Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wondering why your head hurts even though you didn't drink much last night?  Tax season approaches...
"The tax code is 10 times longer than the Bible, without the good news." 
-- Congressman Dave Camp (R-Michigan), as quoted by George Will

"I used to do my own taxes," Camp says, "until I got on Ways and Means." No more. The tax code is so complex that the chairman of the tax-writing committee, like many millions of Americans, cannot be confident he can properly perform, unassisted, the duty of paying taxes.(George Will)

The W-2's will be rolling in with the new year and tax season will soon be upon us.  It is estimated that 7.6 billion hours are dedicated to tax compliance in America.  Can government resolve to make our taxes flatter and simpler?

The Answer is:  0.  What is the question?

By now we've all heard of the pilot's home that was raided.  He had the temerity to point out that pilots are screened, but baggage handlers and other workers have unimpeded access to the tarmac.  This is a problem.  It is much easier for a prospective bomber to get hired as a baggage handler than as a pilot or air crew member.

There's also the story of rape victim Claire Hirschkind panicking at a TSA checkpoint and being dragged off in handcuffs.  There was very little sympathy from the baaing sheep being herded through the airport...
"I understand her side of it, and their side as well, but it is for our protection so I have no problems with it," said Gwen Washington, who lives in Killeen.

"It's unfortunate that that happened and she didn't get to fly home, but it makes me feel a little safer," said Emily Protine.
It doesn't matter to these mindless subjects that government lies to them, so long as the TSA fairy tales make them "feel better."  

Answer:  0
Question:  How many terrorist attacks has the TSA thwarted in its 9-year history?


tha malcontent said...

A Happy and a healthy New Year to YOU and Your Family my Friend.

Always On Watch said...

"The tax code is 10 times longer than the Bible, without the good news."
-- Congressman Dave Camp (R-Michigan), as quoted by George Will

Ye, gods!

I quit doing my taxes back in 1998, when my father's estate needed to be settled. I use a highly qualified CPA -- not H&R Block or the like. My CPA is expensive, but he's saved me thousands of tax dollars. Plus, I can easily stand up to an audit. The day for that audit is coming because we have such high deductions for medical expenses.

Trestin said...

A lot of people make a big deal about some of our leaders that have tax problems. That is one thing I'm willing to overlook. When I do my own taxes I'm always worried I messed it up.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Silver, We would seem to be somewhat on the same page today,,,Happy New Year

Silverfiddle said...

AOW: I can still do ours, thanks to Turbo Tax.

Our lives have not yet been complicated by various revenue streams or medical deductions, so we are thankful.

Mark Adams said...

Happy New Year Silver, and all.
And thanks for reminding me that this dreaded task of tax returns lies ahead. :(
Abolish the income tax and do a fixed nation sale tax instead.

Karen Howes said...

Hey Silverfiddle, glad you stopped by my digs so I'd remember to visit yours. I apologize for not doing so before now.

Wonderful quotes-- especially the one about the tax codes being longer than the Bible but without the good news, ha. Very true.

And unfortunately today, sheeple are more than willing to give up basic freedoms in order to be "safe." For them, here's another quote (paraphrasing):

"They who would give up liberties to achieve temporary security deserve neither, and will lose both."

- Benjamin Franklin

Happy new year, Silverfiddle!

Finntann said...

Happy New Year!

Quit picking on the TSA... the odds of dying from cancer caused by a full body scanner (1:30,000,000) are lower than the chances you will be killed by a terrorist attack on the airplane (1:25,000,000).

Don't you feel safer already?


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