Monday, October 4, 2010

Righteous Rant

This is a two-part post.  There is some vulgarity in the second part, so I'm posting a Thomas Sowell quote for those who don't want to indulge in it.

Dr. Sowell explains how President Barack Obama happened, 10 years before his election!
In social life, the more fundamental a truth is, the more likely it is to have been discovered  long ago--and to have been repeated in a thousand ways to the point of utter boredom.  In this context, to make excitement and novelty the touchstones of an idea is to run grave risks of abandoning the truth for ideological trinkets. 
-- Thomas Sowell (Quest for Cosmic Justice, 1999.  Almost 10 years before "Hope and Change!")
Now, The Righteous and Vulgar Rant
I love a hot-headed righteous rant, the more vulgar the better.  Probably because I would not unleash such a torrent myself although I've so wanted to on many occasions.  Don't get me wrong, I do not appreciate vulgarity for it's own sake; the sincerity and genuineness has got to be there or it's no good.

A conservative guy named Micky lit up liberal Jersey McJones over his 9/11 post.  Jersey claimed to have some international experience, and criticized our many global adventures.  If you are offended by vulgarities, go no further.

micky has left a new comment on the post "Another 9/11, Another Point Off Our National IQ":

Jersey has disgusted me past words.  The facts dictate exactly the opposite of the shit he spews.
Bottom line is that hes saying we asked for it, we deserved it, it was our fault and that those mourning are stupid. Make me fucking sick to my gut.

It'll be quite a while before I return here.

You really are a fucking piece o shit.

"America is the bad guy"

Go fuck yourself.

Working in a container yard doesnt make you some fucking expert on foreign relations you incredible fucking moron.

It just makes you a fucking box junkie. I used to work container lines too. The closest you come to international relations is finding someone to translate foreign invoices you dumb shit.

Half this fucking planet would be dead or starving if it werent for our presence and actions. Any fucking high schooler knows that.

On one hand you say its our presence and then on the other hand were supposed to give all our cash to third world hell holes in the name of some ginned up weather bullshit, feed the hungry, cure the ill, build them hospitals and shit. But when it comes to protecting the worlds number one source of wealth that supports the global economy were fucking evil.

Take that and choke on it you incredibly insensistive overidealistic hypocritical moonbat fuck.

Bye, see you in another year if you're not in fucking Abudabee fucking a burka wearing camel on a prayer rug wishing to hell that you liked America just a little more
piece o shit


Finntann said...

Loved both posts...

Box Junkie...


Lisa said...

I wish Mickey would post over at Sue's blog

Lisa said...

Micky has a blog . I have a problem logging onto Wordpress

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Awesome rant!

Fredd said...

I think Mickey would make a great candidate for mayor of Chicago. Just like Rahm Emanuel, no residency requirements apply, so Mickey's New Jersey residency will not hamper his campaign in the slightest.

Mickey may have to bone up on his cursing, as Rahm's way ahead of him there.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well hush my mouth. Mickey is spot on, and sometimes one just has to use some choice four letter words to properly express their anger.

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