Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Liberals Exploiting Death for Partisan Gain

Democratic Party 2011: Never let a bloody tragedy go to waste

Not one scintilla of evidence has yet been uncovered linking righwing rhetoric to the Arizona murders, but that hasn't stopped the rabid left from shamelessly exploiting death and tragedy for partisan political advantage. But the American people ain't buyin' it.  The Demagogic party is playing with fire, and they're going to get burned.

Of course, if fact and reason were their foundation, the Democratic party would have collapsed decades ago.

"They need to deftly pin this on the tea partiers," said the Democrat. "Just like the Clinton White House deftly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on the militia and anti-government people." (Politico)
Leftwing America: A Nutball in every Pot, a Moonbat in every Belfry

The leftwing wackadoos won't let it go and never will, but these are the nutty nutballs that tune into red-faced ranter Ed Schultz and pompous gas bag Keith Olberman. Garbage in, garbage out. They call this killing spree "The Tea Party Massacre" and say stupid things like this:
"Sorry, Klanbaggers. You drew the crosshairs, and then you drew blood."
How pithy. People who take comfort in such low and shallow sentiments must really suffer poor self-esteem and a sense of uselessness, probably for good reason...

Even the sane ones can't give it up...
What I find more insidious and disheartening is what is going on in the saner corners of the left. Using their heads and being intellectually honest, there are good liberals who admit there is no connection between anyone on the right (or left for that matter) and the shooter. The nexus is just not there. The typical thinking liberal will concede that Palin and the tea parties are not to blame, then in the same breath go right back to subtly casting blame by condemning their rhetoric as "dangerous" and "irresponsible." I don't think most who do this are even conscious of the illogic of it. Here's a typical example:
I'm not sure which response has been worse: the 'Hey, we had nothing to do with it' hand washing of the right, or the irrational lynchmob attitude of the left (are they really comfortable blaming Palin for this, when there's not a shred of evidence that this guy was even slightly inspired by her?).
Even the more fair-minded liberals just can't let the right off the hook. They can't help wagging their fingers at us, attempting to hold us in some kind of suspended probation. They scold us even as they admit there is no evidence: "We know you weren't behind this, but we've got our eye on you!"

Lefties are Nostalgic for a more obedient America
Their purpose is to cast a dim light upon a conservatism that now attracts twice the voting populace that the tired, flaccid liberalism does. The left's only hope is to cast aspersions and stand us in ill-repute with our fellow citizens. They want to put us on notice, to hector and shame us, to stuff us back in a box we broke out of back in the 80's. Liberals sigh with nostalgia as they recall the day when an Eric Severeid or Walter Kronkite told America what to think. It's all so messy now, with all those noisy opinions flying around!

So they retreat to tired old talking points about handguns, civility, the fairness doctrine, speech codes... The only common denominator to these splintered and incoherent ramblings is a desire to snuff more liberties.

Shameless Exploitation is all the Left has left

Never letting a good tragedy go to waste, the left has hijacked this horrible incident to score cheap points. They follow up a senseless tragedy with a senseless spasm of stupidity and demagoguery. It is sickening and craven, and we need to press them on it. A full 57% of normal Americans disagree with the unhinged left, and reject the notion that rightwing tea party rhetoric had anything to do with this.

The left has lost, folks
They lost their sense of good governance years ago, they lost power last November, and now they are losing their minds. This is not a time for tea partiers to retreat or sit back and take it. Now is the time to press the attack on those deranged collectivist morons who so warp and twist the national debate. They've come unhinged, and they need to be held accountable for their irresponsible behavior. The truth is on our side, and so are the American people.

Here are some antidotes to the unhinged liberal rhetoric. Read them and use the information to throw it back in the faces of the hooting baboons on the left.  The true beauty of these links?  Half of them are from liberal publications, and they side with the conservatives.


Lisa said...

The amazing thing is that most of this guy's twisted thought leans to the left and being the media drives the message they got it out there first. It's such a shame that the left is doing exaclty wwhat they accuse conservatives of doing. They are such a bunch unhinged stuck in the sixites s--- stirrers.
Conservative talk shows don't spew hate and they know it, unlike the
anti-semetic tone towards Israel by the left and the fact that he had the book "Mein Kampf". None of what he did points to conservatism but more towards leftism and the left hates that so in typical "Alinsky" fashion to distract they pick and target and polarize it and keep it up until it sounds like fact.
Even though it seems whatever thought he has was more left I'll try to be nmore fair than them and that I don't think it would have mattered what Loughner heard or read because he created his own fantasy world in which his thoughts were scattered to say the least.
Good thing there are a few liberals who still think clearly instead of spewing the unhinged nonsense they have been spewing the last 11 years and beyond.
I think Sarah Palin,Rush Limbaugh,Michael Savage and Mark Levine should call a Press conference to put these hideous claims to rest and a possible lawsuit against all the slanderous lies by Olberman,Matthews and that stupid sheriff who as things start to unravel seems to have something to hide.
Can you imagine if that sheriff was blaming the left how fast a crew would be sent down there to investigate those claims? That's their MO as we saw during the '08 election when they sent a team of lawyers to Alaska to investigate Palin and they haven't let up since.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Sarah Palins speech was brilliant Silver! snow here again..woohoo!

Jersey McJones said...

I just wish you guys would knock off the defensiveness. It looks terrible. Most people, liberal or not, including myself, do not blame conservative rhetoric for this episode. So why do you focus in on the tiny minority of leftwingers who do?


Jersey McJones said...

Oh, and to Lisa et al, remember, that sheriff may know more about all this than we. If I were you I'd wait and see before you jump to conclusions. It may well be that this shooter was motivated by radical conservative speech. We just don't know. And we certainly can't yet calculate the implications of that if it is so.

As for Palin and that sleazy "blood libel" comment - I'd remind her that is what conservative Christians used to do to Jews.


Lisa said...

The tiny left has the media control and they reach everyone so minority or not it's dangerous rhetoric.
Jersey for goodness sakes the only jumping to conclusions were all the leftwing blogs and the media about talk radio,Sarah Palin within 1 hour of the incident.
That's all they have been doing was blaming them .Where have you been? Of course the sheriff knew more that's the problem that he did nothing about it instead is blaming Rush Limbaugh.
Are you on meds or something you aren't aware of this?
Anyway here's something for you:
So much for blaming talk radio.
The sleazy "blood libel" comment I am sure was intentional to show how ridiculous the media and the left has been by saying Sarah Palin has blood on her hands and calling it The Tea Party Massacre.
too bad about being defensive when the media is out there smearing on person for no reason and for the last 3 years might I add. You want to talk about history that's what Hitler used to do.

Jersey McJones said...

I do agree that some liberals and democrats as well as some in the media did jump to conclusions after the incident. I regret that. But really, why do you guys keep going on and on and on and on about it? It makes you look defensive and bad.


Lisa said...

awww too bad Jersey. It needs to be going on and on until the truth comes out or somebody publicly apologizes. Mostly because it was wrong and it was dangerous propaganda,not to mention despicable and disgusting.

Jersey McJones said...

Well, a lot of the criticism of the right, really most of it, hasn't been directly attached to the incident, but rather the incident was used to make a point the level of civil discourse in the country, which is a fair point, but perhaps a little too much too soon.


Silverfiddle said...

I am not on defense, Jersey. I'm on offense!

Your leftnut buddies have crossed the line big time, and we're calling them on it.

Yes, Blood Libel originally referred to Jews, and libs are now inartfully and stupidly applying it to conservatives.

Here's another term for you: "Eliminationist," which is what Krapweasel Krudman accuses conservatives of, with no evidence whatsoever.

Unhinged, unstable, unimpeded by lack of facts... The lefties are unsafe at any speed.

If you want to defend this sludgepit of lies and smears go right ahead, but we will stand here and continue to point out just how wrong and slanderous these people are.

Jolly Roger said...

You'd know "low" better than anybody when you see it, silver. But you and your kind own this one, no matter how desperately you may try to shift the blame to the victims. Projection ain't gonna buy you out of this one.

Jersey McJones said...

There is a genuine and understandable concern with the rhetoric of the fringe right in recent years. Much of tt is dishonest, inciting, paraniod, and reckless. I'm sorry you can't see that.

If you believe fellow liberal Americans are a serious threat to your life and liberty, you are a moron. If you believe Obama is a foreign, Muslim, socialist, Manchurian Candidate, you are a moron. If you believe that now is a time for a call to arms in America because somehow our nation has been overthrown by a One Worlder cabal, you are a moron. And worse than morons, the people who preach this nonsense are playing with matches right next to the fuses attached to the lunatic fringe in the country.

All anyone should ask is that we all be a little more civil and responsible in our rhetoric. It's just adult, mature, common sense. This horrible incident should allow us reflect without hyperpartisan offensiveness or defensiveness.


Mark Adams said...

As I see it, it is a Liberal Smear Machine. A full-scale demonization campaign against conservatives, free speech, and the Second Amendment. Many have jumped on the bandwagon to silence the likes of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

And if you are conservative, you’re next.

It is an attempt by the progressive left to triangulate Loughner, Giffords and the political right to this incident in hopes to win the debate the progressives have come to realize they are losing with the American people.

Silverfiddle said...

@ Jersey: "If you believe fellow liberal Americans are a serious threat to your life and liberty, you are a moron. If you believe Obama is a foreign, Muslim, socialist, Manchurian Candidate, you are a moron. If you believe that now is a time for a call to arms in America because somehow our nation has been overthrown by a One Worlder cabal, you are a moron. And worse than morons, the people who preach this nonsense are playing with matches right next to the fuses attached to the lunatic fringe in the country.

You're not describing anyone here.

We are concerned with liberals threatening our liberties, as evinced by liberal politicians openly talking about limiting 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. This concern is valid based upon public statements about further limiting the gun rights of law abiding citizens and well as chilling free speech with speech codes such as the fairness doctrine and proposed legislation outlawing certain types of speech.

Jolly: You're a hot air balloon. No substance. It's telling that you provide no facts and no evidence to back your loony, unfounded assertion. Thank you for stopping by and proving my point. All the left has left is hot air. You are untethered from reality.

Lisa said...

they all seem to forget what happened Nov 2. Maybe that's where the anger is coming from.
Obama isn't a Muslim,socialist Manchurian candidate,he's a leftist,socialist ideologue.
SO glad you set everyone straight on who Obama is Jersey. It must be nice to be so informed.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The only issue is this:

One of the victims of the shooting, Rep. Giffords, expressed her concern about having her district targeted with a crosshairs gunsight. She said on video that this concerned her. Now she has a hole in her brain.

No one is addressing this fact.

The victim complained in a video, and the person with the crosshairs and gunsights on her map reacted to the concern said "Don't retreat, reload."

I think that is all that we have to think about.

Silverfiddle said...

That logical non-sequitur is beneath you, Shaw. Everything you say is true, but the conclusion does not follow premise.

Bullseyes, "targeting" etc happens all the time in politics.

The more salient fact that you omit, is that the shooter asked congresswoman Giffords a non-nonsensical question back in 2007 and didn't like her answer. From evidence gathered so far, that appears to have spurred him to target her.

Your logic also breaks down when we asks what the politics of that little 9 year old girl was. What particular tea party statement led him to shoot her?

Let me try your logic out on another situation...

Many liberals were incensed when cowboy/actor/dunce Reagan was elected president (they publicly called him all that and worse), and less than a year later he had a hole in him.

Finally, I ask you, did Sarah Palin send the message to deranged tea partiers to go out and shoot democrats? Do you, or do you not believe that?

Jersey McJones said...

Silver! Of course I wasn't describing you! I was speaking hypothetically!

And no. You do not really believe the left is limiting your freedom any more or less than the right. You'd be a fool otherwise, but I know you're not a fool because you certainly seem to understand the real dangers of the police and military states.

I'm far less concerned with what sort of bumper sticker I'm allowed to have, or how much pollution I may personally emit, or how I can hire people I want, or what kind of stupid ammo I want to put in my stupid gun, than I am with the size and scope of the police and military states and their affect on our rights and national integrity.

And with Shaw's point I may add that I find it particular telling and pathetic of Palin et al making themselves victims in all this. Making this story about them. It was a mistake for commercial media to do it - it's thin-skinned and obviously self-serving of Palin et al to engage it back. If Palin and Beck and all had any class, they'd have ignored it or brushed it off as nothing. But no. They grabbed the dodge ball and threw it back, showing just how much they really cared about the tragedy as compared with themselves.


amanofwonder said...

Nutjobs typically spout off whatever nonsensical thoughts or hatefilled impluses that just happen to pique their curiosity on any topic they have little or no understanding of.

I was appalled by many of the pundits comments, assumptions and blatant bastardized suppositions (thought about using suppositories but they have their heads crammed so tight up there nothing else wud fit) that were spewed before any facts were questioned out of the accused.

As to the statements noted below in digressive behaviors befitting their kind,

"The only issue is this:" Cry me a Shawnee river, the accused has more issues than government can ignore. If you wanna put your hands on your hips and state you know it all, you missed your calling. The media services are a bedding ground for those who crave attention and will go to any lengths to pontificate narrow and short mindedness. You qualify for a prime time slot (here agin anudder word was on the tip of my tongue, but I don't know the facts about you well enuff to state the obvious).

"You'd know "low" better than anybody when you see it,". Well now, that intellectual thought dun passed me by with that high browed body slam. Come on Mr. Fiddle you'z one smart dude and I am sure you know better than to chew on the unsugar coated rottin's of Jolly Ranchers. They will bust your teeth, even if all yah wanna do is just savor some sweet thought provokin' topics, but then comments such as that sure will surly cavatize one's grinders.

Last, but to me the most hilarious would be the assorted dementia's formulated under that butt ugly hat.

"you are a moron". Takes one to know one; but I gave up the fifth grade well over fourty five years ago. So iffen one puts "Jersey" in the hide behind (ass works too)name they present to the blog world, I wonder what degrade they got kicked outta, don't cow down to them dude.

"It makes you look defensive and bad". It wuz refreshing to hear a comment that came from self proclaimed indullgent behavior (coulda left out the in and gent to be more descriptive of the comment inapptitude presented).

"If you believe fellow liberal Americans are a serious threat to your life and liberty, you are a genius! (Okay I betta footnote; that the last word waz mine, I just couldn't help editorializing the truth of what you say.)

Dang that didn't feel so good! I guess liberals will only understand the satisfaction of mental masturbation.

(Silver, I ain't changed much huh? Once and for all Jaded.)

Silverfiddle said...

Wonder: I thought you sounded familiar. Welcome back and well stated!

Jersey: I didn't think you were describing me, just wanted to clarify. And yes, I share your concern about statists of all parties expanding the police state.

Finally, do you really think it would have been wise for Palin and all rightwingers and tea partiers to just sit there and take this smear? I know you wouldn't sit there with your mouth shut if someone had tried to paint you as a murderer by proxy.

Of course not! When attacked, you attack back. That is what has so angered the hard lefties; they no longer control the agenda.

I thought it was quite telling that credible liberals like Ezra Klein and Jonathan Chait said this attack on Palin and the tea party was a bridge too far.

They also maintain that while there is no connection, the rhetoric on all sides needs to be toned down. I don't agree with them on that, but I can respect that point of view.

Lisa said...

so Tea Party People carry signs saying "stop the spending" or "If you think Health care is expensive,wait till it's free"
The president's reply-If they bring a knife you bring a gun even though all they brought were signs.

Maybe a beer summit would have solved the debate or maybe some black panther white cracker hating,voter intimidator should have been brought in to control all those old white klanbagging biggotted, racist,Islamophobic,homophobic sign carriers.
Led by that hateful disgrace of an American,stupid ,uneducated,idiot,quitter who dare to think she has a chance against the most articulate ,wonderful,smartest,uniter of the people who really loves America and knows what's best for us and those who don't agree with this wonderful man are nothing but a bunch of racist,bigotted haters of our Black president.

Finntann said...

The more astute among you may notice that my posting image has changed... the new image is the Democratic Party Targeting Map from the 2004 Election. It reads as follows:


BEHIND ENEMY LINES: President Bush won nine states by single-digit margins. Those states should be ripe targets for Democrats. They are: Florida, Arkansas, and Virginia in the South; Ohio, Iowa, and Missouri in the Midwest; and New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado in the Rocky Mountain West.

An old German proverb comes to mind:

"Du sollst zuerst vor der eigenen Tür kehren" or "Sweep first in front of your own door".

It's not that political rhetoric isn't or can't be heated, it is the fact that it is no more heated on the right then it is on the left.

Making out Sarah Palin

The language of politics is one of military terminology:

Battleground State

Targeting, Microtargeting


Shermanesque (Vowing you won't run)

Credibility Gap (originates with Missile Gap)

Hatchet man (Axeman serving in a military unit)

Saturday Night Massacre (Ford Cabinet Reorganization)

Sign war (competing political signage)

Swiftboating (Swift Boat Tactics)

War Chest (Campaign funds)

The left's 'campaign' to attribute this tragedy to Sarah Palin, The Tea Party, Conservatives, etc. is entirely disingenuous and nothing more than political haymaking.

Jersey McJones said...

Silver, thank you.


magpie said...


I'd respectfully like to clarify that the person you quoted from comments on my blog is in fact not a liberal, as you have attributed, nor in the US, as you have implied.

Further, someone very close to him was shot in a traumatic incident he had to personally deal with as a teenager - therefore his need to write SOMETHING without quite thinking through what it was he was trying to say.

True that's for him to sort out... but not everyone who blogs is as coolly political as Internet anonymity makes us seem.

He is not a "typical example"

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks for the extra info. My purpose was not to slam that person, but I just thought it was a typical statement. I saw that person as fair-minded but yet unable to let it go, and I think that is where many liberals (anti-tea partiers, whatever) are at.

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