Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Don't party too hard...

Don't let wicked witches scare you, Vote!


Mark Adams said...

Classic Pics, Silver. Especially the Wicked Witch of the West. Spot on!

Brooke said...

Happy Halloween! I'm getting ready to send the kiddies out in about an hour. :)

Silverfiddle said...

My wife is a health nut, plus she thinks Halloween is Satan's holiday, so going along with the whole thing has always rubbed her the wrong way.

This year the kids all went to Halloween parties, so she decided to trick or treating and that we are turning off the porch light because she's not buying junk to give to kids.

My older daughter and I both had the same reply when my wife said this: Have fun picking toilet paper out of the trees!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Happy Pagans Day to you!

OMG,,,The word thingy to send this is "DEVOL"...LMAO

Silverfiddle said...

Christopher: Maybe that's a satanic Devo!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Whatever Silver, I side with the Mrs. Silver on this!

Lisa said...

I could never not answer the door. This year was light and we had 72 kids. That's 72 more chances of eggs and shaving cream.
It did end early tough. No one came since 6:30.

I agree with Mrs Silver too. I wish everyone would have parties instead.

Yesterday at a "Remember November" Rally some girl dressed up as an ugly witch and her sign said

"Obama's Agenda-All tricks and No Treats"

for those who are interested here is a voter fraud hotline:


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