Saturday, October 30, 2010

Democratic Mudslide

The Democratic Party forecast calls for mud and more mud, all the better to smear their opponents with.
As you watch this year's ads -- and I've been watching all too many lately -- you'll notice a striking difference between Democratic and Republican attack ads: Democrats are attacking over personal issues, Republicans are attacking over policy.(ABC News)

Tired of liberals giving you the finger, America?  Vote Republican!

It's an ideological battle

That voters are even considering giving Jerry Brown a chance to finish the wrecking job on California that he started, and the almost certain victory of a lying fake Vietnam war veteran in Connecticut shows that there are still stubborn pockets of ignorance out there.  Not only do we have to reeducate our politicians, we also have to spread the message among fellow citizens indoctrinated by a progressive educational system.

What is our task as Conservatives?
It is always the task for conservatives to insist that money does not grow on trees, that government programs must be paid for, and that promising unaffordable benefits is reckless, unjust and a long-term threat to maintaining free institutions.
Voting Democrat kills Virtue
But conservatives also combat government expansion and centralization because it can undermine the virtues upon which a free society depends. Big government tends to crowd out self-government—producing sluggish, selfish and small-minded citizens, depriving individuals of opportunities to manage their private lives and discouraging them from cooperating with fellow citizens to govern their neighborhoods, towns, cities and states. (Peter Berkowitz - WSJ)
Spending more than we have makes us financially bankrupt.  Legislating every last aspect of our lives leaves us morally and intellectually bankrupt.  Do everything for someone and they lose the ability to do for themselves.

Those of us who can think for ourselves will be voting for the conservative candidate this Tuesday.


Brooke said...

I just love that first graphic.

lakerman1 said...

Obama said that he wanted to thank our allies. Does Obama really consider Britain as an ally? Since when? Since he didn't want the bust of Churchill cluttering up his office .... the president whose personal gifts to Queen Elizabeth and the PM were ignorant and insulting.
You would think, after listening to the faux president, that the U.S. stopped the plot, and found the packages. The U.S. did not. Saudi Arabia and Yemen governments managed to stop the plot, along with UPS tracking doen the whereabouts of the packages.
The administration never thought to warn Britain.
Maybe now he'll send the British security services a DVD of his speeches or a I-Pod.

And by the way, did anyone check his demeanor when ace gave his "we've absorbed more attempts" speech? He has no emotion, no essence of any strong convictions on fighting terrorism. He is simply reading something that he does not seem to particularly care too much about, and then he walked off with his nose in the air not taking any questions at all. .

Proof said...

You can't spell "liberal" without "libel" or at least "lie".

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I think that both sides are turning people off. But I definitely agree with you that the media tends to cherry-pick only Conservative atrocities/nastiness. Like I posted over at Sue's, 3 Minutemen protesters were viciously attacked by left-wing thugs (replete with brass knuckles and mace) and the media was totally silent.

Always On Watch said...

Dems love to dish out ad hominem attacks but are the first to cry "Foul!" if they themselves are the targets of ad hominem attacks. And, of course, Dems consider policy attacks ad hominem attacks too.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks Brook! I put that together myself upon noticing how often liberal point their fingers at us and lecture us. It's an annoying habit and we need to put a stop to it.

Mustang said...

I like to remind leftists that its never to late to abort themselves. So far, no takers.

WomanHonorThyself said...

the image says it all my friend! (Halloween hugsssss!)

amanofwonder said...

Could not agree more. Without self-governance and self-reliance as a mind set, a gimme gimme gimme culture begins to evolve.

The riots in France and Greece are excellent examples of what happens when the entitlement mentality is allowed to fester. They are acting as a spoiled child does when they have always been given what they want.

Allowing our government to borrow has created a system of placation of the population. A candidate can promise whatever they determine will get them elected and then simply borrow to continue the charade. It can not contiune in prepetuity, eventually the debt is called.

Balanced budgets, debt elimination and entitlement reductions are the concepts I will vote for.

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