Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spying on Terrorists Works, Spying on Citizens Doesn't

The latest foiled bomber plot was an intelligence success, just barely...
It was also a sobering reminder to officials around the world that quick response to timely intelligence rules the day. Despite the billions of dollars governments have spent on elaborate airport technology to guard against terrorism threats, the packages would probably have been loaded onto planes bound for the United States, but for the Saudi tip.  (NY Times - Bomb Plot)
Time to drop the politically-correct eyewash of screening grannies and military veterans

Terrorists meet a certain profile, and that is where the intrusive scrutiny needs to be focused.  TSA agents offend the dignity of honest citizens by making a big show of wanding crotches, pawing our personal possessions, and digging through personal bags for excessive amounts of water.  And the naked porn scanners do not improve security and they don't even make us feel safer.  They just piss us off.

Put the focus where it needs to be
Security agents should scrutinize those who fit the profile, and they should turn the technology on the cargo coming into the country.  Time to strip the funds away from the TSA and the stampeding bureaucratic herds that trample our 4th Amendment rights.  Give the money to the shadowy intelligence operatives that direct their skills not to domestic spying, but to external threats.  These good Americans and the foreigners they cultivate have contacts with nasty people and that is how plots like this are busted.

Time for good citizens to tell Uncle Sam to take the X-Ray vans and other tools of domestic spying and shove 'em where the sun don't shine.  Stop violating our constitutional rights and go focus on the bad guys.


Proof said...

I read that one time they tried to keep Joe Foss from bringing his Medal of Honor on the plane with him. I guess a highly decorated WWII veteran, awarded the country's highest honor for bravery couldn't be trusted on an airplane with a piece of metal tied to a ribbon.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Silver, Off-topic but sorry to hear about that looper dude in Colorado getting the nod for governor.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks, Christopher!

Actually, cHickenlooper getting elected was not nearly as heartbreaking as Ken Buck losing. Bennet is a dirty pol an he really smeared a good man on his way to the senate. I'll be writing more about that tomorrow.

Congratulations on some substantial victories in Michigan.

Lisa said...

That Bush has some nerve trampling on our constitution....oh wait.

Silverfiddle said...

Unfortunately Lisa, Constitution-trampling is a bipartisan sport.

Joe said...

Remember, though, it was a little old lady, wait...that's not right.

Oh, yeah! It was a kid at the airport, wait...that's not right either.

Well, it WAS a young lady with the baby and the toddler, wait...that's not right either.

This is so hard to figure out.

No wonder the government has such a hard time with it.

WomanHonorThyself said...

how twisted is this Silver..I mean for real,,what will it take for this PC idiocy to stop!!!
have a great weekend!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

There are ways that we can "profile" without being racist. And, yes, leaving little old ladies alone is certainly one of them.

Lisa said...

I know it is bipartisan Silver but for some reason I feel more violated over the last 2 years.

Anonymous said...

You simply can't give money to people you cover even if you're openly sympathetic to their policies. I agree with the punishment. One of the many problems we face today as a nation is the blurred lines between the media/journalism and its coverage of the political landscape. American media has always had an agenda or has been slanted one way or another (conservative vs. liberal). However, today, media outlets are not even trying to mask their political leanings or favoritism.
The socialists are finished in America we are taking our country back

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