

Meanwhile, conservatives are getting the liberal message that government is serving corporate America, and we don't like it. We like free-market capitalism, not the crony type.

For this reason, if the GOP listens to it's newly-wizened base, it will be much better positioned than the dems. Many blue collar Reagan Democrats will come back to the GOP again.

Oso said...

I'll never vote Democrat again.Never ever.

RealityZone said...

If there are two horses in a race, and I bet on both of them, then I win.
This is what the Corps have been doing all along.
Now with the SCOTUS ruling they will take it to a higher level.
The system is broken.
America has always been an ever changing country. Now it is stagnant. There is only one level lower than stagnation, and that is death.
When was the last great American debate?
It is now only WE against THEM. I guess we are not all Americans after all. It just depends on who you are talking to at the time.
When a country can no longer govern its self. Terrible things happen.

Silverfiddle said...

RZ: I agree on the horse race thing. It's exactly what they're doing. Disagree on the SC decision.

So Oso, if the GOP turned more libertarian by dropping the social issues and leaving them to the church (as they should) would you get on board and add some color to our tapestry?

RealityZone said...

Maybe this is the answer? LOL.

Meet you at the convention.

Silverfiddle said...

That is a LOL. Greens are statists

Oso said...

I'd sure think about it.Don't want to say "Yes" quite yet cause still a lot of emotion about the bail out bill.
Never hurts to add a little color to the tapestry.

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