Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Americans: The New Jews

I originally posted this in June of 2008, and I reprint it now because yesterday some adherents of The Religion of Peace found it and vomited out their incoherent and vulgar rantings upon it.

Normally I reprint misspelled, poorly stated idiocy, or just let it stand as a testament to stupidity, but their comments were so vulgar and poisonous I had to delete them.  And as anyone who visits knows, I hate censorship.  

Anyway, here is the original post from the Summer of 2008...

Well, the PEW Research Center just completed its latest "Who Hates America Most" survey, and the results are predictable, according to the International Herald Tribune.

We are the New Jews; the group upon which bitter, resentful people worldwide pour out their fear and loathing. We are the people everybody loves to hate.

Your stinking, corrupt country can't get its collective stuff together? Blame the US! (While receiving millions of dollars in aid from the nasty Neo-Zionists)

Your ruling oligarchy steals bread from the mouths of the poor? Blame America! (while sneaking across the border, of course)

You reside in a cauldron of misogyny, hatred and despair, ruled by various poobahs and potentates, exporting human bombs and venomous hatred?  Blame the Great Satan, the New Jooos! (While receiving millions in economic and disaster relief assistance from the same infidels).

Sniff disdainfully at the New Jews while looking down your nose at them from your European paradise, ignoring the fact that you are resting in the shade of the Neo-Zionist security umbrella. Better check the foundation, though. You may have some erosion going on.

The survey mentions, "publics worldwide have greater confidence in Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, than in his Republican rival, John McCain, "to do the right thing regarding world affairs.""

Of course! "Do the right thing" means to cave in to every crackpot scheme dreamed up by self-important UN kleptocrats and "we are the world" socialists. It means paying lip-service to ineffectual feel-good policies that actually keep people mired in poverty and servitude, while forsaking all bold actions as "provocative" and "unilateral".

Do the right thing?
I would love to see some other countries step up and do the right thing on their own.

Message to the whiners of the world: Do the right thing on your own and you won't have to worry about Uncle Shmuel doing the "wrong thing"!

Take responsibility for your slothful, degraded state and do something about it! Want to make the world a better place? Start with your own little piece of hell on earth and go from there! Haven't you noticed that blaming the US gets you nothing?

We Americans are the New Jews that everyone loves to hate. The Jewish People brought us knowledge of the One True God of Jews, Muslims and Christians. They've given us Holy Scriptures, poetry, philosophy, and ground-breaking contributions in every field of science. They carved out a home for themselves and made it a success by their own sweat and blood. And they've earned nothing but hatred and resentment for it.

President Obama has been on a two-year apology jag, but we are still the New Jews.


Lone Wolf said...

But are jews really hated for no reason at all? What about the fact of their disproportionately high influence and power in the "mainstream" media, international banking and finance, and other spheres of influence including government. Will anyone deny they control Hollywood?

I wrote an article on this...

The 'Horror' of Anti-Semitism - Why Do People Hate the Jews?

Billy Graham, of all people, agreed...

Billy Graham's private conversation with Richard Nixon: "Satanic left-wing Jews" control the media, destroying America, refers to "synagogue of Satan" (NY Times article)

WomanHonorThyself said...

wow Silver spot on..we better vote hard next week my friend..enough is enough.

Silverfiddle said...

Lone Wolf:
The losers of the world will always find scapegoats to blame for their own inadequacies.

Fredd said...

Don't forget about all the 'old Jews,' Silver. You know, those Jews who, back in the 1940's, stole that bountiful strip of land south of Lebanon from the rightful occupants, the Palestinians, who were at the time flourishing in what was at that time a land of plenty, a land of milk and honey, where the peaceful Palestinians frolicked in its lush meadows, free from want or need in their Paradise on Earth (or at least that's what the current Palestinians tell their kids, the ones they choose not to strap bombs to).

Don't forget about those Jews, Silver.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, Palestine was a paradise until Israel became a state.

It's all the fault of the JOOOOOOOS!!!


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