Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin's Tea Party Speech

I didn't see the speech.  Although I think she is a fine woman and probably as genuine as a politician can get, I have not been gripped by Palin Mania.  I do admire her ability to give progressives the raging  conniption fits.  

I read a review of her speech in The Hill, and a few things jumped out at me.

She tossed generous slabs of anti-Obama red meat, but it was the other stuff I found interesting:

She forcefully endorsed contested primaries, like Florida's, where Marco Rubio is now kicking governor Charlie Crist's moderate butt.  
“Competition is good, it makes us work harder and produce more,” Palin said. "Despite what the pundits want you to think, contested primaries aren't civil war, they are democracy at work and that's beautiful."
She also slyly attempted to herd the tea partiers into the Republican corral.  I agree with her on this.  A third party will just split the conservative vote, making Liberal Democrats our permanent progressive overlords:
Asked in a pre-screened questioned-and-answer session after the speech if the movement should become an independent party or join the GOP, Palin said, “The Republican Party would be very smart to absorb as much of the Tea Party movement as possible.”
The rest was pretty much predictable boilerplate.  When the convention hubub has died down, those who cruised and those who didn't, those who paid 500 bucks to see it live and those who watched on TV, those who are Republicans and those who identify as tea partiers will all join and vote this November.  And they won't be voting Democrat.  I can't wait


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

But silverfiddle-
do you think the GOP has accurately represented the Constitution and America's best interests?

I'm frustrated by the GOP and GOP cheerleaders merely taking the TEA Party momentum and somehow claiming it as GOP property.

There are true Conservatives out here, like myself, who are Independent and tired of the Big Two and their stranglehold on America.

It's a travesty when, going to vote for the President, many Americans have the sad mentality of- "Well, I'll just vote for the lesser of the two evils."

So frustrating. We deserve better than the GOP and the Dems. Not that it matters, really. Tomorrow Rush will throw his opinion in and the GOP will easily suck the TEA Party into itself, because Rush says a Conservative third party would weaken the GOP.

Um, yes. That's the point, Rush. Conservatives don't want to be branded GOP anymore.


Thanks for listening.

Silverfiddle said...

I share your disdain of the GOP and the shameful way they have ignored the constitution and joined the Dems in a bidding war for votes.

A third party is not the answer. Taking back the GOP is. That's my bottom line. Years ago we may have had the luxury of time to build a new independent party, but the situation is dire.

Anyway, what makes you think this new party would be noble and high-minded. We're dealing with human nature here.

jadedfellow said...

To divide and conquer is the concern I have at this juncture with the Tea Party Movement.

It appears there has been an awakening of the conservative (or we can say traditional) values and splitting the ranks does not make much sense to me. The current Administration is doing a superb job of fracturing the liberal agenda in the name of political bifartism, why should we squander this opportunity with division?

The GOP will be political just like the ASS party will be; the nature of the beast can not be ignored. If our diverse elements can be melded into a tolerant majority, then the Founding Fathers would be proud that the common enemy of domination has been thwarted again.

We don't need another hero, (present blog excluded), we need leaders who are not motivated by personal grandiloquence.

Silverfiddle said...

Bifartisan? That's good.

We're on the same page: defeat the common enemy of domination.

I would love a successful, Constitutional Conservative party, but unfortunately, that is not one of our choices.

BTW, I am not calling myself or this blog a Western Hero. The name conjures up visions of the old west while celebrating the true western heroes, our founders and the warriors of Christendom who came before them.

Silverfiddle said...

Plus, WesternHero was the last name left that made any sense. Google should put a statute of limitations on blogs. If it hasn't been used in 10 years it's time to tear it down and put the name back in general circulation.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

She said nothing new for petes sake. A mix of her RNC speech and a rehash of the past year.

I like the gal and what she stands for but really? She missed a great oppertinity for leadership. All I saw was cheerleading. The folks gathered there and watching already knew of our prediciment.

They gathered for solutions not recent history hence the reason for the convention.

Sarah simply did not deliver sadly.

Silverfiddle said...

I tend to agree with you, Christopher, but there are millions who eagerly lap up whatever she says. Go check out FR, They're gaga over the speech...

Donald Borsch Jr. said...

You said:
"A third party is not the answer. Taking back the GOP is. That's my bottom line. Years ago we may have had the luxury of time to build a new independent party, but the situation is dire."

We then agree to disagree. Lesser of two evils seems to trump the day.

Silverfiddle said...

Yes Donald, it is the lesser of two evils. Where in real life do you get a clear-cut good vs evil decision presented to you?

It just don't happen. We look at what's presented to us a make the best choice.

The only way a third party works is if it could quickly kill or marginalize the GOP. I don't see that happening.

Time to use progressive tactics. If you can't kill the beast, infiltrate it and turn it to your own purposes.

Progressives are incrementalists, conservatives want the whole enchilada right now. We need to start thinking strategically.

I say all of this with a humble respect for your point of view. We both want to end up in the same place, we just disagree on how to get there.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...

I say all of this with a humble respect for your point of view. We both want to end up in the same place, we just disagree on how to get there.

You took the words right outta my mouth, silverfiddle!

You of course have my respect, as well.

IKEonic said...

I agree with you that a third party is not the answer.

I see you haven't been banned from Free Republic yet. :)

You are wise to choose your battles carefully and avoid the Palinista hero worship wars:

I'm hoping Pawlenty emerges as the voice of fiscal sanity. Sadly, the media would rather zero in on Palin. It's like a bad reality show that just won't end. Sign of the times, I guess. Reagan sure didn't need crib notes on his palm. :)

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