Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Smelting Pot

America used to be a melting pot, where cultures from all over blended together, producing a vibrant, successful nation. No longer.

America is now a smelting pot, where mixed up cultures separate under extreme heat, producing sulfurous odors, slag and other useless byproducts.

David Paulin at American Thinker concludes that America no longer remakes its immigrants, the immigrants now remake America.

The elites tell us we should be ashamed of our white, Anglo-Saxon protestant culture, and defending is is tantamount to racism and cultural chauvinism.  

What about those of us who are mixed?  Who speak other languages and celebrate  other cultures at home, but still don't like how illegal immigration is remaking the nation?    

Is a noisy, polyglot patchwork of mutually exclusive and antagonistic cultures really better than what our founding fathers established? We'll find out soon enough.


Mohawk on the Dartmouth said...

What better way to tear America apart than from the inside? Multiculturalism will continue to divide us into smaller and smaller groups so we can be easily controlled. After all, a population that can't even trust each other (or even speak the same language) will have a very difficult time uniting against their tyrant masters.

A sovereign nation is best defined by borders, language, and culture. As they disappear, so will our sovereignty.

TKZ said...

We used to come here to become unhyphenated Americans because we knew that what we were becoming by becoming Americans was better than what we were leaving behind, because we could create American culture- make what we want of it and enjoy it and be proud of it. Multiculturalism is a sham, a divisive, anti-American sham. A smelting pot it is. The melting pot no longer exists, and it's a massive shame! Well said!

RealityZone said...

There you go again with the [founding fathers]. The founding fathers owned slaves, and condoned slavery.
Do not fear the unknown, welcome it. "White America" is over.

Archbishop said...

I come from a heritage of French, German,Lebanese, Italian and Native American. Three of my four adopted sons are Vietnamese and one is Laotian. One of my sisters is married to an Irish/Polish man, and one of my cousins was married to a Ukrainian/American, who was killed in Tower Two of the World Trade Center on 9/11, but the important thing is we were and are all AMERICANS. Where ever my ancestors came from, they learned the English language and worked hard to make a life in the United States, and they only relied on themselves and their families, NOT on the government.


As someone once said a number of years ago, "Put your heart in America or get your ass out."

RealityZone said...

Here we go with the "love it or leave it" threats again.
An Archbishop should not get his red satin shoes all curled up. LOL.
This was never meant to be [one nation under god].
They came here to get away from religious persecution, but then they became the persecutors.
What in the world are you so afraid of ?????

Leticia said...

I believe Reality that you are the one in need of a "reality check."

Read your history books, mate. The Pilgrims came to America to practice freedom of religion.
Queen Elizabeth wanted to establish the Church of England as THE CHURCH and she attempted to have all religious groups conform to the Anglican Church. So they fled to America.

Short history lesson.

RealityZone said...

LET: I think you need to re-read my comment.

Silverfiddle said...

RZ: This is not about "White America," (whatever the hell that is). Did you read the link? We are not assimilating immigrants as well as we used to.

The founders owned slaves? Oooohh! Then that invalidates everything they did?

Mark Twain wrote a humorous story about throwing a cat in a burning wood stove. Shall we destroy all his books?

Stalin and Soviet Communists killed 40 million. Chairman Mao and the ChiCommies killed between 60 and 80 million.

Tamerlane of Samarkand stacked up enemy skulls into small mountains.

Modern day Europe, the socially enlightened continent, ghettoizes its immigrants instead of assimilating them.

Qatar stands alone as a Middle Eastern nation that allows Christian churches and Buddhist temples, and you seriously want to claim religious persecution is happening in the USA?

What was your point again?

RealityZone said...


The persecuted became the persecutors.
This has been an endless crusade by the fringe Xtian right.

Perhaps the "White America" was a knee jerk.

Assimilate or not to assimilate that is the question.
Is it now mandated that immigrants must assimilate? There have always been German Americans, Italian Americans, etc, etc.

What exactly is a "common American culture"?

Silverfiddle said...

Yes, the pilgrims were themselves intolerant. They were driven out of England for being a pain in the ass. Look up the etymology of "Iconoclast." I believe they were the originals.

Still, this says nothing about supposed American religious persecution. That fabled rightwingchristian theocracy is kinda like the weather. Every body talks about it but nobody does anything about it...

What is American culture? It's cherishing the culture you came from and contributing the very best of it to the new nation you now claim over the old one you came from. It's learning English, or failing that, ensuring your kids do. Vietnamese, Iranians, Indians and to a lesser extent newly arrived Hispanics are good examples.

American culture does not include clitorectomies, having allegiance to the old country and returning to it for jihad training, killing daughters for looking at a boy, and angrily demanding your hosts conform themselves to your obscurantist, misogynistic pathetic excuse for a "culture."

Most Rev. Gregori said...

'RealityZone' A. You asked, "What am I afraid of?" Other then the wrath of God, nothing.

B. If you asked what gets me angry, I would have to say, "Insulting morons like you." Orthodox Catholic Bishops do not wear red satin shoes, and I hardly found that funny.

Also, American culture is standing on your two feet and working hard for the things you NEED, and then if you have enough left over,saving to get the things you want.

It is also a STRONG work ethic. My father always told me that if a job was worth doing, it is worth doing right. He lived up to that all of his life.

RealityZone said...

Is it not every "Orthodox Catholic Bishops" dream to slip into those Red Satin Slippers?
This "moron" is just wondering.

Endo_2011 said...

Silverfiddle, didn't know you were having such pleasant company over to play today. If I would have known, I would have stopped by sooner!

As for the smelting pot, I doubt like hell they will have Slovak American on the census form I will be filling out soon. I guess I don't belong either.

Silverfiddle said...

Alright! Another greasy bohunk! Polack, Romanians and Slovaks, Oh My!

Nothing like the satisfaction in knowing you moved up the ladder so fast you've lost your "protected immigrant" status.

You should read the Che Guevara comments. I had an actual communist (American Latte Leftist) stop by and leave some brain droppings.

Finntann said...

As far as Altered Reality Zone goes...pull your head out you're suffering from oxygen deprivation.

Did you even read your own blog and the link to CSM? You condemn America and the founding fathers based on "British Puritans"? You take one small sliver of the reality of colonial America and use it to paint a rather broad swath. Plimoth Colony was established by Pilgrims in what was to eventually become the Massachussetts Bay Colony established by Puritans. Rhode Island was established by Pilgrims fleeing the Puritans. Virginia was established as a commercial venture. Connecticut, NY, NJ,PA, and DE (the middle colonies) were religiously diverse. The Carolinas were Protestant and Huguenot. Georgia was established on Puritan moralistic principals and populated with debtors, a mix that didn't work out very well as the residents overthrew the restrictions and Georgia never had a specific religion.

You talk as if the founding fathers were all puritan, which is far, far from the truth, the majority were Deists, and you bloody moron...some of the founding fathers owned slaves while others did not.

1767 saw PA ban the importation of slaves and in 1790 there were only 239 slaves in PA according to the first census. The first abolition law in the US was passed in PA in 1790. By 1820 99% of blacks in PA were free, a number to reach 100% by 1860.

That is the difference between us, I can acknowledge the failings and evils of our state over the years, you however are blind to the good and live within a narrow ideological mindset that America is bad, everybody else is good. Bad white protestant slave-owners, good puritanical muslim extremists....don't assimilate...bring your shitty medieval oppressive customs here...we'll adapt and embrace you.

You embrace diversity in immigrants while failing to see that you are part of that diversity. You suffer from the typical liberal malaise of self-loathing...their culture good....our culture bad.

While you are sitting on that rock on the top of your blog meditating on the setting or rising sun, ponder this quote from it: Knowing the self is enlightenment.

and consider this: Knowing only the faults is only knowing half.



RealityZone said...

Wow, Colorado Springs is one mean ass town. LOL.
You guys sure do assume a lot.

Finntann said...

We're not mean, we're just not gullible.

It is sometimes entertaining to poke the troll under the bridge.

They came to escape religious persecution, they did not come to escape religion.

Learn to understand the difference between "Freedom of Religion" and "Freedom from Religion".

White America is over... hope you enjoy the coming Hispano-Catholic culture.

Yes, some of the founding fathers owned slaves and condoned slavery, this what? negates all the good they did? Negates the principals this country was founded on?

You lecture someone on assimilation whose ancestors lived through the no-nothing riots and no irish need apply signs. Who fought for workers rights, mine safety, and the UMWA. Who started out in tenaments, weren't really considered white by the majority(lower than blacks really), cleaned white folks houses and performed menial labor, learned English, fought off the KKK, and assimilated themselves into American society...all without the benefit of 'government assistance'.
WTF do you know about assimiliation?

Make a valid coherent contribution to the discussion, or keep trolling...your choice.



Silverfiddle said...

You're just so mean, Finn... You obviously contributed nothing to Colorado Springs getting its diversity award.

What ever happened to liberals questioning authority and being "free thinkers?"

Finntann said...

We are the liberals in the classical sense, and its damn time to reclaim that title and lable the opposition for what it is...Socialist.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit


Leticia said...

Reality I stand corrected, I did re-read your comment. This nation was founded on biblical principles and our forefathers were the ones who coined the phrase "One Nation Under God."

Regardless of what the Pilgrims did or did not do, that does not any form change the history of our Christian heritage.

Immigrants of the past worked hard, learned English and adapted to American culture. There were no hand-outs at that time.

Even though they adapted to American life they still managed to preserve and instill their values and culture.

Rob said...

Not to dodge the point but I still think we should solve the (southern) border problem with some well-applied brute force. Stop dicking around with feeble attempts at keeping illegals out - take Mexico.

And as a nice added benefit, if we were to show the rest of the world that we're not too lazy or frightened to still do some conquering and maybe they wouldn't be so cavalier about defying and/or terrorizing us.

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