Thursday, February 18, 2010

Republican Advantage: Liberalism is Too Expensive

A burgeoning national debt looms over the political environment

We may be able to go on five more years like this, or even 10 or 20.  But we are certain to one day hit the tipping point where our government bonds are considered junk, driving interest rates into the stratosphere and making the dollar good only for toilet paper.

These are not feverish Pat Buchanan rants or Glenn Beck apocalyptic nightmares.  Read respected economists and commentators like Steve Forbes, Robert Samuelson, or anybody writing in finance magazines.  They all agree the situation is not pretty and that we can't continue on like this forever.  Even uber lib Matthew Yglesias says we can't afford more government.  Sooner or later, The Crash will come, dumping us into the third world toilet.

A stunning admission from the New York Times detailing just how dire our fiscal situation has become:
Unless miraculous growth, or miraculous political compromises, creates some unforeseen change over the next decade, there is virtually no room for new domestic initiatives for Mr. Obama or his successors.
Bribing Voters with Free Stuff is Expensive
Think about it.  Everything on the Democratic menu costs money:  Health care, college tuition assistance, food stamps, welfare...  Or it relies on economy-crushing taxing and regulating (taxes on "the rich," cap and trade).  They get elected by promising people free stuff and then robbing innocent citizens to pay for what they can't borrow.  In fairness, Republicans have abandoned conservative principles and eagerly jumped on this shameful vote-buying bandwagon.

Conservatism Costs Nothing

Conservatism steeped in the more libertarian philosophy of our founders costs nothing.  And Americans are hungy for it.  A rugged individualism backed by our traditional generosity towards charities could win elections in the country.  Separating traditional banking from Wall Street casinos would gain independents.  Telling Wall Street to shove it, that we won't pay off their gambling debts anymore, will pick off many working class traditional values democrats.

People are not stupid:  We know we can't keep running deficits forever
America is ready to hear the truth about our fiscal cancer that threatens to destroy us.  John McCain missed his chance to crap in the punchbowl back in 2008.  He was just the crabby old man to do deliver the message that the federal government must be slashed.  

Can the GOP man up and deliver the message in 2010?  We'll see...


Fredd said...

We won't know who that is for another few months, and it's hopefully someone we never heard of, but conveys with authority the message above.

Perhaps a nobody sounding name like Abner E. Gribble, a back bench state representative from a backwater red state who understands this grass roots hunger.

Gribble for President! Or, 'Gribble in Ten!'

I'm just sayin'....

Silverfiddle said...

I agree Fredd. Our current slate is a cast of losers from the losing class of '08 (or earlier).

Right Is Right said...

Doofuses are that they are, they tied their hands behind them and also put on a blindfold.

If this is how His Thinskinnedness and his crooked cronies operate when he gets criticized, then we're are in much trouble on the world's stage.

Not only will everyone roll over him and America, he'll become even more of an embarrassment then he already has become... He'll cry. He'll whine. He'll run for cover behind the Angry First Lady's skirts.

Amazing, Rome burns and Obama doesn't even play a fiddle: He just whines and tries to get even.

He's just a Feckless, spineless boy trying to be president surrounded by other feckless, spineless boys pretending, as Obama, to be men

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Again I say it is going to be a very hot summer. Not talking the weather or "climate change" here but the mood of Americans due to what you have posted here.

Just yesterday I had a short conversation with a co-worker who emigrated here (legally) from Poland. In short he said in his view of what is going on he definately sees a reason for a revolution here and feels it coming.

Debbies Choice said...

I have decided not to post comments on blogs that allow Liberals to run a muck and bash us Republicans..

Oso said...

I like where you wrote "separating traditional banking" and "telling Wall St to shove it" would attract voters from other viewpoints and I think that is entirely correct.

Case in point would be myself and my children supporting Ron Paul. For us the war was an overriding factor;in spite of Austrian School economic policy which I take some issue with, I put time and money behind his campaign.

Silverfiddle said...

Libertarianism is a bracing ideology. No one want to see their neighbor starve, or go homeless, and libertarianism just seems heartless. But it recognizes fundamental truths, as does Austrian School economics.

Government trying to do everything for everybody ends up wrecking initiative. Families and neighbors used to take care of each other in the country. Uncle Sam's largess ironically gives us license to look the other way and say "I am my brother's keeper... via the US tax and welfare system.

And government borrowing, taxing the rich and spending robs money from the free market that creates the jobs that allow willing people to be self-sufficient.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

It is my firm belief that if this crap keeps up, we will see a lot more actions like what Andrew Joseph Stack pulled today in Austin, Texas. The true terrorist is our own government.

Grung_e_Gene said...

You know SF, these are great points:
"They get elected by promising people free stuff and then robbing innocent citizens to pay for what they can't borrow."

"Separating traditional banking from Wall Street casinos"

And you in your fair way comment that "Republicans have abandoned conservative principles" but it's not as if since Obama's election the Republicans have declared they will accept no Federal Dollars, They don't demand a Congressional Declaration of War, the Republicans don't do anything but blame Obama and warn us about Death Panels, while greedily taking as much Federal money (i.e. stolen tax dollars).

I'd prefer more limited Government, so tell me what Republican President supported that proposition?

The GOP have super-polarized the debate. And if the choice is being with the racists, liars and chicken hawks on the Right or Obama and everything he unfortunately brings, I'll go with Obama...

Oh, and Conservatives for Cheney, the life long politician?

Silverfiddle said...

Grung_e_Gene: Reagan tried, but the time wasn't right.

Things are super-polarized, but I think the blame is shared there.

That Republicans's snouts are in the trought reinforces my point: The system is broken. A return to founding principles and a government limited by the enumerated powers of the constitution would prevent all parties from gorging themselves.

"The price of liberty is vigilance."

We've been asleep.

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