Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liberal Self-Loathing

Liberals don't view Islam as a threat to our culture.  Indeed, I think most on the left hate our culture anyway and never stop to ponder that it could be replaced with something worse.

Here's a typical dhimmi-lib comment...
On both sides of the Atlantic, a rising tide of xenophobic hostility toward immigrants is threatening to swamp the foundation of liberal democracy.(James Carroll - Xenophobia)
No, you pinko dhimmi dingbat, militant Islam is threatening to swamp the foundation of liberal democracy, one honor killing at a time.  Just ask a cartoonist or filmmaker.  Only a liberal idiot would consider it xenophobic to deny entry into civilized society those who want to destroy it.

DL Adams at Big Peace calls it what it is...  Liberal self-loathing.  Not only of themselves, but of their culture as well.
Can there be a greater societal self-loathing than that encouraged by the multicultural notion that our democratic, open societies are corrupt failures because some who come to our shores do not like what they see and will not assimilate?
Their snooty liberal disdain for everything Western endangers us all.  Their warm embrace of everything antithetical to our Western values make liberals too dangerous to ever again assume any position of power or responsibility.
The facade of multiculturalism crumbles when a group will not assimilate into a host culture. Ongoing Islamic terrorism and growing Muslim agitation against European host laws, cultures, and systems in favor of the cruel, hatred and violence of Islamic Sharia law are the stones that have finally shattered the empty glass house of multiculturalism.   (DL Adams- Multiculturalism)


Fredd said...

This attitude on the part of liberals would be akin to a feudal kingdom, under seige by Ghengis Kahn, where one of the peasants inside the castle decides to open the gates to the Mongol hordes in the hopes that his unrepentant fellow subjects learn the error of their ways after receiving the punishment that is sure to be meted out without mercy after the hordes swarm across the draw bridge.

I don't get it, either, Silver.

Mustang said...

No, you pinko dhimmi dingbat, militant Islam is threatening to swamp the foundation of liberal democracy, one honor killing at a time

Well done, sir ... well done! I hereby nominate Silver Fiddle for the presidency. This is exactly the kind of plain speaking we need in this dangerous world, for no one should die because of a misunderstanding.

Arthurstone said...

DL Adams is not quite right.

It isn't 'our culture' 'self-loathing Liberals hate'.

It's his.

Have a great weekend!

Silverfiddle said...

Throw your hatred down, Arthur! It's a corrosive that will eat your soul.

You have a great weekend too!

Thanks Mustang for for the kind words, but you remember what happened to John Tower? Digging into my background would make that look like childs play, and I was only in the Air Force!

Dixon Webb said...

Silverfiddle . . . The practices of Sharia Law are difficult for the civilized people to comprehend. Islam can not be considered a religion as long as Sharia Law is woven into it. The practice of Islam while denying any part of Sharia in order to be a "moderate" makes no sense at all. Those folks remain Muslims and follow the misleading and anti-humanity of the Qu'ran. The "radical" Muslims are simply the most aggressive. The point? Can any followers of Islam be tolerant of other religions, atheism, or of the reguirements of modern societies.


ps. You may want to look in to my new blog. Check the Ugly Islam essay.

Silverfiddle said...

I'm not ready to condemn an entire religion or pass judgment on it. I merely point out that sharia is incompatible with our US Constitution and it is a definite threat to Western Civilization's classical liberalism.

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