Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daddy Gone Crazy

The irresponsible, spoiled teenagers of the world love criticizing Daddy America.  They rage tearfully at him, throw self-righteous tantrums and stomp off to slam the door of their rooms.  America is so unfair!

We elected the enlightened candidate, but nothing's changed
Now, the spoiled brats are suddenly worried that daddy's gone crazy.  What if he won't give me the keys to the car anymore?  Who will pay my visa bills and protect me from the bad guys, all the while putting up with my whiny self-absorbed angst?

We're Making the Davos Crowd Nervous
Thomas Friedman, Millionaire Citizen of The World, writes about how the chattering global intelligentsia at Davos, who wallow luxuriously in their criticism of America, are starting to worry about us...
Mind you, people at international conferences love to criticize America, poke fun at America and complain about America. It is the only global sport more popular than soccer.

But in the past, it was always done knowing that America was this global bedrock that could always be counted upon to lead. But this year is different. This year, Asians and Europeans, in particular, pull you aside and ask you some version of: “Tell me, what’s going on in your country?”

We’re making people nervous.

You can understand why foreigners are uneasy. They look at America and see a president elected by a solid majority, coming into office riding a wave of optimism, controlling both the House and the Senate. Yet, a year later, he can’t win passage of his top legislative priority: health care.
Global Atheists are Upset We've Rejected the Messiah

Friedman puts his finger on the problem:
“Our two-party political system is broken just when everything needs major repair, not minor repair,” said K.R. Sridhar, the founder of Bloom Energy, a fuel cell company in Silicon Valley, who is attending the forum.
This is not surprising, coming from a man who admires the Chinese Communist dictators for making the trains run on time

Our two-party system is working just as the founders envisioned!  One faction cannot easily hijack the government and impose its will on the rest of us, and thank God for that.

The rest of the article just gets stupider, lamenting how if there were only more moderate Republicans ready to meet Obama in the middle...  In the middle!  Obama is so far left, he's left over half the country!  Friedman's brain is ate up with liberal globalism, or global liberalism, whatever.  It's clear his obama fever is still in triple digits.

Gerald Seib tells us that we should really be worried about are the national security implications of our rampant debt.

What Mark Steyn Calls "Tin Eared Plonkers"
It hasn't occurred to people like Sir Thomas that the Obama agenda has gone flaccid because we just ain't that liberal!  If even a bare majority of us wanted what these progressive goomers were peddling, it would all be passed into law by now.

Have you seen the polling?  Schmucky Schumer is below 50%!  May the March of the Tin Eared Plonkers continue.


Journalizer said...

Here is a short read about the perception of America from a foreigner. It is a bit dated, however, I think it relates to "Th eBig Picture" (past 10 yrs excluded):
America: The Good Neighbor

Leticia said...

This is what this nation voted for and they are getting exactly what they asked for. They need to stop their whining and come to terms what they voted into office.

Those that had opposed Obama's nomination and presidency were called some very suggestive terms by his supporters. They were warned and did not heed the warning let them live with their folly.

Snarky Basterd said...

Our two-party system is working just as the founders envisioned!

I couldn't have said it any better. Progressives think the government should work on their behalf, on behalf of every cause; we KNOW the government shouldn't work at all, and that it should stay out of the way of OUR ability to lead.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Too bad for the snotty kids. Let us hope that next time we elect someone with the guts to give those whipper snappers a taste of tough love, a kick in their collective butts and take away their allowance.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Leticia, Mr Hopeychangey ain't quite what the Euroweenies expected...

Glad we agree Snarky. Gridlock is a wonderful thing!

I love your idea about taking their allowance away, Reverend. If they had to pay for their own defense they could no longer afford the socialism that the American left is so in love with.

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