Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank God for WikiLeaks!

The biggest classified data dump in history shows that the world is a messy place full of two-faced liars, double-dealers and genuinely bad people.  The US is not one of them. 

France is defending the US. Why? Because unlike the liberal pollyannas, the French know the world is a messy place. Friends spy on each other, people say one thing in public and another in private, and sometime you gotta play dirty to get the bad guys.

Much good comes out of this massive leak
The double-dealing weasels of the world are revealed. Saudis and other nasty Gulf kingdom potentates want us to do their dirty work and bomb Iran.  They still reserve the right to criticize us and Israel publicly, while privately cooperating with both countries.

China really is running a global computer hacking ring, as well as facilitating North Korea missile transfers to Iran.  Afghan leaders have sticky fingers, pocketing hundreds of millions in foreign aid.  The worst revelation about the US is that our foreign diplomats make candid assessments of government officials they interact with.  The spying charge is BS.  All diplomats do that.

Stop the leaks? Go to the source and kill it
Bradley Manning needs to be put before a firing squad or hung by the neck until dead. Traitors to this country deserve nothing more. The publishers of the leaks (New York Times, BBC, etc) are merely America-hating dung beetles, and we knew that already. The real culprits are those who betrayed our country's trust by leaking the documents. 

Despite what the citizens of the world at the Federation of American Scientists say, divulging classified information under the guise of whistleblowing is a childish utopian fantasy and a nightmare for national sovereignty and security.

We have a divided government charged with challenging and investigating one another.  That is how abuses are checked.  If we are so corrupt that this no longer works, then the whole democratic experiment has failed.  Pissants publishing secret information won't redeem it.



tha malcontent said...

Excellent job SF...
American lives have been put at risk all over the world.

innominatus said...

Obama/Holder won't do much about these leaks until Hillary is sufficiently smeared by them. THEN the duh-namic duo will get serious about dealing with Assange.

Jersey McJones said...

I don't see much coming out of any of these leaks. Any idiot could have guessed the substance of them. We really learned nothing new.

Authoritarians, like you, are content to worship the US, no matter what we do, including killing conscientious objection to our actions. I am not an authoritarian. I think it is an unAmerican mindset.


Silverfiddle said...

No Jersey, you are the authoritarian.

You join in, goose-stepping to progressivism's long march, telling us what size of tanks we can have on our toilets, what lightbulbs we can use in our houses, denying free people their God-given rights to guns, speech and their own hard-earned money.

You cheer on Obama as he picks winners and losers in the marketplace and insist on cramming your global warming religion down everyone's throats via the power of the federal government.

Look in the mirror and see the face of authoritarianism.

Dissent is patriotic, divulging classified information is not, especially when there are classified channels for reporting fraud, waste and abuse.

Jersey McJones said...

Oh jeez, man, we "classify" everything!

I'm grateful to Mr Assange.

And I don't care if you want to live a stupid, wasteful, paranoid existence. To each his own. Just don't complain when the rest of society makes it harder to do. That's not authoritarianism - that's responsible republicanism (small-r).


Finntann said...

So, Jersey, I suppose in your naivette, we ought not waste our money or our time even bothering to secure our networks or our information. I mean, the world is such a wonderful and idyllic place...why should we keep anything private at all?

Legally, the content or impact of any of the information released is completely irrelevant to the crime committed by PFC Manning. He was put in a position of trust, agreed to protect the information he was given access to, and violated a dozen US Federal Laws and articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Calling him a whistleblower is absurd... a whistle blower is someone who calls attention to an illegal practice or violation of law. Granted, I might have extended him the courtesy of believing his motive was bringing to light illegal activities had that been the context of his release... but pray tell? How is releasing a cable from the French Ambassador describing the president of France as "thin skinned and authoritarian" in any way whistleblowing?

Julian Assange, PFC Manning, et. al. are on nothing more than an ego gratify power trip... old women gossipping over a fence. Look at me, I'm important!

Had he worked for the private sector and not the government, and revealed company proprietary information he would still be guilty of violating both law and contractual agreements and would be subject to both criminal and civil sanctions.

Even greater is your naivette about Julian Assange, had he any journalistic ethics at all, he would have subjectively released only information that was legally questionable, and furthered his story. Releasing information that is simply "embarrasing" and not reflective of illegal activities is not whistleblowing.

WomanHonorThyself said...

excellent find Silver..and they havent even scratched the surface of all the so called 'findings'!

Silverfiddle said...

You're sick, Jersey. Liberalism has rotted your brain.

I am not paranoid. Unlike you, I've seen the dirty, dangerous underside of this world. It ain't pretty.

You are also incredibly naive. His last tranche of releases included information on how to to overcome our counter roadside bomb techniques.

You are grateful to an America-hating cockroach whose efforts have resulted in American troops being killed. You are the face of liberalism.

Thank you for showing up so we can all see first hand what troop-hating, self-loathing looks like.

Andrew33 said...

France is defending us because groups like wikileaks exposed their meddling in Iraninan politics by building a facility capable of producing low level plutonium bombs. Listen to BHO's statement from yesterday: "We must find a way to shut wikileaks down as it is a threat to national security..." "We must find a way to shut a legally operating website down as it is a threat to national security...""we must find a way to shut opposing websites down as they are a threat to national security. See who this is really about now? You are the threat to BHO, nooot wikileaks. BHO and his cronies will continue to call for these dumps until the American people will allow the shutdown of the internet in order to protect "our safety". If we wanted the head of wikileaks dead, a well place phone call to the Mossad would handle it.

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