Monday, November 8, 2010

No More All-White Presidential Tickets

Identity Politics elevates gender, color and culture above competence.  It is an insult to all Americans, especially minorities

Politico ran a perfunctory post-election puff piece on the new stars of the GOP.  Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, John Kasich (who's really an old star reborn).  Pretty standard stuff, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Politico saying anything positive about conservatives.  I'm also glad to see the GOP getting props for fielding some awesome minority candidates.  Then I saw a quote I just could not believe...

  This is what caught my eye:
“The bottom line is that after 2008, you can never go back to an all-white ticket,” said Susan MacManus, political science professor at the University of South Florida. (Politico)
This is so wrong on so many levels.  

First, it is white guilt paying obeisance to liberal political correctness.  No more all-white tickets because pointy-headed liberal social engineers say so?  What if they are two awesomely qualified white lesbians who are extremely liberal?  I bet they'd make an exception...  It amazes me that the most unthinking propaganda parrots can be found roosting in the ivory towers of academe.

Have you heard the one about the Muslim, the one-legged lesbian, and the Black Hispanic walking into the DNC Headquarters...

This is bald-faced tokenism, a rank condescension to "people of color."  To think that the only way you can get a group of people to vote for you is to run "one of them," is a horrid thought.  Break down our demographics into its hundreds of sub-groups, and you quickly see the absurdity of this.
Treating people as a collective interest group instead of as individuals is revolting.  All Blacks and all Hispanics are not liberal, and *gasp!*  they all don't think the same!  Worst of all is how liberals lump disparate groups together under the "minority" or "people of color" banner.  Their latest adventure in racial and cultural profiling has them treating Blacks and Hispanics as though they were cooking products sitting on a shelf at the supermarket in the "Ethnic Foods" aisle.

"After the Obama debacle, you can never go back to a black candidate." 

That is my conclusion, based upon the professor's logic.  Let's see how that flies...

This is what's wrong with liberalism, it has strayed so far from Dr, King's sincere message regarding content of character over color of skin. 


Mark Adams said...

Funny. The day of Obama inauguration, papers from coast to coast were saying 'Our first black President' Or 'Our first african American President' My first thought was 'is that what they see? I see just another man, another politician, another President' I was then labeled a racist.....

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This has always been in the socialist playbook, and they are not about to abandon it anytime soon unfortuneatly.

You quote the following:

"After the Obama debacle, you can never go back to a black candidate."

With the emergence of candidates such as Lt.Col. Allen West that quote does not hold water but if you change the wording I believe it is a very valid statement:

-After the Obama debacle, you can never go back to a black LIBERAL candidate.-

amanofwonder said...

Competence and the recognition thereof, is crucial to the continual prosperity of any society.

Politics is similar to the free enterprise system. For either to be effective, the best leaders are placed in the positions where they are most capable of achieving success. Any other system of placement results in the reality of the "Peter Principle".

Case in point, Obama, he is a dick.

Lisa said...

It seems liberals just can't get past the race issue or don't want to for political purposes.
They use it like they have "ownership" of it and then turn around and call everyone else racist if they don't subscribe to their views.
Or maybe they hate hate fact they are being peeled back layer by layer and getting the exposure for what they really are.
They really are the minority yet they dictate he message.
You would think they would have "gotten it" from this last election. But it just made them dig deeper to lay the blame elsewhere instead of on themselves.
But we are geting there as long as we keep getting the message out.
Anyway great post Silver! Facts have a funny way of debating the left.

Linda said...

Business as usual to those on the left who subscribe to the politics of hate. They use people of color by convincing them that whites (conservative whites anyway) don't want blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. to hold any position of importance, esp. high office where they will have power and influence. They dismiss those of color who have achieved success as conservatives, labeling them as not being "down with the struggle." Conservatives of color are perceived to be limited by the conservative whites who "allowed" them into their circles (to use them for minority credits, of course). It is all so ridiculous as to be laughable, if it weren't so terribly sad.

Brooke said...

Leftists consistently demonstrate their racism, and the MSM never, ever calls them on it because they too are just as racist.

Mustang said...

I absolutely agree with you. I refuse to vote skin color; but if anything, McManus illustrates why ... if you send your kids to college, this man should be their professor.

Endo_2011 said...

We have given up on selecting the best candidate a long long time ago. Words like, white, black, man, woman, Christian, Jew, Muslim, conservative, liberal, insider, outsider, and career politician have biased our views on the best choices. Instead we should be choosing based upon words like experience, leadership, intellect, work ethic, character, accountabity, strategic and visionary

Leticia said...

If anything it was the MSM and liberals that labeled Obama as a "black man" or "African-American."

They made his color an issue. When it should have been his credentials that got him elected.


Finntann said...

So, if we had a black majority the past 234 years, would he be our first white president?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Silverfiddle said...

Mustang: Muchas gracias for the link to the Mike Adams column. It's a barnburner and needs to be read by everybody. The man has a gift of using humor to get to the nub of a very serious issue.

Rational Nation USA said...

Rascism is the most revolting form of collectivism.

The individual is the smallest minority on earth. (Regardless of ethnicity or color {mine}.)

Borrowed from AR

Everyone needs to look beyond race and ethnicity and focus on character and capabilities.

Guess that makes me a raaaaacist huh?

Trestin said...

I could care less if it is white black, what ever. My fear is how the homosexual movement paints itself as a civil right movement. We may see the day when they try to limit the amount of straight people that can run on a ticket.

TKZ said...

At the end of the day they're saying that it is bad to be white. They are racist for voting for a black man just because he is black, and they're racist for not voting for an all-white ticket just because the candidates are white. It's strange to me that they can get away with such blatant racism on both counts.

But mostly, I'm tired of being told that I suck because I'm white, and that I should feel white guilt for being a racist, evident only by the fact that I refuse to be an anti-caucasian racist.

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