Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Silverfiddle Faces Down Move On Protesters

I went down to a political rally last night.  Not to stand inside and cheer, but to stand outside in support of Senate candidate Ken Buck.  I only went because a coworker told me that Move On morons would be there so the conservatives needed a big crowd.

As much as I talk about it, I hate politics, so I avoid political rallies.  Joe the Plumber was there, and Ken Buck was speaking as well, but I had no interest.  Only the prospect of lefty protesters moved me to go.

I put on my street fighting clothes, to include my Mossy Oak hunting boots in case I needed to stomp some communist protester ass, but also light enough I can run pretty fast in them as well (It's not against the law to run when you hear sirens approaching from the distance). 

The Tea Party Demographic was about 45 years younger than the lefty protesters 
Anyway, it was all a big disappointment.  The protesters were all in their 60's at least, shouting about how Ken Buck is owned by the corporations.  They were handing out "Bucks" with Ken's picture on them.  I got a rousing cheer from my side when I waved one in the air and shouted "These will be worth more than the real thing by the time Obama gets done printing money!"  But that was the only highlight.

I did have a nice, civilized discussion with the gentleman handing out the bucks.  He conceded that Democrat Michael Bennett was also owned by the corporations, "they all are," he sighed.  Maybe that's why I'm not big on political rallies.  I'd rather have a reasoned back and forth than all the screaming and chanting and shouting through bullhorns. 

Life is Beautiful, Politics Isn't
As I said before, I hate politics.  I hate that we have to talk about it so much and that it dominates so much of our time.  Life is full of so many wonderful things, and here we are wrapped around the axle over what a bunch of irresponsible statists are doing in the District of Criminals.

I'd rather be fishing, hunting, playing fiddle or guitar, spending time with the kids, all things I do now, but we have this huge shadow hanging over us all the time.  I hate all the shouting and anger and polarization and politicization of everything.  My wife has fox news on every night when I come home and I can't stand to hear it.  My values may be conservative, my politics libertarian and my neck red, but I am a peace and love hippie at heart.

If I had known the Move On protesters would be old people, I would have brought my guitar and harmonicas and played some Neil Young for them.  Maybe it would have made them happy.  I know it would have made me happy...


Brooke said...

"These will be worth more than the real thing by the time Obama gets done printing money!"

Bravo, sir! :)

Linda said...

Congratulations, Silver, on such a quick-witted comment at the rally...and sadly, probably very prophetic.

I completely understand about the tiresome political rhetoric. The hateful back and forth (not on issues, but on personal attacks) has reached such a level that it has become almost unbearable. I watch the news because I want to be informed (as well as one can be from watching the press!), but it has ceased to be even interesting. I can't help it, though, when I hear so much misinformation about the conservative viewpoint, I have to get involved. It's a rotten job, but someone has to do it....right?

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Sorry it was not fun Silver.

I was listening to Medved yesterday and a Coloradan called-in, I understand there is not much to vote for in your Great State let alone get excited about.

Alas, much the same here in the peoples Republic of Michigan. Sure, my candidate for Governor will win but he is now a shoe-in at roughly 55%-29%, not even a horse race really.

Around here though at rallies you need more than a coat and boots, you need a damn Gatlin Gun.

jadedfellow said...

Such a high fiber post, you really moved me on!

Politics I agree is a buncha crap and it is easy to get backed up by it all, but then at my age most things do that to me. Never mind.

Hang in there dude, I enjoy what you gotta say, even if I don't comment alot. But then rednecks of a feather, folks together.

Proof said...

" case I needed to stomp some communist protester ass".

I never have trusted CPAs. Now I know why!

Maggie Thornton said...

"These will be worth more than the real thing by the time Obama gets done printing money!"

Great post Silver.

Priceless: Linked as my Quote of the Day

Leticia said...

Bravo! We do tend to get carried away with politics and at times we need a break from it all.

I really enjoyed this post, it was a breath of fresh air.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks everybody. Maybe I should speak from the heart more often, but it'll never happen if I have to go to political events to get inspired...

Maggie Thornton said...

Silver, are you one Twitter?

Lisa said...

haven't been to a rally in a while and decided to go last Saturday to support the Hispanic John Gomez and to dump the white socialist Steve Israel.

Ironically enough we got someone yelling out from their car "Racists".
We got one F***you and about 4 middle fingers. Mostly from young people.They may think they're smart but not necessarily wise.

The don't even know what they mean.
Those types always show their true colors but you can tell what the real pulse of the country is by the at least a hundred or more horn honks and thumbs up.
I have one final one on the 30th. It's going to big a huge one.

Jersey McJones said...

A very thoughtful and moving post, Silver. It was also refreshing honest - not that you're not usually honest - just that it was refreshingly honest in general.

I think Ken Buck and his ilk are scaring some people (including myself!). We are all frustrated right now. Millions of us are un- or under-employed. We've watched our national treasure and productivity whored off overseas for the profits of a few. We've seen the nation blackmailed into bailing out Wall Street with no benefit to us at all. We've seen the Democrats, the herd of cats that they are, unable to make big changes, and the GOP absorb the Tea Party movement, effectively negating its aims.

It's tough. But it is our country, and it is our future. It may be frustrating and annoying, but we can't take our eyes off the prize. So let's not lose sight of that.


Endo_2011 said...

I am amazed that so many politicians are hanging their campaign hopes on the "big business" argument. Here in Ohio, the Democratic incumbent for Governor is blasting John Kasich for working for Lehman Brothers and being part of the problem. The man worked in a two man office in Ohio, but yet he is being labeled as the man who caused the financial meltdown! I mean really, how dare he actually go to work every day and earn a living! How Dare he?

Silverfiddle said...

Maggie: I think I have a twitter account.. Just checked, I do. I'm "TheSilverfiddle" but I never touch it. I already do too much computer stuff, and I don't have one of those fancy phones with the internet connection.

Jersey: We share many of the same concerns, but we often use different language. Dems say "Big Business" but we on the right are now zeroing in specifically on crony capitalism.

Businesses are where the jobs come from, so I support them. But if they've got their snout in the taxpayer trough, I'm agin' 'em!

We on the right also detest how Bush's pirates, led by Dirty Hank, blew a hole in the side of the treasury and payed off Wall Street's trillions in gambling debts.

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