Friday, October 15, 2010

The View from Crazy-Land

What a bucket of crabs The View is.  I don't know why anybody is watching it.

The latest theater of the absurd featured liberal women who are so open minded their brains have fallen out.  Muslims deny women basic rights, condone rape and kill homosexuals, but the shrieking harridans on The View are all for it because a vast majority of Americans are against it.
The left has been reduced to incoherent ranting and raving, incapable of making a coherent argument for any of their crack-brained ideas.

President Obama and his propagandists regularly berate us while continuing to blame anything and everything but themselves.  The democrats are now blaming voters for being too stupid to go along with their scams and ponzi schemes.

When I tuned into CSPAN and saw Ed Schultz at that pathetic 100 person union demonstration in DC a few weeks back, I thought it was a Hugo Chavez rally. 

Keith Olbermann continues to be a bad SNL parody of a self-important tv personality, and Rachel Madcow's impersonation of a serious anchorman is the biggest joke of all.  I love it when she puts on the very serious eyeglasses.

Your house is crumbling, lefties, because it's made of BS with a foundation of ignorance.


USA_Admiral said...

Right on with the "bucket of crabs" observation! I don't think anyone has said it so well.

Excellent post!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This stunt on the 'View' is just that, a stunt as in plubicity.

These femanazis always invite O'Reilly on just to goat him into an arguement for ratings and plubicity and boy how it worked this time.

The same goes for O'Reilly as well because he then uses it for fodder on his own show as he has done each and everytime he has appeared on the 'View'.

Being we still have freedom of choice, I choose not to watch either show involving both.

Silverfiddle said...

Good point, Christopher. It's all about advertising dollars, isn't it?

Admiral: Thank you sir!

tha malcontent said...

Hee, hee, good job my friend.

Silverfiddle said...

Mal: With material like this, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Mark Adams said...

Sorry I don't buy that this was a stunt. This IS the left and how they throw a temper tantrum when they hear things they don't like.
Case in point:
Had this very SAME discussion with my extremely liberal bro-in-law on facebook a few weeks back, on a post from his page with regards to the NY Mosque. We went back and forth, and he eventually got pissed off and wanted the discussion to come to an end.
I then convinced him to keep the discussion going, after a few retorts back and forth he ended it after one of my replies... by deleting the post so none of his liberal buddies would see the "facts". The same facts the O'Reilly present yesterday.
Joy and Whoopi didn’t like the fact that Bill was “educating” their audience.

They cannot handle facts and live their lives by emotion.
The same emotion you saw yesterday on the View.
There is no need for publicity, this is a highly rated and viewed show.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


There is no doubt that both parties involved here believe what they believe, but they both share the same end game as to their respective job's and that is ratings which in turn bring sponsors.

So respectively I will maintain my bottom line on this, a plubicity stunt choreographed and or coordinated by both.

Brooke said...

I hadn't thought of it that way, buy I think Christopher may be correct... And I think it went better for either side than they imagined.

Mark Adams said...

And with my respectful retort, Christopher, they are the top rated shows in their time slots.
O'Reilly is the number one on all cable for any time slot.
IMPO, there is no need to make up a public stunt to draw in sponsors when they are number one rated shows.

Do you really think Joy and Whoopi would choreograph with the likes of O'Reilly to bash Obama?
When Obama was last on their show, Joy was gushing all over him.
Speak ill of him and her blood pleasure goes sky high.

I'll stand on my personal, true to life heated debate with my liberal bro-in-law that when presented with facts the left loose it when you don't use PC in your everyday speak.

Joe said...

"it's made of BS with a foundation of ignorance."

Do you REALLY think it rises to that level?

TKZ said...

The View yesterday was laughable. O'Reilly accurately, and unapologetically relayed a historical fact: that the people who attacked us on 911 were Muslims. They were Muslims, every single one of them, unequivocally. The View stars called that simple fact B.S., stormed off the stage because stating that fact is "offensive" somehow, as if it can be made untrue by them denying it. Their refusal to see a fact just because it is unpleasant is anti-intellectual and dishonest.

O'Reilly could have handled it better, though he was alone in a lion's den where they projected their own prejudices and paranoia upon him while he tried to explain how 70% of the U.S. population views an issue. In reality, were they storming out because of his statement of a fact, or because they think 70% of Americans should be as quick to dismiss history as they are when it doesn't fit their pseudo-utopian world-view?

Always On Watch said...

When those women walked off the set of The View, in their huff of self-righteousness, they looked like the idiots they are.

I admit it: I've never watched The View, except to watch clips such as the one I caught on the news this morning.

LASunsett said...

I have to say that their world is very fragile right now. In desperation, they reach for any straw because they are losing the debate.

They have no message, their performance has been an utter disgrace, and they are on the wrong side of history in almost every category. All they have is whining and nasty ad hominem attacks. They cannot come up with any good reason for Americans to trust them and they are clueless as to how stupid they really are.

Kid said...

Beautiful !

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I cannot remember who first said it, but I shall paraphrase who ever it was: "Liberals were born ignorant and have been losing ground ever since."

I believe that explains their moronic actions pretty well.

Opus #6 said...

Nice to meet you. Saw your link via the Kid's blog.

Leticia said...

I do not believe it was a stunt. They couldn't handle the truth and got all huffy.

Typical lib behavior.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Again I understand, but they were talking about who attacked us on 9-11 and the GZM and what terminology
was utilized, not Obama.

If it was about Obama himself I agree with you but it was not as O'Reilly has been widely known to give credit to Obama where I myself give Obama no ground on anything.

Again, all a plubicity stunt.

Go back and look at all the times he has been on the 'View' and there is the little dust-up they both want and then either the same night or the next O'Reilly practically re-broadcasts his entire spot on that trashy show.

Most of us blogging know that we will never change the minds of die-hard socialists so we don't even try to,,right? That is also vise/versa. That said, what other point would there be for O'Reilly to go there?

Mark Adams said...

Christopher, with all due respect to my conservative brother, the base of the discussion was Obama, as Barbara asked Bill what he thought was the reason for Obama's poll numbers being so down. Bill pointed to jobs and the economy as his first point. Then in, Bills 2nd opinion it was the GZM.
The culminated started when Bill told Joy to 'stop and listen you might learn something here'. Thats Bill. He can be a smart a$$. Then he mentions 'We were attacked by Muslims'. When they had to bleep Whoopi for saying Bull Sh*t at the top of her lungs, right there I can see the true anger coming out.
If it was scripted, there is no way the producer of that particular show would have let Whoppi yelled out Bull Sh*t, but BS. To set up a publicity stunt the producer and director would be in on it and BS would have been used, rather than what was used by Whoopi.

All of Bills views might not be the same as mine and yours, granted. Bill is a right of center, registered Independent, but left of center people have disagreements, just like conservatives have disagreements too.
They had a disagreement from a political stand point. You and I are having a disagreement on whether this was a stunt or not. Nothing political.
"we don't even try to"
Christopher, I know I might not change a socialist mind, but if you would come back to my blog after you have replied to some of my posts, sometimes you'll see Joe, the angry unionist, show up there and start up with me. And I challenge the left every time, as stated in my blog header "APDP will challenge & subdue all who seek to fundamentally change our nation to an ideology that America was never meant to be."
Some who follow my blog ask me why I bother. I bother because if (and I have been successful at this) I can get them to stop and think, if for only a moment, of their line of thinking, it makes a difference down the road.
You have your opinion about this subject, and I totally respect that. Good for you to stand your ground. I wouldn't expect anything less from you.
I have no hard feelings about this, none what so ever. :)

Lisa said...

I think Olberman may be Maddow in drag.
Anyway here's an appropriate article this post.

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