Sunday, February 14, 2010

Healthy Discussion

Paul Ryan has some specific plans for controlling government spending  
Liberal Ezra Klein has a civil give and take with Paul Ryan about health care.  If you want to understand the issue, Read This Article.  If you want to see a model of intelligent, productive conversation between a liberal and a conservative, Read This Article.


Oso said...

I climbed over your fence and got into your blog, but didn't steal anything.Honest!

Interesting interview. More to Ryan than I'd thought.Bruce Bartlett had some things to say last week, don't know if you'd seen his article?

Don't want to go too far off topic, but to continue a bit from Sue's blog regarding candidates-I really think the cult of personality has taken over. A boring technocrat or a physically "limited" candidate is unelectable. I really think the Kennedy-Nixon debate began the death knell for valid positions and debating skills determining the electorate's choice of a candidate.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, gotta watch those Dodger fans, eh Oso?

I just went and read the Bartlett piece. I'm surprised he actually had good things to say about Ryan, while also saying it is damn near politically impossible to implement.

I share your dismay at the current state of our politics. We really need a boring old technocrat.

Thanks for stopping by. Differences in politics should not engender the hatred that it has.

Silverfiddle said...

BTW, I'd like to recommend for your economic education. It is very libertarian, in the school of Mises, Schumpeter and Hayek.

Oso said...

I'll check it out.I just finished reading Predator State by Galbraith. Be good to balance it with those folks thoughts.

Since the Super Bowl I've claimed the LA stands for Louisiana.

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