Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Janet Napoleonitano's Waterloo

Like all tyrants in history, she has overreached... no pun intended.

While I believe in thanking God for my friends, I also remember to thank Him for my enemies as well.

For the past ten years I've been working in the shadows, helping my fellow Americans to wake up to approaching tyranny - sometimes successfully, sometimes not. So here comes along this petty Napoleon wannabe, a jumbo shrimp, waking up millions to the truth behind overbearing government. This is far more than I could even accomplish with a Soros-like budget. While tempted with envy, I will instead say "Thank you, Janet!"

Minimum-wage TSA thugs are arousing the ire of a majority of Americans by feeling around inside our pantaloons, all in the name of safety and security.

When confronted by stories of border-line molestation by TSA, what does she do? Order down-the-pants explorations by blue gloves. When the uproar by the public doubled behind Mr. "Don't touch my Junk", she then telegraphed to us that to refuse this indignity would put us under a civil $11,000 fine. Overreaching, digging in, and arrogant. If I had a choice between stupidity or arrogance in an enemy, I would chose stupidity. In this case, we have both!

The wise revolutionary realizes that positive political change is like baking a cake. First, critical ingredients and philosophies must be added to the batter... then mixed throughout the body politic. Then comes the addition of heat. Don't worry, the tyrant will supply the heat. In the fullness of time the cake will be ready.

Right now the critical ingredients of rediscovering the Constitution and distrust of elitist bureaucrats are working their way throughout America. Janet and Congress just turned on the gas stove. Now comes the patient part as people turn from being soft and soupy in conviction to being fully formed with a backbone. A time to try men's souls is at hand, again.

And speaking of heat and anger, imagine this is one of your family members going though the new-fanged and Chertoff-lobbied X-Ray machine:

Yes, these machines do store the images, despite TSA's vocal denials and lies.

I just recently watched a video clip of a young boy being stripped and felt up by a TSA thug, while what I assume was his father watching. What kind of father puts up with this kind of public molestation?

Freedom has a cost. It has been said that tyranny is only felt by those who resist it. You have a choice: resist or submit. You will have to decide between one or the other, and by virtue of not deciding, you will have already decided to submit to evil authority.

Don't interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake. What stops me at this time from taking action is knowledge what TSA is doing is converting millions of clueless Americans into Constitutional conservatives, one blue glove at a time. The time is not quite right to put these thugs in their place - but that will not always be so.

There will come a time in the future when you will have to chose between deep conviction or cowardice. The choice may cost you everything except your dignity. Now is a most excellent time to count the cost, not when the decision point is thrust upon you.

So, why is Napolitano pressing ahead with even more violations of the 4th Amendment? Here's some possibilities:

Follow the Money. When Napolitano was governor of Arizona, there was a plague of radar photo vans and cameras installed throughout the State. These raked in millions into an overspent budget. Now we have discovered the Michael Chertoff Group to have peddled these X-Ray scanners to TSA. I'm waiting to see the donation money connection to the DNC, or perhaps to Napolitano herself. Stay tuned.

Elitism. As Silverfiddle likes to say, elitists just want all us little people to shut up and do as we are told - life would be so much better! Instead of empowering airline passengers or private companies, always the answer with elitists is more and more intrusive government! If only you got all the eggheads together in a room and decided for the rest of us... versus a Ronald Reagan-like trust of the American people and our collective common sense.

Nature of Power. Similar to elitism, tyrants and tyranny are quite predictable. Do you think the Internet censorship bill being passed has anything to do with copyright protection? First they go after those who mock and ridicule them. Then those who actively resist them. Note to self: throw rocks at the tyrant from a concealed position while wearing a mask. It will only make the tyrant more angry, which is the intermediate goal. Remember what Saul Alinsky said: ridicule is a powerful weapon, and one not easily defended against.

In the end analysis, this battle was over before it started. There's no way that Napolitano's TSA can have any lifespan beyond a decade after what they have already done. There's just too many aroused Americans and too few elite. The unintended consequence (the title of a good book by the way) to all these underwear excursions is a public turned to the Constitution and perhaps, even, a privatized Israeli-style airport security. It's Janet's Waterloo and she doesn't even know it yet.

- Hugh Farnham

* - Napoleonitano photo chop courtesy of Chicago Ray


Always On Watch said...

There's no way that Napolitano's TSA can have any lifespan beyond a decade after what they have already done.

A decade is too long.

Linda said...

They have angered all the ingrates in Flyover with their ridicule and their invasive "protective" measures. Then they added insult to injury by threatening to fine us for not appreciating their "efforts" to insure our safety.

Fredd said...

Remember, Janet Napolitano's best line: 'the system worked.'

'We the People' were the ones responsible for drubbing the Democrats at the ballot box a few weeks ago. We were not just going to sit around and take this tryranny lying down.

And the same 'We the People' are not going to allow the TSA thugs to run amok any longer, either.

The best defense against terrorists who want to kill us is to kill them first. And the terrorists are all named Mohammed, Hussein, Adbul and the like. We know what they look like. None of them look like grandmothers from Vermont or 9 year old toe-headed boy scouts from Scranton, PA. None of them, you guys got it, Janet???

Silverfiddle said...

@ Fredd: "The best defense against terrorists who want to kill us is to kill them first."

Well stated Fredd.

Good article, Hugh! Constitutionally-driven rebellion sure makes the elites nervous. We've just begun to fight, and the beauty of it is, the US Constitution is on our side. Progressives have been trying to destroy it for over 100 years, but Americans are waking up.

Rob said...

Given the choice of the full-body porno scan or some TSA agent junk-fondling, I think I'm just gonna stay home!

It's a fudged-up world when a thug-ass rapper basterd (Lil Wayne) can smuggle an MP3 player, charger, and headphones into New York's Rikers Island jail but grannies, children, and other law-abiding citizens can't board an airplane without being subjected to humiliating strip searches.

I'm tellin' ya, the gene pool needs a whole helluva lotta chlorine.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I cannot wait for tomorrow and see what happens at airports?

Silverfiddle said...

Righteous rant, Rob! You sound like your brother... and I thought you were the mild mannered one!

Rob said...

Mild mannered? Hardly. I'm just a little quieter than the other OD.

Leticia said...

Okay, that is pretty scary if that is exactly what the TSA agents see when viewing the body scan!

What a horrid choice, expose your naked body to the world or get groped and molested.

That is pretty sick.

Finntann said...

The airlines are pretty much done in my book. They're out a couple of thousand so far on cross-country trips I've decided to drive myself instead of fly. Now, I only fly on business and only when I have to. Next vaction is going to be on a cruise ship with a sleeper coach on the California Zephyr to get to the port.

It's not just security, the service sucks and the planes have turned into nothing more than Greyhound buses with wings. No offense to Greyhound, they offer more comfortable transport anyway.

A friend of mine figured out the right answer for mid-distance travel...Trains. For less than the cost of airfare for two, he gets limo service to and from the stations, and an Amtrak Superliner Bedroom.

For comparison purposes roundtrip airfare for two runs $834 in coach while the overnight sleeper for two only runs $561. They take a limo to the train station, depart, eat dinner and watch a movie, sleep, eat breakfast, and arrive at their destination before lunch. All in a private suite with it's own bath/shower and accomodations the equivalent of an RV.

Of course it helps if you live near a major train route.


OD357 said...

Sadly, me and my junk doesn't look forward to this. But after twenty two years in the miltary I've had worst. Try a "pat down" face down on the tarmac, M-16 trained on you, Rin Tin Tin ready to chomp your junk and a knee grinding in your kidney. And that was just pretend terrorist. Sigh, the good old days.

-The other OD

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, OD, When I was in a mobile unit, the security training was the best part. I think we averaged two broken limbs per year...

Sebastian said...

Remember, these people are not "stupid" or "crazy"; they are intentionally trying to destroy this country.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Silverfiddle, I have a question;

The people who head the various Departments, such as Homeland Security, TSA, Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, Alcohol,Tobacco & Firearms, etc., are NOT elected by We the People. We did not pick them, they are appointed, and if Congress is the legislative branch of the government, then how come each of these Department heads have the right and power to enact whatever draconian laws, rules and regulations they want (many often unconstitutional) and then force us to obey them?

I have read and reread the Constitution and I cannot find in it where they get this right and power. So why do we permit this crap to continue?

Silverfiddle said...

Excellent questions, Reverend. I expect better congressional oversight come January

Bastiatarian said...

>The people who head the various Departments, such as Homeland Security, TSA, Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, Alcohol,Tobacco & Firearms, etc., are NOT elected by We the People.

And they're not sanctioned by the Constitution. Or by reason and good sense.

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