Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Liberal View: Voters are Childish and Ignorant

Liberal government nannyism encourages childishness, so it's no wonder liberals compare us to children

Jacob Weisberg at Slate has written an article calling American voters childish and ignorant.  Read the article and it's clear he's tacitly hurling the charge at rightwing tea partiers.  We rail against Big Government while we collect our Social Security checks.  Oh, the hypocrisy!

Meanwhile, the Global Warming Fairy Tale Continues to Unravel...
Professor Jones also conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than now – suggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon.

And he said that for the past 15 years there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming.(Daily Mail)
Get that?  The arrogant "scientist" who powered the entire global warming scam, including the hockey stick, has just admitted that there has been no global warming in the past 15 years. 

Add to that the Himalaya Glacier Fraud, Chinese temperature stations fraud, and countless other international swindles stacked upon this junk science dung heap.  Regardless, liberals in this country refuse to let go of the myth. 

So tell me again who the childish and ignorant are?


Anonymous said...

Now we see COP, XOM and CAT bail on supporting/influencing Cap and Trade. Awhile back some of the larger banks began to call foul on the illegal blocks from Gov strong arms. Tea Party screaming to be heard.

Maybe the red tide is being turned and will be sent to Neptune's graveyard of lost vessels.

Hopefully Global Warming's biggest contribution to our future well being will be, "be skeptical: Just because someone says something don't make it truth".


Oso said...

I don't think it's entirely a liberal thing to expect the government to do everything for us, I see it going across the spectrum but I would concur it's more weighted towards the liberal side.

I would suggest that there's also an anger about how unfair it is that the other guy has more than we do which also goes across the spectrum but is somewhat more concentrated on the right.

Just my observation so it may be outta whack, but if there is some validity it might go to our basic political beliefs and these are the "dregs" of those beliefs.

Silverfiddle said...

Oso: I'm not sucking up here, but you are the most reasonable liberal I know, and there are some big liberals my family. Serving Patriot is another liberal who has his head screwed on straight, imho.

I think your compassion for your fellow man is what makes you a liberal. A common misconception is that you cannot be a conservative or libertarian and also be compassionate. The difference is we believe you cannot be compassionate with other people's money (unless they give it voluntarily to a charity).

May I humbly suggest you visit Intellectual Ammo? There's a link on the main page of this blog that looks like an ammo can.

At Intellectual Ammo, I have a list of Conservative and Libertarian links, Liberal links and another group that is merely informational.

These are all scholarly sites, no Ann Coulter screeds. I link to these sites because I consider them good, solid sites that defend their point of view without the shouting and ranting so common on blogs like mine.

Please check it out. I think a man like you could really profit from it. I'm not trying to convert you. You may go through the links and end up having them reinforce your liberalism.

Happy reading (and thinking)!

Finntann said...

Well, in essence he is correct, the majority of voters are childish and ignorant. It is undeniable, the vast majority of us don't have the slightest idea what socialism is, don't know the constitution or the context in which it was written, don't know what enumerated powers are.

He does, however, seem to be off target on who is childish and ignorant, and who is not.

I just wouldn't put Obama and his economic team in the category of "serious politicians in either party who are prepared to speak directly about our choices", and would instead tend to lump him into the "stoke our fantasies about the sustainability of entitlement spending and the cost of new programs" democrats.

Want to slash the budget and deficit? Confine the government to operating within its enumerated powers.

Finntann said...

Is it "unfair that the other guy has more than we do" if he actually worked his ass off to get it? While I won't deny that there are those of us who owe their positions in life to the hard work of others, usually their parents, how many of us refuse to acknowledge their own complicity in there current circumstance?

Me, I recall when jealousy wasn't an admirable trait.

Oso said...

thank you. I'll check that out.I was essentially apolitical till the Iraq War, kind of in line with what you suggested.

I had a lot in common with most liberals during the Bush administration-we were against that administration's policy. My positions haven't changed, but with a Democrat in office those same economic/foreign policy decisions suddenly became acceptable. It was still all the Republicans fault.

So I've been reaching out to the Right, but I disagree with a lot of their basic stuff too. I voted for Paul in the primary, in California an independent can do that.

So I'll check out those links. I appreciate it man.

Oso said...

Complete agreement with what you said about Obama and his economic team. Geithner/Summers/et al are the Oakland Raiders of economic policy.

And I say that as a suffering Raider fan. Along with the Fed they were among the architects of our current crisis. Picking the guys who screwed up to do it again just shows how in bed the Democratic leadership is with Wall St.

Anonymous said...

Finntann is another conservative not afraid to throw rocks at his own house.

BTW, being against the Iraq war does not make you persona non grata in the conservative camp. It's all in how you express it. I don't like Hitler mustaches on any president, Obama or Bush.

The word verification is "crepla" Is google trying to tell me something???


Oso said...

crepla may be french for crapola.think it is.

I respect that, not dishonoring a president.

What absolutely changed me-I saw a bandaged up Iraqi girl who looked like my daughter, her father was holding her and sobbing. I identified with his terrible pain and the rage it would eventually cause. whenever i'd mention it, so many people would say well what about 9/11? like they balanced. and that's when i swung to the left.

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