Thursday, August 19, 2010

Suicide Pacts

The US Constitution is not a Suicide Pact

... And thank God for that.  May He save us from the fate of Europe.  Angry Muslims are snuffing the light of reason on the old continent,.  Free speech and liberty are increasingly imperiled.

Now we have the Ground Zero mosque controversy.  I like David Harsanyi's observation in his article, Why is it bigoted to criticize religion?

Unlike many other faiths, ideological Islam has a poor track record of compatibility with liberal ideals. Surely, that's worth a discussion in a free society. Or is it a case of intolerance to bring it up?

And he exposes the American left as a four-flushing, incoherent rabble stumbling towards dhimmitude.  They rush to embrace all that is scorned and despised by normal Americans:
I don't recall anti-Mormon protesters being referred to as bigots for targeting religion; it appeared to be just the opposite, in fact.

I've not heard those who make generalizations about Catholicism referred to as bigots in Time magazine. Nor have I heard those who regularly disparage evangelicals called intolerant.
It is dark comedy when secular liberalism attempts to accommodate a chauvinistic and violent religion that hates free speech and has no concept of women's or gay rights.
The inherently inconsistent routine goes something like this:  

Misogynist obscurantist agitators swoop down out of the dark ages like a cloud of ravenous bats, infest a liberal democracy, and then use that democracy's freedoms to snuff its classical liberalism and all its inherent freedom's forever.  Welcome to dhimmitude.

This puts a whole new twist on Voltaire:

I may not agree with your screaming hatred, your silencing of free speech and the beheading of infidels, but I will defend to my culture's death your right to hate and silence and behead...

Reminds me of an Onion Piece from 2003, ACLU Defends Nazi's Right to Burn Down ACLU Headquarters.  Go read it.  Laugh, and then cry because a 2003 parody has become reality just seven years later,


Fredd said...

"Unlike many other faiths, ideological Islam has a poor track record of compatibility with liberal ideals."

So true.

Liberals here in the US are all for everyone running naked through the streets. Sharia law would demand that we put those folks to death.

Some of the more moderate liberals would not condone running naked through the streets, but would modestly require string bikinis and thongs before running through the streets.

Sharia would put those folks to death, too.

(Of course, if anyone saw Fredd running though the streets wearing nothing but a thong, the observers themselves would demand to be put to death to cleanse their minds of that horrible image; on the spot.)

So much for liberalism and Islam walking hand in hand, together in Utopia.

It is truly baffling why liberals are so intent on supporting that damn mosque at Ground Zero. Don't they know that the Muslims who will worship in that mosque want all of you stupid, Infidel liberals dead?

Leticia said...

I just cannot seem to grasp or comprehend why the Left want to embrace dhimmitude. Do they not realize that they are nothing but worthless refuse and rubbish to the Muslims?

They are supporting a group that wouldn't hesitate in wiping out every single freedom that they have and that includes their lives.

Ignorant, blind and misguided people.

Finntann said...

Oh, quit whining and send your tax dollars to the Pakistani Relief effort, care of Richard Holbrooke, U.S. special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

And yes, I am being sarcastic.

They may hate us, despise us, and blow us up if given the chance...but moderate or jihadist you can be damn sure they'll take our money.

So...who's the one seriously screwed up?

Sorry, feeling bitter and cynical today ;)


Silverfiddle said...

Well... The only upside is that they will go for the radical feminists and the loudmouth liberal activists first, hopefully wearing them down so we can regroup and take them down...

I'm also feeling cynical.

Always On Watch said...

Criticizing Islam is a huge no-no now.

Why? Because the whitewash of Islam is exposed!

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