Friday, August 27, 2010

Jimmy Carter Declared Supreme Leader of North Korea

"Do to North Korea what you did to America and I'll smack the crap outta ya!"
(API - Pyongyang) The North Korean Communist Politburo today tapped Former US President Jimmy Carter to be their new Dear Leader.  "We are a militarily impotent economic basket case," Communist Party Secretary Wu Hu told reporters, "Carter is perfect for the job."

In his inauguration speech, Premier Carter insisted he would continue his predecessor's policies and not rule out a nuclear attack on the United States.  "The world will feel the mighty wind of our atoms!"  He declared to an emaciated throng forced to cheer at gunpoint...

The White House sent congratulations, saying President Obama couldn't wait for a chance to bow to the new dictator of the hermit kingdom.


Anonymous said...

There ain’t no truth to the rumor President Obama and his family will be traveling to North Korea for this week’s vacation. Lord has mercy, so what if it was true. Didn’t Bush take vacations? Didn’t Clinton hold intern appreciation days? If the Obama’s want to fly to North Korea for vacation, we say good.
Obamamomma Travel Service, Inc.

Debra's Diary said...


Ray said...

LOL Silver....What a tool of the Islamic world he is, and now Kim Jong Is Il's personal playtoy.

Glad to see the man released but not to see a former president (even a half assed president) used as a prop of the DPNK for the second time now.

Finntann said...

DAMN! And I was hoping it was going to be Obama

Lisa said...

I agree Obama would be a good fit there with the stepford children singing him praises and all.

with that I'd like to share an unrelated joke if that's ok:

Entrepreneurship Opportunity

A friend of mine just started his own business,
making land mines that look like prayer rugs.
It’s doing well.
He says Prophets are going through the roof

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Just one more feather in Carter's cap of crap.

Bastiatarian said...

Carter has been an active supporter of totalitarian thugs around the world for many decades. It is only fitting that such people be honored by North Korea, just as the Nobel Peace Prize does.

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